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Updated Jul 21, 2014

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    Do not work here

    Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) Aliso Viejo, CA

    Prospay, health benefits, close to home, easy work

    ConsLifer supervisors on a constant power trip because they can't go anywhere else. they harass and bully the operators and play favorites. Cannot move up unless you know people, and when you do move up its more bs and more responsiblity.

    Advice to Senior ManagementBe more selective in the hiring process. Also train supervisors more in ethics and values

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Definitely a JOB, not a Career

    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

    Pros- Weekly pay
    - Extra hours available literally anytime (day, night, swing, weekends, holidays)
    - Not a physically intensive job (you're literally not even supposed to walk away from your seat for any reason without checking with a supervisor first), and they do try very hard to stay on top of the break schedule. They try for a 10min break every 2 hours, which is more than I've gotten at other jobs in the past.

    Cons- Scheduling/Vacation - Once you're locked in on the "master schedule", you have very little flexibility. Any semester change, babysitter change, holiday coming up, is essentially tough luck (for example, if you normally work Thursdays, and you're hoping for Thanksgiving off, you can forget it. You either have to fight with the entire Operations staff for a very limited number of vacation hours months in advance, or throw yourself on the mercy of someone willing to trade shifts with you. If you call out, you WILL be written up). I was advised by a supervisor at one point to just call in sick rather than submit a personal time request, because if your request is denied you can be written up if you call out anyway. Your request email will be saved and used against you.
    - Vacation time - Since the other reviews were posted, they've bumped it up to 100 hours for each week for people to request... to be divided amongst roughly 50 people. This does not go far. You're expected to submit the request a minimum of 30 days before the date you're requesting, have the personal time accrued already at time of request, and can still be denied at whim by whichever supervisor is currently in charge of the vacation calendar (it's changed several times... it is an overwhelming project, but I don't believe it would be nearly so bad if they would stay on top of it rather than try to slam through a week or more of requests at one time).
    - High turnover... this is a stressful job sometimes. People get yelled at regularly by subscribers, by dealers, or by internal drama in the office (should mention that almost everybody has a personal connection to someone else in the office... family member, spouse, long time friend, you name it). You can expect to feel under-paid and under-appreciated. I've seen several people burn out and just quit in a matter of months.
    - Room for advancement - I'm hoping this changes since the training dept. has turned over... but before, people would only be trained as CSR and then as Operator months later on an as-needed basis by the shift supervisor. This put an unfair workload on some employees. Employees trained in both CSR/Operator would eventually be pushed into handling special services or DSS calls, and eventually be pushed from there into a Supervisor role because by then, they were more "senior" than some others on their shift. We have a few people in Supervisor roles who I'm sure were most definitely not first or even second choice. However, to be fair, the training dept. here in CA is being re-vamped and I feel the change is a positive one.

    Advice to Senior ManagementListen to your supervisors. Some of them have had pretty good ideas that would streamline Operations and haven't been given enough consideration. Also, try to stay objective and not play favorites.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Convenient and Stable Job During Rough Economy

    Customer Service Representative - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) Aliso Viejo, CA

    Pros*No extensive experience is needed and the five week training is paid.
    *For the pay, the work very is reasonable. The only skills you need are command of the English language, phone etiquette and basic computer skills.
    *Communication between managers, supervisors and departments is fairly swift and effective. If you have a question it's generally answered within the day.
    *There is a forum for employees regarding questions on procedure, comments, or suggestions.
    *They have been flexible with working schedules around school and childcare as long as you give them at least 30 days notice, which is s super plus for students and working mothers since class schedules change every semester and baby sitters come and go
    *If you want to advance, there is room for growth
    *There is ongoing training to learn more skills which make you eligible for raises and advancement
    *The pay scale is crystal clear so you know exactly what you need to do earn more and a supervisor or manager reviews your annual report with you step by step so you know exactly what you need to do/stop doing to qualify for a higher raise
    *Free medical (HMO), dental, and vision for Full-Time employees. Some people complain that the medical is horrible. HMO medical is a $15 copay, and I'm with an excellent medical group so I have no complaints
    *We're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so there is usually overtime for those that need it, although you can only work 10 hours of overtime a week.
    *Free Coffee, which saves me $40 a month

