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Updated Jul 25, 2014

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    Blatant Bias!

    Director (Former Employee) New Delhi (India)

    ProsThe beauty and purity of what was is being lost. The Hindu Business Line still has some great journalism, however far and few between

    ConsThe gumption and blatancy of some of their journalists to have biasis that seem to be going unchecked. I was a 16 year long standing UB employee. As we all know what was isnt. I still believe that UB has potential to grow however with a lot of renewed investment. Journalists like K Giriprakash seem to have lost their perspective and deny the impact of the lives of employees that UB is having. Giri, where is that unbiased true journalist I met in the early years.

    Advice to Senior ManagementTry and steer away, or at least have a balanced view on some of the corporate house you seem to dote on

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend

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    Where journalism careers go to die

    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee)

    ProsA job that pays enough to eat and doesn't require one to scrub toilets.

    Cons*Very badly managed, very backwards, parochial and unprofessional people sitting in top decision making positions.

    *You will have to divorce your spouse and abandon your children and your elderly parents to accommodate this paper.

    *Upper management is technologically stunted, the notion of telecommuting is very foreign, scary and hard for them to comprehend.

    *HR, Admin and the IT depts are like something from a Monty Python skit, that's how incredibly hostile, ridiculous and unprofessional they are.

    *Managment is afraid to manage and the concept of reward and punishment is also very scary for them. Because of this, employees who perform badly don't get fired and those who perform decently have to pay the price.

    *Upper management kneels before corporate big wigs- total conflict of interest there. It's more like working for a PR company than a news publication, except the pay isn't half as good.

    *No possibility of advancement, as it is not a meritocracy. Upper managment has made the grave error of equating age with competence, so you will have the same title with the same pay for decades until someone in the heirarchy passes into the afterlife or gets fed up and resigns.

    *It's very difficult to cultivate sources, as the organization's integrity has become dubious and sources would rather go to fearless publications.

    Advice to Senior Management*Thanks for the Diwali bonus. The "good-will" sum was a pleasant shock and I'm not one to crib about bonus funds, however...As the Beatle's song goes...Can't buy me love. With inflation flying out of control the bonus was definitely needed, but it does not replace the family time and personal projects I have sacrificed for you people. The time you expect me to be in your office- considering the nature of the job- is completely irrational. A flexible telecommute schedule would be much more sensible and cost effective, otherwise, what's the point of having mobile devices? As long as the work is getting done ethically, professionally and on time, you need not bother about my whereabouts.

    *Considering the current state of affairs in Chennai, perhaps you should have kept your upper managers on office arrest instead of your correspondents.

    *If you're sincerely worried about keeping competent journalists, you should start acknowledging the fact that they are not robots or chattel property, and that there are more important things in life than only money. Workers have responsibilities and lives outside your offices, HBL is not the Alpha and Omega. Furthermore, you should allow the correspondents to evolve professionally instead of censoring them and prohibiting them from breaking news. Is HBL a news publication or a PR firm? If you want it to be a PR firm, then make it so and stop masquerading as a news publication.

    *Stop letting lazy cowards manage things. Reward good workers and eliminate the bad ones instead of leaving it all to karma.

    *Stop this age discrimination nonsense. Being elderly is not the same thing as being God.

    *Stop awarding glorified proof readers the position of "editor." Only correspondents, who have worked extensively in the field (and understand both sources and readers), are actually qualified to be editors.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    No room for integrity, excellence or reason

    Anonymous Employee (Former Employee) Bangalore (India)

    ProsCanteen is the only good thing.

    Cons1. Publication has lost all integrity, has become nothing but ad space for corporates and politicians and a place for CXOs to have their giant egos stroked. Any coverage of a company who pays big bucks to advertise in the paper must be biased in favor of the company- ditto if one of the high and mighty editors are cozy with someone special in the corporate sector.

    2. Typical Indian job...This filth called caste and communalism has yet to be purged. Too many people refuse to grow up and accept the fact that history cannot be undone or re-written to their liking- Hindi is the national language whether anyone likes it or not and this is an English publication, but if you don't speak Kannada or Tamil you will never make it in this company. In Bangalore office nobody wants to speak Hindi or English, so if you don't speak the regional languages you are excluded from many conversations and interactions. It would be funny if it weren't infuriating, but a cartoonist can be charged with "sedition" for the content of his drawings while one's employer is allowed to behave as if Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are separate countries. If logic prevailed, everyone would be required to speak and interact only in English when in the office because it is an English paper and regular use of English would improve language skills.

    3. Mediocrity...Glaring typing and grammatical errors in nearly every paper. Those posted on the desk are not expected to have standards, let alone do their jobs- which basically involves proofreading, correcting errors and ensuring proper word count. Easy work that doesn't require too much serious thought, but they don't want to do it (or aren't capable due to poor English skills) and since certain people in high positions were nothing but desk workers (as opposed to actual journalists) prior to being elevated (by way of politics and nepotism) to their pedestals, the desk guys will never be taken to task for their laziness.

    4. No life...The previous poster was correct when they said employees have no time for family, friends or personal pursuits. They don't. And yes, it is 6 days a week and depending on the length of daily commute between work/home, employees may not reach home until 10pm-midnight, but do you think the omnipotent ones care about that? Absolutely not.

    5. Shortstaffed...They want to get rid of as many people as possible so they spend less money, while increasing the work load and stress on those who already have no life and don't reach home until well after 10pm.

