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Simon Amarasignham

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    Audio Sweatshop, Great titles to work on

    Sound Designer (Current Employee) Boston, MA

    ProsOpportunity to work on great games and build your resume.

    ConsOne HR rep I know calls it an Audio Sweatshop.

    Horrible pay, cramped office where everyone is in headphones all day. Very strict, start at 8am, if you are a minute late you will be questioned in front of entire staff. No phone or contact with the outside world allowed. No talking to coworkers unless necessary to complete task.

    There are no benefits, pay is abysmal, no paid time off. If you are sick even a little bit you will be sent home for the rest of the week, unpaid of course. No bonus, even when it is promised. No raises, you'll take your $10/hr and like it.

    Cheapest people I have ever met, the software and hardware are outdated and not appropriate for the type of work being done. Free software is often used, such as Audacity for audio editing. Are you kidding me???

    Advice to Senior ManagementWake up

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Worst company in the industry.

    Sound Designer (Former Employee) Brookline, MA

    Pros- You will get to work on a big game or two. Yay Explosions.

    ConsAbsolutely everything else.

    The people who run this company have absolutely ZERO respect for their employees. They are cheap beyond reason. Want to work for dSOnic? Get used to plastic desks, outdated computers, working with headphones for 8 hours a day, horrible software, strict 8am start times. Oh also, unlivable wages, no benefits, no hope for a raise, no hope for promotion, just you at a desk churning out sounds for almost free forever. Also being sent home without pay for a sniffle...

    Did I mention you'll be doing sounds design with headphones for 8 hours a day? For $

    The only reason this company continues to exist is because of it's close proximity to Berklee and other schools. They survive by farming interns and turning them into contract workers and booting them if they show any discontent at all. Don't like $10 an hour? Well there's 20 kids about to graduate who will do anything to get a job relating to audio, so suck it.

    No, dSonic. YOU suck it.

    Advice to Senior Management10 years in the business and you're in a crappy little office, with plastic desks, horrible equipment, and all your employees hate you. You're the last resort of any company who has even the slightest clue.

    My advice to you? Close up shop.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Useful for resume but cheap

    Sound Designer (Former Employee) Boston, MA

    ProsEasy to get to, learn a lot in a short amount of time, learn about creating sound effects and how to put them in games using different kinds of engines like fmod and wwise

    ConsLow pay, awful hours, serious internal trust issues, not much creative freedom, interns are given a good education but it feels kinda like each one is just being groomed for more cheap labor in case older employees leave

    Advice to Senior ManagementBe a little more flexible and trusting, better pay

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Amazing learning opportunities for young sound designers, but GET OUT once you've built up your resume.

    DSonic Sound Designer (Former Employee) Boston, MA

    ProsdSonic was the perfect first resume-builder.

    1) Employer knows his stuff when it comes to creating unique sounds and demands a great deal out of you, forcing you to do your best. I would say I went from amateur to semi-pro in a matter of a couple months - excellent for someone still in college.

    2) Because the company is a contractor who gets hired out all over the place, you work on everything from silly little facebook games to huge AAA titles, giving you a great deal of variety for your reel and your skills.

    3) Co-workers are generally fun, cool people like you with a passion for games and sound. Trust each other for help and advice.

    4) The primary piece of software you'll learn is Sony Vegas, which is surprisingly one of the easiest and smoothest tools for the job I've used.

    5) Easy location to get to for college interns.

    ConsAs awesome as the work itself is, the job is absolutely terrible.

    1) Employer has little to no real respect for employees, their health, their opinions, or their lives. They are simply tools, easily replaced at a cheaper cost with free interns from the various colleges in the area. He has a very strong presence, and can easily freak you out with anger/disappointment, essentially ruling through fear.

    2) Pay is very low, with no decent benefits and no hope of any decent raise. Pay is ~1/3rd of what most other sound designers in the industry make (http://www.simplyhired.com/a/salary/search/q-sound+designer), and as this company is in Boston, which is VERY expensive to live in, you will spend all of it just trying to get by. There is no pay ladder, it's more of a ditch. Health insurance was made mandatory in Massachusettes, which is the only reason you get any (though you still have to pay half the cost). There are no other benefits.

    3) No vacation or sick days. While I agree with their personal mandate that 'if you're sick, stay home', as going to work sick just makes things worse...to literally force employees to stay home when sick and then not have ANY sick time pay is rather deplorable.

    4) Setup is horrible for your health. Not only do you work almost entirely on headphones 8 hours a day (ear fatigue quickly became a frequent and painful problem), but the 'desks' are plastic tables and the computer chairs are cheap and not very adjustable, both of which quickly compound into a variety of back and arm issues. Proper ergonomics and long-term ear health are not even close to a top priority here.

    5) Working hours are an extremely rigid 8-4:30 (do not be late or he will chew your ass out), so this can be tough for most college students who are not as creatively active until evenings.

    6) To repeat the other reviewer here, the employer is incredibly stringent and ignorant about new technology, especially with software and plugins. Employer then complains when employees have a hard time finding new and interesting sounds.

    Advice to Senior ManagementJust because your 'main guy' is too weak-willed and lets you take advantage of him, this does not mean that you should treat your employees so badly. If you treat them well, offer fairer wages for the location, look out for their health and give them a little more flexibility, then they will stick around long enough to truly become legends of sound design. Imagine having a core of 5-8 people who laugh and goof off and chat with each other...and make dSonic the best, most renowned sound design company out there because they are happy and can still have a good time with their job.
    We're people, not tools. This is a creative business, not a factory.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Great for experience/resume building, don't stay for long if you want to have a life

    Sound Designer (Former Employee) Boston, MA

    Pros1)Great co-workers
    2)Great place to pick up your sound design chops (especially if you're a beginner)
    3)Get to work on games, a good variety ranging from AAA+ to Mobile games

    Cons1)8 hour headphone days, extremely fatiguing when you have to deal with explosions all day...
    2)Non-flexible working hours, 8am start times, extremely bad choice for a start time considering this is a highly creative job and most workers come in extremely wearied
    3)No respect shown to employees, treated strictly as sound generating machines...
    4)No way of moving up the promotion ladder
    5)Bad pay, with little or no hope for a raise
    6)Employer's stinginess and ignorance about upgrading technology,

    Advice to Senior ManagementdSonic has the potential of being a great company to work at without its current flaws and downsides. The painfully low pay can somewhat be accepted as it solely depends on the company's revenue flow. But please...please...start treating your employees a little better, people are already stressed out about their low wages and you want to add fuel to fire by treating them poorly?

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