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Updated Jul 22, 2014

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    Your mind creates the world/work place around you!!!

    Software Engineer (Former Employee)

    ProsIf you are passionate about technology, has a go-getter attitude and a tendency to ask yourselves what you can do for the company, ViSolve is the place to work. You will be rewarded handsomely.

    Excellent place to explore and learn new technologies, get hands-on-experience, work with industry experts, contribute to developer community, and opportunities to create an identity for yourselves in the market.

    You are given multiple chances to prove yourselves. But if money is your only motive then this is not the place to work.

    ConsNeed experienced, seasoned and matured professionals to drive the company and guide, motivate and recognize young professionals on time.
    Lack of ownership among employees, need improved HR process
    Lack of communication between the management and the employees. Restricting information with few people creates huge communication and motivational gap throughout the organization

    By-the-way, even the best companies in the world are not perfect nor can impress each and every singe employee. The other side is always green!.

    Advice to Senior ManagementBridge the communication gap
    Do not restrict HR activities only to recruitment and relieving employees

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend

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    Chief Executive Officer (Current Employee) San Jose, CA

    ProsEmpowerment and freedom
    Technology and work environment

    Consvery small
    growth path is a challenge and not enough exprtise

    Advice to Senior Managementbe aggressive

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend

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    Worst Ever Company!! No assurance for the job here.

    Software Engineer (Former Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsThe city is good.
    The people here are very caring (Expect the Management people in this company)

    ConsThe management is one of the worst cunning people ever known.

    People working here will always be in stress / pressure.

    The top level mangement person for India (Senas.Net), is a person who never knows people management, process, finance, management.. nothing..

    There is no talent needed here to get good name, promotion and hike. The only talent needed here is the person should be a spy, tell bad about other employees (CEO is well known for brainwashing/getting info on others and all)

    If an employee wants to leave, then there wont be any proper response from the management (99% of the people will fight / be restless after putting their papers)

    Person who wants to join this office, please get a feedback from an working employee or an alumni.

    None of the person working there is working happily.

    You can find any process being followed inside the company. Everything is biased.

    They always wanted employees who are gold medalist, work very hard, and ask for very less salary.

    Regarding the Hike, the leads/managers feedback are just for the shake. The managemnt people will a frame a figure through the feedback from the spies and the others. That's the final. No change after that.

    Managers, Leads, HR Representatives everyone is dummy, the management won't allow them to standup for their team members / peers.

    There is no assurance for the Job, if they feel that they are paying extra, immediately they will lay-off.

    The company started in 1995 and still the total stregth is < 40, this is because no one will stay for a long time here. They will complete their bond and leave as earlier as possible.

    The company has around 400+ alimni's.. Since the company started, Just calculate the probability of people going out vs the prople working there.

    None of the employee will want to work after completing the bond period.

    Leave the employees, they don't even know how to retain a cook for the cafeteria / house keepers for their office. There is no watchman for this office.

    There are more cons to say here., But its wast of time, money, energy and patience.

    Advice to Senior ManagementPlease learn the purpose of earning money. There is a protocol on how to treat an employee and understand the employees feel. Try to get some good people and then money.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    2 people found this helpful  

    Dont join this company at any cost and spoil your life and career

    Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsSome employees were helpfull and are good humans.
    Cost of living in coimbatore city is low.
    Interview process is piece of cake, if you make it up as if you want to settle in coimbatore, you will be easily get selected. If you are coimbatore, chances of getting hired are high.
    Very relaxing work place, you don't need to work at all. All you have to do is atleast record 8 hours time in the finger print scanner. Since there are no specific process for task allocation, you dont even need to work for even one hour.

