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Current Employee - Slave  in  Mountain View, CA
Current Employee - Slave in Mountain View, CA

I have been working at MAP Pharmaceuticals full-time for more than a year


It’s a job… for now.


Where shall I start?
• Many are territorial especially those employees who have been with the company in a while and are creating and contributing to the mess in this company.
• Many are rude, tactless, insensitive, combative, and insensitive. Management and HR are aware of these employees (complaints have been noted) but these are the type of people they like since nothing is done to improve their behaviors. These employees use fear, intimidation, and animosity to subdue others.
• Lack of collaboration. Every person for himself/herself or every “cult” of friends for themselves. There is low sense of unity or camaraderie unless you are a member of the individual cults formed around here. The key criterion for decision-making seems to be “What is in it for me?”
• Many of the employees lack the experience as seen in going overboard on things that don’t matter and not addressing those that really matter.
• Many are clueless. Consultants are constantly brought in to solve problems.
• Many employees are overworked and overextended. Not due to needs to be done but the approach taken or implemented by those with authority or have influence with those of authority are the long way, redundant way, reactive way, and the only way they know.
• Good people are working only for the sake of working.

• Listens only to those close to them.
• No idea of what they want.
• No clue of the company’s culture.
• No conscious role modeling, teaching, and coaching.
• Overlooks the quality of the interactions between the company employees and the interactions between employees and outside partners or CMOs.
• Mid-level managers seem to thrive on micromanaging their employees.
• Shows employee favoritism.

Type of Culture clues:
• One of the key barometers of a company’s culture and management is employee turnover. Employees are leaving in droves. Only employees with strong ties to management are staying. These are the ones who are getting promoted too.
• The company is bringing new people in, bringing people in fast. This is constantly disrupting performance. There is no evaluation being conducted why there is an employee revolving door.
• Too much talk. Plans are heavy on talk but light on action. In a political corporate culture, image management becomes far more important than actions.
• Meetings, meetings everywhere!
• Projects are constantly going in circles.
• Morale deterioration for those that are here hoping to work and make a difference. Muted level of commitment and enthusiasm by the better employees.

Advice to ManagementAdvice

Open your eyes!!!

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    Poor Planning, Irrational Management, Disorganized Chaos Blamed on Employees

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    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee  in  Mountain View, CA
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in Mountain View, CA

    I have been working at MAP Pharmaceuticals


    Co-workers are intelligent, pleasant, and committed to MAP's projects and purpose
    Attractive campus
    Complimentary food and beverages
    Promising product platforms


    Few forward-thinking, realistic plans
    Conflicting priorities and directions given to employees
    Communication and decision disconnects between management
    VPs micromanaging directors and staff, often with disparate goals
    Employees pushed to compensate for poor corporate planning and conflicts

    Advice to ManagementAdvice

    Like so many others who have posted here, the craziness of MAP is even more clear to me now that I'm away. It's a very unpleasant place, with many dedicated but unhappy workers. I've heard the same frustrations voice over and over again across departments and levels of organization regarding unrealistic expectations, an obsession with fault-finding and blame, a lack of understanding when high-risk decisions lead to problems, and a real failure to appreciate the good and hard work people do. Management occasionally takes a few minutes to thank everyone for their hard work, but that doesn't mean the approach to poor planning, poor resourcing, and unrealistic timelines ever changes. I've heard so many people say, "No matter what I do, it will never be enough here." The high rate of attrition also makes it hard to do the job right in such a small company--resources become further constrained and with each departure, more history and seasoned experience is lost. I would give this advice to the "leaders" of MAP:

    Think ahead, and don't assume that you can bully teams into producing quality work in any timeline you choose, especially when you keep changing team goals and directions. Decisions need to be made in appropriate time frames for people to stay on schedule. Give your teams clear communication on where and how to focus, and stick to it--you actually can't have everything, and if you want more, you must staff more. Stop reactionary, punitive management--your teams are great, they just need clear and reasonable missions. HEAR what people are telling you, and believe it--you can push and seem to get your way, but there will be (and have been) repercussions in your staff and in your schedule. Stop wasting people's time with workplan templates, especially when project plans already exist. Back off and let senior management do their jobs without your constant involvement. We are competent professionals, not puppets.

