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Company with promise, managed in confusion and headed in the wrong direction

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Current Employee - Account Manager, Premier  in  Rochester, NY
Current Employee - Account Manager, Premier in Rochester, NY


competitive pay
flexible schedule
decent insurance (but costly)
Great Co-workers
Financially stable* (but for how long)
small 401k match
Robust product set


Horrible Managment at mid and senior level
out of touch with reality on current day sales models
Bad reputation from legacy companies
Horrible employee morale
training is there but non-existent and is all webex based
about 30 operating systems right now
no tuition reimbursement although it was supposed to
unstable network with constant repair issues
Departments are lined against each other and very little cohesiveness in team problem solving

Advice to ManagementAdvice

Stop trying to pretend we are an overnight IT solutions company when the boat has 400 holes in it taking in water. We have customers leaving left and right, conversions going horribly even though they shouldn't these days, so many rules you can't keep any legacy restrictions straight, and senior mgt is more geared towards making the stock look good for investors. Eventually if you keep putting a band-aid on this cut, the infection is going to get out of control and you'll have to amputate. Good people are jumping ship left and right and 95% of the people i work with only see it as a job and dream of a better way out. Very sad enviornment to go to work to every day. I pray things change or you're going to lose all the good people quickly.

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    Merger 1, a fun job with challenges, merger 2, challening job with many struggles, merger 3, run...

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    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee  in  Rochester, NY
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in Rochester, NY


    Salary packages are fair and reasonable compared to others in the industry
    Compensation can be paid (however they chane the metrex so often it's hard to tell if you are being compensated appropriately)
    Benefits are ok but costly
    Some co-workers are great and will pick you up and encourage you
    Can use your time off at your liberty depending on your position


    Where to start:
    unlike other companies, your salary is what you get and the word raise doesn't exist in this place
    compensation is small compared to competition
    compensation structure is very hard to understand
    not many benefit options
    Upper Mgt is more focused on making themselves look good rather than working with their teams to help them look good.
    Senior Mgt has no clue what is really truly going on
    Morale is so low that good people are leaving for less money to get out of that enviornment
    promotions and opportunities are given off of how much you're liked and a company person rather than hard work and qualifications
    it's just a paycheck to 95% of the company and it shows in the poor network and repair performances
    trying to reposition itself as an IT services company and bombing in it's approach
    not dealing with past legacy issues and trying to sweep problems under the rug rather than truly review and fix and deal with them
    Comparing legacy companies who didn't understand the issues here in the NE and it's unfair as one of the legacy companies didn't even offer voice; only as a feature.
    Leadership is more concerned with making numbers look good but building their house on sand in their approach
    Doing whatever they can to make the company look good on the surface to investors now that we are publicly traded
    putting friends in high places and wondering why morale is so down since they just look at the tenured workers as a replaceable commodity rather than a valuable piece of the new EarthLink that can help with success
    Trainin is horrible and so rushed. The new approach to the IT services portfolio is to provide webex training, no real follow up, schedule sales blitzes, learn some catch lines and phrases, then bring in someone from the IT Services legacy company to do the actual sale. Some sales people take the initative to actually learn the products but ask anyone of them for pricing and they won't tell you b/c no one knows as it has to through a few steps and you're not truly involved with the pricing portion.

    Advice to ManagementAdvice

    Stop hiring your wine drinking friends to run things and actually hire people who have been in sales and understand in the past decade. Some of these people haven't had to sell anything in decades and still try to approach sales like it was in the past.
    Truly fix things in legacy markets instead of comparing us to other regions in the country that didn't face the same challenges.
    do something about company morale as it's so low and not many people truly enjoy working for this company
    Pray for guidance that you can steer this company forward as many people rely on their jobs with this company and give their all. It would be sad to see it fall apart.
    Since we are public, stop trying to sugar coat everything as we can just research the real status of the company.
    the turnover rate in this company is laughable and i'm sure must cost a lot of money. if you are going all the way on someone to hire them, give them more than 4 months and work WITH them to help. I've been here 10 yrs and can't begin to tell you how many people are hired, not properly trained, burnt out quickly, then out the door all before a 1/2 yr anniversary. Very sad place to work right now...

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    Its a paycheck....not a career

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    Former Employee - Data Support  in  Rochester, NY
    Former Employee - Data Support in Rochester, NY


    Worked with an intelligent group of technicians that would follow through on issues until they were resolved. Built a nice building with a cubicle environment. PTO is normal....20 days (no sick days) for the first 5 years.


    It is very apparent that there is no accountability in this company whatsoever. There is a lack of process/procedures and a lot of things are taken care of with no paper trail. Raises are non-existent, unless you call the 2% raise they just got after 5 years "worth the wait." Overworked and underpaid seems to be a well deserved motto for my former peers. Any concerns or suggestions for a better work environment seem to fall on deaf ears. Training is a joke. A link to a webex or document shows up in your email and you are expected to be an expert on everything in it. They continue to roll out products that are untested to an uneducated company and act as if the world stops turning when things start to go wrong. There is little to no career path. Once you make it to the highest level of your team.....there is nowhere to go from there.

    Advice to ManagementAdvice

    Rolla - The morale of your employees is beaten and low. Buying pizza for everyone once every 6 months and giving out water bottles is not going to make that better. You are obviously out of touch with your employee. Get off your throne and actually some sit on the floor and see what is done day-to-day. It will open your eyes!

    Upper level management - there are too many of you sucking up the paychecks of the people that actually do the work of this company. This group needs to be evaluated and cleaned out. Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

    Mid level management - Actually listen to what the floor managers/supervisors are telling you. Listen to their suggestions and grow some balls and implement a change. You are the obvious point of failure for accountability. Force your floor managers to hold their team accountable for their actions OR LACK THERE OF!

    Floor managers/supervisors - Don't be afraid of doing what you have to do, to get something done. Don't worry about the politics of who's ass you gotta kiss and remember that your only worry is the customer and your team.

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