    ConsIf you are looking for some interesting or challenging projects and improve your skill set in IT domain, this is not a place for you. All they have is BPO jobs and some maintenance tasks of the Big companies. Any person who can read english can do those projects.
    CEO stopped concentrating on research and development long ago and now a days he is concentrating on these maintenance projects which makes him a lot of profit. Also he considers it risk free.
    Initially you will be on probation period, they have all right to dismiss you at any time.
    Once joined, you cant leave this company. They will file cases against you and they will always try to spoil your life.
    They can reduce your salary at any time, if you are not willing they you must server 3 months notice (without salary). Only then you can leave.
    They have bond for 3 years, also they will collect the original certificates. You can forget about the certificates after you gave those to them. You will never get it. If they remove the bond, all employees will leave the company.
    Three months notice period - Next employer wont be interested in you for such a long notice period. In reputed companies, even 10 years experienced persons have 2 month notice. Three months notice is a tactic used by them, so that employees cant get other jobs.
    No one left the company happily. Even after 5 years of experience they cant reduce the notice period , they are not ready to include payed holidays in notice period.
    You have to file a case against them to get your gratuity amount. They are seriouly money eaters.
    Almost all talented persons left the company. Only persons settled in and around coimbatore and persons who cant get other jobs are staying for long time. So no chance of learning from others. Every one wants to safe themselves.
    Senior persons will sometimes try to showoff as if they are visible to management. This is the only thing they do in the company. No senior persons had done any great thing in their career apart from their day to day job. Even if they dont do anything, they will pretend to the management as if they have done something or they are taking care of the project.
    If you are planning to relieve from the company even after completing 3 years bond, the only way you can relieve is by telling health reasons like a school child. You will face a hard time in this period.
    You cant even stand a single minute outside the office. You will get a common mail from CEO that 'we are not textile mill labours to stand outside during work hours'. CEO should visit some real IT companies regarding this.
    Only one restroom.
    Dining hall with only 2 tables.
    No shed for parking bikes.
    You cant wear your shoes inside office. This is the only reason, they call their office as home environment.
    If you protest against any problem, you will be layed off.
    You cant avail leave if any senior is planning to avail leave the same day, doesn't matter even if you inform earlier.
    One of the biggest CEO tactics is he want all employees to learn all projects, once after everyone gains knowledge on other projects, he will cut the number of persons to save money.
    HR is not responsible for any HR related activities. She doesnt even know about handling tax excemptions. She is just a point of communication between CEO , management and employees.
    No proper power supply and internet.
    Even for simple module installations, you have to request download access from systems team.
    All social networking sites are blocked.
    Lot of restrictions on using AC. You will feel better to switch it off, rather following all their stupid rules.
    Lot of spies are there, all your activities will be reported to the management.
    Sometimes team leaders will treat you like slaves to get the work done.
    You will be asked to serve night shift often. But they wont even open their mouth at the time of joining. No special allowance for night shift.
    No cab facilities, even for girls. But they want them too to work in odd shifts.
    Overall you will forget that you are a employee and you will get a elementary school life experience.
    Never ever think about joining this company, once it was a good company with talented and ethical peoples. At present it was corrupt from the person next to CEO to the end employees. Every one is cheating the next higher person. This is how the company is running now.

    Advice to Senior ManagementJust remove the bond and see for one month. All most all employees will leave the company. This is your current status.
    You know about all the problems, but still you people want to earn money by using us.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Very Worst Culture

    Software Engineer (Former Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsNone comes in mind as pros about this company

    ConsBond: 3 Years
    Commitment: Need to submit all the original certificates
    Amount to pay to Relieve : 2 Lakhs (Minimum)
    Work Culture: Very Pathetic
    Management: Very Cunning and Selfish
    Projects: Nothing stable / Worthy for the engineers
    Infrastructure: No proper power distribution, Internet, Work cabins, Parking, Meeting / Conference Halls, Huddle rooms, etc..
    Welfare: Not even a percentage apart from the salary (No Medical, Tax Benifits)
    Process: No process for any requirements / esclations
    Relieve: None of the employees were relieved happily from this company. Either need to pay amount or drag the date of relieve (Reason: Customer Projects)
    Facilites: Nothing facilitated to the employees

    Better to be unemployed than joining this company.

    Advice to Senior ManagementPlease let the employees to live. They are also humans

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Worst company in the IT Industry

    Software Engineer (Current Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsEmployees can use the client company names since some of the clients are big companies

    ConsThere are so many cons :

    1. There is a bond for 3 years and the employee have to pay in Lakhs if they want to relieve earlier.
    2. Some of the client companies are big companies, but the projects are scraps. Yes, the projects where the big companies aren't ready to invest more will be taken by them. Totally useless.
    3. There no proper Infrastructure for anything
    4. Management/HR is very poor.
    5. Stupid rules for manythings like vehicle, shoes/cheppal/snacks so many things... It will be like childish.
    6. All the employees will be monitered either by the management or through spies.
    7. CEO will always talks about professionalism, but he don't know what is professionalism and his professionalism is always earning more money and spent very few (tiny).
    8. Management will say that they are in leading edge/cutting edge technologies, but the world is too far apart from their technologies.
    6. There is no procedure followed in the IT infrastructure/requests/claims/esclation anything.
    7. No employee benifits provided, like Medical, Vacation, etc...
    8. Main thing is, if the employee request/ask anything like the money from them or regarding relieve, then that process will be silent. There wont be any response.
    9. Management will always talk something big in front of the employees and immediately on the backend, they instruct to stop.
    10. Uneducated/Unprofessional Finance/HR person, Both are same person who doesn't know anything about the company policies, procedures, formalities, even the way to talk to the employee. Always been asis mediator between the CEO and employees.
    11. Salary will be delayed for a minimum of 7-8 days.
    12. The employee have to struggle atleast for a month(min) to get relieved from the company. None of the employees left happily from this company as of I know.

    There are so many cons apart from this, but there is no use in listing the cons from them, because they never changes/corrects them. According to them, they are always rite. How they will change?.

    This is the case of an employee working inside the company.