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    Not a good place to work

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    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee  in  Mountain View, CA
    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in Mountain View, CA

    I worked at MAP Pharmaceuticals


    CFO and BD and Clinical are good departments. But they just can't be good enough to make up for the systemic problems with MAP.


    It was by long way the worse place I ever worked. Now I am working in a respectful company again. You do not fully realize how unhappy you were at MAP until you leave. The main issue with MAP is with respect and with fairness. Unfortunately I understood why the other comments on this site about MAP were very negative. However, the CFO and head of Business Development are extremely talented, charisma, good mannered polite men who deserve their success. These guys are very high quality and are destined for better things. However the CEO and the executives who run the actual projects have the most influence on the company and morale but they don’t have quite the same personal style or skills as the CFO and BD guy. I would strongly recommend you don’t consider MAP as a place to work. But if you have no choice then brace yourself and be prepared to work in a very unique and challenging place. It is very sad that working there does affect your overall happiness. But at least go into the interview of course very positive to be expecting to hear good things– and ask these 20 questions.

    1. Is MAP a GREAT place to work?
    2. I assume MAP is not one of those unhappy companies where many people quietly discuss with each other they would love to leave if other jobs are becoming available. Correct?
    3. I assume how people are treated at MAP (by the CEO and executives who run the projects ) is how you would like to think your mother, sister or son is being treated every day in their workplace. Correct?
    4. What do you guess the executives think they are doing to retain, respect and motivate people
    5. What do the staff think that the executives are doing to retain, respect and motivate the staff
    6. How realistic are the timelines set by the CEO and executives who run the projects? E.g. I have heard of other companies that sometimes set timelines that everybody knows are impossible – and then unnecessary serious compromises are made on other deliverables so they will be ready just in time for the big impossible event. I assume this is not an issue at MAP. Correct?
    7. How realistic is the workloads they give people
    8. How flexible is the CEO and executives who run the projects on reprioritizing and resetting goals when priorities change
    9. When companies worship goals (just because they are goals) and hate changing them – it often makes people keep working on a goal even when it’s become the wrong thing to do. I assume this is not an issue at MAP. Correct?
    10. How effective is the communication between the executives themselves – and then down to the rest of the company
    11. How experienced in the right expertise is the CEO and executives who run the projects – does the staff trust them and respect their judgment and decision making
    12. I assume at MAP like all great places to work there is no blame culture and the staff are comfortable breaking bad news to the CEO and executives who run the projects. Correct?
    13. I assume at MAP like all great places to work the management style of the CEO and executives who run the projects is respectful teamworking and supporting the staff when things go good or bad– and not a severe style with hostility and blame. Correct?
    14. I assume at MAP like all great places to work the CEO and executives who run the projects are not prone to shouting, bullying, insulting and hostility to the staff. Correct?
    15. I assume the different departments are treated equally - and the staff see MAP is a fair, respectful place to work. Correct?
    16. I assume at MAP like all great places to work, the HR offices is mostly quiet with no management complaints to deal with because MAP is a harmonious respectful place to work that is run so fairly, respectfully and rationally. Correct?
    17. I assume the CEO is working at the right level and does not micromanage. Correct? (e.g. I’ve heard of CEOs at other companies who spend time going into deep details like individual line items on junior workers workplans, or detailed research on flight deals, one at a time, just to save $100 on individual flights by adding exhausting stop-overs etc and other similar trivial things etc). I assume this is not an issue at MAP. Correct?
    18. I assume like all great companies the CEO sets a good example at the top for fairness, honesty and respect (i.e. treats all staff as team members on the same team and not insulting and hostile like enemies when discussing things like budget planning or workplans etc). I assume this positive role model style filters down through the VPs to create the great company culture. Correct?
    19. Some companies tell their workers that they have power to influence and build the company culture. But this not always possible if the CEO and executives at some companies have a very strong, overpowering and severe style. I assume this is not an issue at MAP. Correct?
    20. Finally, can you summarize for me with examples the positive impact on the company culture from the CEO and executives that everybody can see.

    Advice to ManagementAdvice

    the culture is already fixed with very strong personalities at the top with a very harsh style, it is their natural style so it would probably need a new management team to come in and shake things up to make the culture more inline with other modern companies

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