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Updated Jul 18, 2014

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    Great company structure and great people!

    Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) Seattle, WA

    ProsNo matter where you are in life at this point, everybody starts out at the field.
    And, even though you are progressing within the company, you would still have to be on the field to train others and remind yourself what it's like working hands-on. I personally believe that every employee in any company should be scheduled to be on the sales field, every other week. This way, he/she would know what the customers need and how to meet their needs in the best possible way through the field experience before they actually make major business decisions and executive/innovative strategies moving forward.

    Overall, I would say that Revel Marketing Inc. has the following values as a company:
    - Great teamwork and culture
    - Great work environment
    - Organized company structure
    - Equal Opportunity, diverse group
    - Training & Retraining available
    - Travel Opportunities available
    - Systematic C2C & B2B Approach
    - Great learning experience for starters
    - Career Advancement Programs available

    ConsIf you are not passionate about people or/and have a hard time keeping an open mind to learn or/and controlling your attitude... Then, Revel Marketing is not for you - simply because this company is filled with people with passion, big dreams, and positive attitudes, as well as energetic morning meetings...
    A job at Revel is more than just theories about sales, marketing and advertising - but, it involves life training as well, which involves relationships building, communications, leadership, and character training.

    Overall, I would say that Revel Marketing Inc. has the following stepping stones as opportunities to grow:
    - Better Health Benefits
    - More Roadshow Events
    - More travel opportunities

    Advice to Senior ManagementI would say that this is a great marketing agency overall.
    So, I would have it no other way, except many more leaders on board!

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Revel/Valens Marketing

    Account Executive (Former Employee) Seattle, WA

    ProsGreat direct sales and marketing skill learned
    Flexible time off
    Great group of people and owner!

    ConsHigh mileage per week to get to and from locations
    Mandatory meeting every morning, even on days off
    Two conference calls per week in the evening
    This is a direct sales position, and not an event marketing position like it says on every position post across the job sites

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Marketing, Sales, Leadership & Business Development

    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

    ProsIf you are looking for a corporate 9-5, same task everyday, this is not the place for you. If you want fun, high energy, opportunity and room to grow, then this is the place! The team here is amazing and the management is encouraging. You really feel like your a partner in a company vs just an employee. They stress the importance of working for your goals, because that's what drives people. I love that!

    ConsLearning to lead people was a struggle at first. Really being able to coach and train others with different personalities than yours, can be tough. But overall you grow from it and become a better leader.

    Advice to Senior ManagementKeep it up! You guys are motivating! Can we have more team nights?

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    Nice people, but the job itself was terrible!

    Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) Seattle, WA

    ProsVery nice group of people at the office. They are more than willing to help you out on your sales pitch and make you feel welcome in the office.
    Seattle is also a great city, with a lot to do!

    ConsThe job itself was absolutely horrible! You do not work in marketing, but in sales. The position requires you to stand around in Costco or Sam's club harassing shoppers and trying to get them to buy the products you are trying to sell. When I first started, I thought the job was to interact with people at these stores and tell people about the products and where they could buy it. They expect you to talk to every single person in the stores and a lot of times you can come off as pushy to these people.
    The pay itself was absolutely horrible as well! During the interviews, it sounded like I would be making $500-700 a week at first and then I would make more after the first few months. Instead, you get paid $9 an hour and only make about $100 a week, which is hard to live off of in a city like Seattle. The pay is commission based, so if you are good at sales, then you can make a lot. If you are not good at sales, then you can really stress yourself out and come off as desperate with the customers.
    The hours are terrible as well! It seems like some of the people work 10-12 hours a day, six days a week, which can wear you out both physically and mentally. I would not mind working that much, but the pay makes it not worth the effort. You are also expected to network with other people a couple of hours a day in order to move up, which wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't have to work a 10 hour shift. I felt like I had no time to start a relationship with someone or to hang out with friends and family.
    The turnover rate is not very good at this place either. The first couple of days at this job I met some people who worked here and then the next day, they were gone. I am not quite sure, but I get the feeling they quit because of the lousy pay or the stress of working sales. I am wondering if management really believes that you would be good at this job or not because it seems like they do not care as long as you can get them some money.
    This place seems to be more like a multi-level marketing firm, than an actual marketing company in my opinion. I really wanted a good career, where I could grow and gain some valuable experience. In the end, it felt more like a regular job that I absolutely hated going to everyday.

    Advice to Senior ManagementBe honest to potential employers about pay and call this job "Sales," not "Marketing."

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Good opportunity if you're willing to sell your soul

    Anonymous Employee (Former Employee)

    ProsYou'll get plenty of sales experience
    Co-workers are very supportive even if they've just met you
    They provide sales training

    If you're the type of person that can work 60 hour weeks doing sales and grind their way to the top, I'm sure there's some lucrative opportunities. However, If you have any desire to be an active part of a relationship, have friends outside of work, hobbies, or god-forbid an actual family, this is not the position for you.