    6. IT Help Desk doesn't help...They are supposed to assist journos with any gadget problems, but they have bad attitudes and are rude and often refuse to assist. Shortly before I resigned, someone had an epiphany and decided to provide laptops- which are completely useless because the email can only be checked if the laptop is hooked up to the office system. Also the tech guys refuse to do the needful so that journos can access the CCI system with their laptops when away from the office- their excuse is that the head honchos in Chennai won't allow it. The whole purpose of having laptops is to allow journos to work from anywhere, but the brilliant bosses still can't comprehend this simple idea, so their attitude can be summed up as, "Okay, you people wanted laptops, we gave you laptops, so what are you cribbing about?"

    7. Admin Dept...Is very, very pathetic. Draconian, nonsensical policies- especially regarding reimbursements. Providing a bill isn't enough for them, they want it stamped. Also admin workers are extremely rude, lazy, incompetent and deliberately unhelpful.

    Finally, very basic things like getting paper for the printer when it runs out is very difficult- one can't just go get paper from a shelf, we're actually forced to *ask* someone in admin for paper and they act as if you are asking them for the moon.

    Advice to Senior ManagementNone, because they really don't care what the rest of us think, feel or need and they refuse to listen to reason. Far as they're concerned, anything rooted in logic and common sense or progress is the work of the devil.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    good one

    Anonymous Employee (Former Employee)

    Prosnice food served at canteen :P

    Consnothing much except for parking lots!

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend

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    ZERO work life balance, ZERO autonomy, ZERO family time

    Journalist (Current Employee)

    ProsIt's a salary, and unlike other Indian publications they provide air conditioning and basic office cleanliness, and hook you up with a decent, affordable lunch.

    ConsZero work life balance and not family friendly! 6 day work week, 8-10 hours a day- however at least 75% of the job could be done from elsewhere but The Hindu forces you to sit in the office for no reason other than to destroy your life.

    I never spend any time with my spouse and family because the company babus think I should be married to THEM and devote my entire life to their paper! Their attitude is The Hindu FIRST and family LAST- and you can just forget about having any hobbies, fitness regimes or spiritual retreats because they will never allow you time for such things.

    Also they treat us like stupid children and there is unnecessary nagging. Instead of directly disciplining lazy people who refuse to do their jobs, they punish everyone equally. They won't address one or two people with bad work habits, instead they send out nagging emails to everyone- including competent people.

    Then there is ridiculous, time gobbling bureaucracy! Again, instead of disciplining the non-performers and incompetents, they force EVERYONE to submit these childish Work In Progress forms listing every single person you've contacted, etc. etc. etc. and they are insanely obsessive about these stupid forms! This is a waste of time, it interferes with us actually doing the JOB we were hired to do!

    Add to that, there's the great ego wars between management- those of us who must answer to them get caught in the crossfire. If you follow the instructions of one, the other will call you at all hours- even on your ONE day off- asking why you followed the other's instructions!

    What else, oh yes! The company's patriarchs have yet to understand that we live in the 21st century, not the 19th century. The modern journalist needs mobility and autonomy to get the job done, but evidently this is perceived as frivolous. Instead of replacing the ancient desk tops with lap tops, they bought more desk tops! Top it off with an equally antiquated email system that ensures everyone is chained to the desks, because it can only be accessed from the office! Neither will they invest in decent internet service, it's like using dial up- and there's no wireless connection either!

    There is also no opportunity for advancement. Merit means nothing, only seniority and politics, so there's no respect or growth opportunity for anyone under 45. You literally have to wait for somone to succumb to geriatric senility and incontinence (or death) in order to get promoted.

    Ah yes, and the failure during the hiring process to tell you EXACTLY what will be expected of you once you start! Expect to be hauled up for producing what you were told to produce! This relates directly to the ego wars between superiors. If one perceives you as a threat to his position, he will prohibit you from doing your best so that the other superiors perceive you as incompetent!

    These things cause unnecessary stress, squash employee morale and greatly hinder productivity.

    Advice to Senior ManagementLet us work from home! We should be left alone to do our jobs in our own individual ways. Discipline or sack the non-performers, but leave the rest of us ALONE.

    You have no right to deprive us of our families and personal lives, you don't own us. There is no amount of money that can replace our spouses and families, nothing you can pay us to abandon them, so STOP expecting us to sacrifice them for YOU.

    By forcing us to sit under unnecessary observation for 6 days a week, you infringe upon our personal lives and stress us out, thus hindering productivity.

    Stop nagging! Get rid of these absurd WIP forms! Address problems on an individual basis and stop punishing everyone for the failures of a few under-performers.

    Embrace technology and make some effort to accept the fact that we live in the 21st century! Adapt to it and start thinking and acting progressively for once. Make the necessary technological and policy changes that enable journalists to become fully mobile. If you want us to record anything, then you should be prepared to provide the necessary devices or provide compensation for out of pocket purchases of such devices.

    End these ridiculous ego wars! Whatever is going on between certain "people in charge" needs to be contained because, like sewage, it's running downhill! If these children can't play nicely with each other then perhaps it's time to restructure- make a choice, do you want bureau chiefs or department heads? Evidently you can't have both and expect there to be harmony in the heirarchy.

    Stop using age, seniority and politics as appraisal criteria! Allow people under 45 years of age to receive promotions and pay hikes based on integrity and performance!

    Make some effort to understand the link between job satisfaction and job performance! Happy, relaxed employees are productive, loyal employees!

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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