    Cons*80% of the reason people don't like this job are the stressful work conditions. Customers safety, and valuables are on the line so many times they are stressed and frustrated so you're constantly being berated and belittled by someone who would rather scream and curse than be helped. If you do your job properly the situation is diffused but it wears on you after a while
    *Many additional problems are caused by your fellow employees. The majority of the younger ones have never worked in an office setting and have a lovely since of entitlement, they want more pay with no additional responsibilities. And there is also your fare share of workplace soap opera drama. If you mind your business and shy away from the instigators its not a problem
    *There is no sick pay, so it is counted as an unexcused absence whether you have doctor's note or not. This is mainly due to employee's falsifying notes and/or going to an urgent care for ridiculous reasons just to get the day off.
    *Unless you work a full 40 hrs a week you do not qualify for benefits
    *Some supervisors like to play favorites. If you get on their bad side you'll find yourself getting written up for petty reasons and placed on probation
    *Many employees enjoy doing as little work as possible, which makes more work for the people that actually do their jobs. Supervisors notice the people who work proficiently and give you more work so in the long run the slackers win
    *The job is not challenging and extremely redundant to the point of feeling like monkey work so you find yourself droning out for 8+ hours a day ,5 days a week
    *We're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so if your new don't count on weekends off and you cannot request holidays off. The only way to get a holiday off is if you switch with someone who's scheduled days off happen to fall on the said day.

    Advice to Senior ManagementBe more selective in the hiring process.

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend

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    There are better places to work.

    Unknown (Former Employee) Aliso Viejo, CA

    ProsThe best reasons to work for National Monitoring Center are if you really need a job or hours and work nearby. Also you don't have to be highly qualified to work at NMC. Paychecks are given once a week if you're in need of a paycheck every week. There are free health and dental benefits although some have complained about them.

    ConsHarassment and bullying from Managers and co-workers are common. There's no sick pay, benefits are poor. Not many opportunities for advancement. The workload is also too high and it's a very stressful environment. It's freezing cold or too warm most of the time. Some of the management are paranoid.

    Advice to Senior ManagementReduce harassment and bullying from Managers and employees. Stop giving power to people who are bullies.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Absolutely terrible.

    Customer Service Representative (Current Employee)

    ProsThe paychecks are given once a week.
    There is usually lots of available overtime.
    Open 24 hours, for those of us trying to go to school and needing a late night shift.

    ConsSupervisors are on a constant power trip. The other employees are generally very lazy, and do what they can to skim under the radar. This means that other, actually proficient employees generally get noticed, and are then forced to do more work. (Like the other review said, slackers win.)

    They are completely inflexible about changing your work hours, so once you're locked into a schedule expect it to be that way for a while. For example, I asked for 4 months to have my schedule changed in preparation of going back to school, and was constantly deferred. It wasn't until I put in my two weeks notice that they actually decided to help me.

    The constant activity makes for a high stress environment, which is only compounded by uptight, micro-managing supervisors and lazy operators.

    There is zero room for advancement, unless you decide to become a supervisor (more stress than an operator) or are related to management and can get moved to a different department.

    Even your bathroom breaks are timed at 5 minutes, and any excess time is removed from your paycheck. Yes, down to the minute.

    The new full coverage insurance policy is $40 a week, or $2080 a year, and it isn't even that great.

    Vacation schedules for supervisors and operators are on the same table, so you have to compete with them for a whopping maximum of 80 hours of vacation time available a week, so guess who normally wins that battle. Plus when you break it down, that's only 10 eight hour shifts a week. And when there are groups of 15 people rotating in and out for 3 shifts a day, those hours are gone fast.

    Advice to Senior ManagementThere needs to be a complete overhaul of management. Most of the supervisors are constantly rude and belittling the operators.
    Find some compassion for your employees, and I don't mean just the ones related to management. Without them, you would be completely dead on the ground - so start realizing that and treat them a little better. Hire more people to help split the workload. We are constantly overworked and under appreciated.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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