    ConsThey masquerade as a "Marketing" firm when all they're trying to do is sell product.

    They tell you that you're there for "brand awareness" and that you're "not trying to sell anything" but you have a sales quota you're supposed to meet every hour.

    Typically when I was working I felt more like I was harassing customers that were trying to shop than I was actually generating awareness for the brand. The training they give is teaching you "systems for success" which are things you have to memorize and then try to apply in the field, but a lot of it is just customer manipulation to try to maximize sales.

    In the interview process they ask if you're willing to work "some evenings and weekends." Sure, all careers will have those days when you need to work extra. Right off I was scheduled for every single night and 10 shifts on both weekend days. One night we weren't allowed to leave until 10:30pm.

    The worst part of working their in my opinion was the daily meetings. Sure, it's fun to go and listen to motivational speeches and share goals about what you're going to work on that day...for the first 2-3 days. But having to attend a meeting every single morning, 7 days a week, just to "get excited about work" was miserable. Even on your "days off" you are expected to be at the meeting.

    Since it's masquerading as "starting a career" everything is about trying to network. If you're doing your job while scheduled and showing up to all the meetings, that's not enough. To progress, you're expected to spend at least 2-3 hours a day networking and trying to build your work connections. Which is great and all, but when you have a 10 hour shift that doesn't end until 8pm and you had to be at work at 8am for the daily meeting, the last thing you want to do is come home and work some more.

    The worst part was the "Awesome management position" that you're pushing for? All they want you to do is start your own branch and continue to have 60 hour work weeks. The "managers" have no better job or schedule than anyone else at the company, they just make slightly more money.

    Advice to Senior ManagementDon't sugar coat it, don't advertise it as "Event Marketing" or "Customer Service Representative" or "Brand Ambassador" or "Recruiting Coordinator." Be honest, be straightforward, and tell people "You're going to be working long hours doing sales for a long time."

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Costco/ Sam's Club sales person

    Intern (Former Employee) Seattle, WA

    Pros-You can eat free sample at Costco and Sam's club since you work there 90% of the time
    -Uhhh its in Seattle? Kind of. but not really, its in Lynnwood, WA
    - Glassdoor requires me to put Pros so It forces me to be positive, also this job deserves zero stars.

    Cons-The job is packaged as something completely different
    -High employee turnover
    -A glorified sales job with a marketing title that is degrading and
    - Small and creepy office with even creepier people
    - 90% of the time you are standing in Costo or Sam's clubs harassing innocent people trying to make them buy horrible defective products such as "Power-Pod 360's"
    - Very unethical selling tactics, management will push you to overhype products to get sales
    - Management is very unprofessional
    - They have weird rules such as "You must smile at all times" and are very serious about it and will call you out if your not smiling
    - Horrible hours, they have sunday morning conference calls that are mandatory. You don't get time credit for morning meeting, and have to commute a lot without expenses being accounted for.
    - and finally the pay is just plain horrible. The say you will make 500- 700 a week but in reality your making minimum wage unless you sell more a lot

    Advice to Senior Management- Be honest when telling prospects and candidates about the job. This is not marketing its sales, and not the type of sales that you want to brag about.
    - Make as much money as you can now before you go out of business

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Great atmosphere but bad management

    Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) Seattle, WA

    ProsVery team oriented
    Other employees look out for you, even if they just met you a week ago
    Great way to get the word "marketing" on your resume.
    Work-life balance is good for singles and fresh college grads

    ConsManagement will lie to your face (example: she told me they were not a churn and burn organization but after speaking with my coworkers I found only about 3 that had been there for more than a month).
    They claim it's a "training program" and that you will be groomed for management when in reality its more like they are just waiting to see who survives the first month.
    No mercy, no mentoring, and no money unless you pass their preliminary training modules. This wouldn't be so bad if they did not restrict you to one module per day and kick you out after 9:45 am so management can have the office to themselves.
    If you take this job, you are not really in marketing, you are in sales. Until you move in to management (most quite before this) or have your own office you must sell as instructed at per-arranged locations (which you did not pick out).
    Finally, Revel is not actually a stand alone company. It is yet another one of those "multi-level marketing firms" that trick people into signing on for manager training and then shove them in retail positions. I love sales so this was fine for me but I've seen people almost die out there trying their hardest to do something they hate.
    Bottom Line: Until management changes, do not start your career here.

    Advice to Senior ManagementLearn to mentor your employees or else tell them the truth about the turnover rate. Some people want a career while others just want a job. You shouldn't have to trick people just to get them to work for you.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company

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