There are newer employer reviews for Hewlett-Packard
There are newer employer reviews for Hewlett-Packard

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Company of Marketing Slogans to Hide the Lies, Incompetence, Mismanagement, and Truth

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Current Employee - Software Engineer
Current Employee - Software Engineer
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(1) My salary falls in line with industry expectations (2) My benefits are fair and fairly priced (3) My immediate manager is flexible on work hours and options


(1) The "People Promise", "Open Door Policy", "Voice of the Workforce", "Pay for Performance" and "Feedback forums" are all internal marketing slogans by management to employees to provide the appearance of caring, interest, and the perception of a good work environment. The truth is the programs are lies. (2) Managers were required to assign performance rating quotas to staff during the last review period. HR will deny this. The truth is it happened and after initial review ratings were submitted, some managers were told to adjust their employee ratings to categorize staff with lower ratings than they deserved. (3) The cut to the bone approach by executives has maintained the stock price through cost discipline, true. Most companies were required to take this action during the recession. This is an artificial and unsustainable approach, however, and at HP has created a bigger problem. By cutting to the bone HP has also treated its employees like filth. Moral has never been lower. So the remaining high talent they wasn't affected by previous WFRs are now so angry and disgruntled that they are leaving in droves. So the cut back have created an unintended **voluntary** WFR of the top talent which have cut deeply into the bone here Mark Hurd stopped for fear of cutting so deep the company productivity would be affected. (4) There is a constant revolving door inside of HP Software of managers and other staff. They have gotten managing software so wrong for so long there is this constant change and reorg cycle. As a result nobody, in no group, developing, testing or otherwise with software can maintain any level of continuity or consistency. Former HP acquisition company, Mercury Software, managers and executives from a product marketing view point are now in HP Software leadership positions. This in problematic because of the management style. The management style is extremely procedurally slow and bureaucratic which does not scale well -- especially in an agile environment. (5) HPs CEO Mark Hurd just recorded a new video for onboarding employees. In it he says how the company is agile, ethical, fun to work at, etc... Germany, Russia, the US and now India are investigating HP offices for ethics violations. A company of over 320k employees can't be agile, period. A company with such an expanded layer of management is impossibly paralyzed at any real quick decisions and movement. Basically, as a current employee, after watching the Mark Hurd video I was left with three words at the end of it, "...that is bullsh#!t..." In the 3:20 video I counted five lies in the first two minutes. And he says it all with a straight face. I guess if you were making the money he is making you can say anything with a straight face, (6) The company says it communicates well to employees, that the corporate and organizational strategies are well defined. That is a lie too. The message at the top is lost at the 85k managers working for the 320k employees. That is a interesting management to employee ratio. The organization is so bloated that any front line, second level or even third level management staff are powerless to affect change or make decisions. They are told what to do. (7) Don't like your reporting chain? Don't worry, HP will reorg every three to six months so it will probably change. (8) Most HP Software leadership which HP has put in position are 30 - 35 year HP veterans. That is 30 - 35 years of towing the HP corporate line. They ain't sticking their necks out for nothing at this stage in their careers so they don't take ownership of anything. (9) The company is actual devesting in many R&D activities. If you look at R&D funding over the years there is "negative growth" -- if you aren't funding R&D you aren't positioning yourself as a leader. HP just just enough to be in the market. They do just enough to use their size to positioning. Exactly the attitude you can't have if you want to be a leader. (10) I don't know whom is doing the evaluations for corporate awards but, they are being misled. HP ain't admired, at least not by ANY employee I currently know. That isn't an exaggeration. (11) When was the last time HP made the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list? Is HP in the top 10? No. Top 25? No. Top 100? No. But all the vast majority of the other "technology leading companies" are. Why is that? Because HP treats its people like scum. HP treats employees like trash which can be thrown away after they've soiled them. (12) I wish investors could review Glassdoor to form their opinions. I wish investors could see the truth. How long is printer ink gonna sustain this company? Aren't the talent and the people the real engine behind the success of the company? If that is true, HPs actions mean that every investor should be rushing to sell every single piece of stock they own.

Advice to Management

(1) During the next executive retreat, put yourself in the shoes of your employees...would you like to be treated like this? Now that you've used this company to gain the position of wealth in the tens of millions of dollars a year, try giving back to the people who's backs you used, rode, soiled on, lied to, misled, spun propaganda to, and abused. (2) The BoD needs to terminate Mark Hurd. Artificially propping up the stock price through excessive cuts is unsustainable. You, the BoD and the share holders are nearing the end of the ability for this approach to work. Sales numbers, not cost reductions are now what is needed. Tom Hogan isn't capable of leading sales to sustain this company. He needs to go too. (3) Flatten the corporate structure. (4) Hire someone who is a true leader, not a bulls#!t artist. (5) Ask forgiveness to the EDS employees, Opsware employees, and others whom you've raped in salary and moral. It took HP less than three years to destroy Opsware, the leader in Data Center Automation. 3Com, your fate will be the same. Palm, get out while you still can. No matter what is said, your culture and moral will be crushed by HP.

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There are newer employer reviews for Hewlett-Packard
There are newer employer reviews for Hewlett-Packard

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