    Advice to Senior ManagementJust go throgh some of the SME companies, and try to adopt like that, else quit and relieve the employees.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Believe me, This is not a company

    Software Engineer (Former Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsThere are no real Pros except that you can get selected easily in this company.
    During interview, just tell a lie that you need to settle in coimbatore, also format your resume like your native is coimbatore, you will be selected for sure.

    ConsThe first impression you will get when seeing this company is that it is not a company. You can find employees slippers outside the company. No one should wear their shoes inside this company. Now-a-days even browsing center are allowing people to wear shoes inside the center.

    They will get all your certificates and ask you to sign a bond for 3 years and 2 lakhs.

    They will tell that initially salary will be low, based on performance it will increase. But that is a big lie. There are peoples who gets less salary even after 3 years.

    They will calculate the employees performance based on the hours he worked.

    The company is going downwards, because of poor culture, almost all good and talented peoples left the company. Only people who cant get other jobs are staying here for long time.

    CEO is making great profit, but he is not paying decent salary.

    Advice to Senior ManagementConsider your employees and their life , family etc. and give them good salary. Or else every one will leave your company and you will left with some junk dumb fools.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    • Senior Management
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    1 person found this helpful  

    You want to lose your life Then join here..

    Software Engineer (Current Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsNothing as I knew except the locality

    ConsI joined the company as a fresher for a very low salary and the Increment is too less when compared to the industry standard every year. There is no specific period for the appraisal. Often project shifts so that we can't shine in one technology.

    There is no proper training for the employees, the employee have to learn themselves.

    Management and the HR operations is very bad.

    There is no leave and componsation for overtime. The got huge amount from my friends to relieve them.

    Advice to Senior ManagementI lost my career life here

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    • Senior Management
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    1 person found this helpful  

    The company which spoiled my career path.

    Software Engineer (Former Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    Pros1. The company's location - located inside a peaceful residential area.
    2. The Coimbatore city - which gives much better feel than Chennai, Bangalore and other major IT cities.

    Cons1. When a person join the company, first thing is to submit all the 'Original' certificates like School Mark sheets SSLC, HSC, Under Graduate Degree, Post Graduate Degree and all semester mark sheets. They will keep on asking until all the certificates are submitted. Then there is a bond for 3 years minimum.

    2. The infrastructure is very poor. No perfect cabins, no convenient chairs and Infrastructure even the rest room's.

    3. There is no welfare provided to the employees.

    4. The salary will credited only after 5th or 6th every month. Its not a fixed one.

    5. Power backup is there, but the admin won't power on the Gen-set, if only few employees are working.

    6. No Medical policy for the employees and their dependents.

    7. No Proper telephone, FAX facility and Internet facility.

    8. The employee should not use their mobile phones inside the premise, All the employees will get a common email most often if CEO sees an employee speaking on the phone.

    9. Also no employee should not start or run their vehicle inside the premise. They should get down @ the gate and walk and also they need to pull vehicle until the gate and then only start. There is no shed for the vehicles too.

    8. The employee should not park their car's near to the office and also not to park inside the office premise.

    9. There are so many spies inside the office and everything happening inside the lab/office will be reported immediately to the top level management.

    10. All the taxes, employee have to take care and the management won't deduct the tax until March and almost they won't get march month salary completely.

    11. There is no friendly relationship between the top level management and you even there are only few employees (~40-50)

    12. The CEO will be there in India for few months and lives in US for rest of the period. He always think/act as money minded. He always tries to save money at some mean. As of I know, The company lost many customers because of this issue.

    13. Coming to relieving process, when an employee put paper, all the sudden, he/she will be treated differently by the management. He/She need to beg beg and beg for the certificates and service letter. If someone is on a customer projects, then the case will be more serious. In case if they are in a situation to break the bond, then they need to pay lakhs to them back.

    There is no receipts for the amount paid to get the certificates. Its like a bribe he/she is paying to get relieved from the company.

    Purposely the management will delay even they accept your relieving. The total operation is leaded by a single lady and she does even knows anything about the process. She just get the details from the CEO and passes back to the concerned person.

    Around 400+ people left the company till now right from 1995 and the total number of employees working are still 40+. This is because the employees are not in a position to retain after certain period once he/she comes to know all the facts happening.

    Please be careful before join and sign the bond.

    Advice to Senior ManagementPlease run the company as a software company, else don't.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    • Senior Management
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    • Career Opportunities
    • Approves of CEO


    ViSolve - Thumbs Up - A Great employer

    Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) Coimbatore (India)

    ProsFreedom to Work, No Work Pressure.
    Flat Management, You will be recognized quickly.
    Challenging Projects, No boring.
    Learning Oppurtunities, Good Growth.
    Excellent Seniors, Innovative and professional approach.
    Good Worklife Balance, Feel home to work.

    I am having the best time working here...

    ConsMissing some benefits life insurance and incentives.

    Advice to Senior ManagementGood Management. My advice is to relocate the company to tech parks.

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company

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