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ABM Industries HQ: New York, NY NYSE: ABM

An ABM Industries Hdc said:

“It was a great experience but the fact that you are temporary bothersome”
“The money is good and it helps to have a job” –
111 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

2.7 Employees say it's “OK”

Overall CEO Rating

ABM Industries President, CEO, and Director Henrik C. Slipsager

Henrik C. Slipsager
56% Approve

FireEye HQ: Milpitas, CA NASDAQ: FEYE

Full Overview

A FireEye employee said:

“A thrilling intern experience mirrored with lots of potential to learn.”
“Making friends in the workplace was so easy, building value was exciting and fast and the tech is absolute boss. Stay fresh.” –
87 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

4.4 Employees are “Very Satisfied”

Overall CEO Rating

FireEye Chairman of the Board and CEO David DeWalt

David DeWalt
95% Approve

Dunbar Armored HQ: Hunt Valley, MD

A Dunbar Armored Driver/Guard said:

“Only good for entry level or part time”
“Flexible schedule, nothing else” –
87 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

2.0 Employees are “Dissatisfied”

Overall CEO Rating

Kevin R. Dunbar
16% Approve

FBI HQ: Washington, DC

A FBI employee said:

“Liked working for the FBI” –
91 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

3.6 Employees are “Satisfied”

Overall CEO Rating

James B. Comey
95% Approve

Compass Group HQ: Chertsey, United Kingdom PINK: CMPGF

A Compass Group employee said:

“Everyone working together as one team to ensure client satisfaction at it's best.”
“Great Teamwork everyone works together to accomplish goals. Large global community willing to share their knowledge base to support best practices and build better working relationships. All levels…” –
121 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

3.1 Employees say it's “OK”

Overall CEO Rating

Compass Group CEO Richard Cousins

Richard Cousins
59% Approve

Contemporary Services Corporation HQ: Northridge, CA

A Contemporary Services Corporation employee said:

“Work with them was very nice”
“good reliable good experience good attitude and good motivation” –
67 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

3.0 Employees say it's “OK”

Overall CEO Rating

Damon Zumwalt
59% Approve

Sotera Defense Solutions HQ: Herndon, VA

A Sotera Defense Solutions employee said:

“Been with Sotera for just over a year”
“Excellent organization with great benefits in comparison to peers in industry. Leadership team has made some adjustments and is driving growth in a difficult market” –
63 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

3.1 Employees say it's “OK”

Overall CEO Rating

Deb Alderson
70% Approve

ABM Janitorial Services HQ: New York, NY

An ABM Janitorial Services Accounts Payable Clerk said:

“Friendly and Safe Work Environment”
“Allow you to work from home from time to time. Very friendly team. Management recognizes strong performance and compensates accordingly.” –
65 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

2.4 Employees are “Dissatisfied”

Overall CEO Rating

Jim McClure
29% Approve

Protection 1 HQ: Romeoville, IL

A Protection 1 Inside Sales said:

“Current Salesman”
“Intelligent C-Suite. Decent pay opportunities for top performers. The company has an intelligent marketing team that strives to generate a constant flow of quality leads.” –
68 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

2.8 Employees say it's “OK”

Overall CEO Rating

Tim Whall
61% Approve

Loomis Fargo & Co. HQ: Solna, Sweden OMX Stockholm: LOOM B

A Loomis Fargo & Co. Armored Driver/Guard said:

“San Antonio Branch Driver/guard One huge mistake it was to work here. I got onto loomis after relocating to San Antonio and desperately searching for a job after getting out of the military. With having served in the military I can tell you even the worse leaders in the military out preform the management at Loomis. They're very inconsistent and incompetent. It will put most of the reasons on my cons section. Do yourself a favor and pick another place to work this place is a joke. There is so much risk and responsibility for such a low wage. They have a 50% turn over rate. Their facility is a joke. They can't pay out Christmas bonus' so they have the employees submit raffle tickets to see if they're lucky enough to get one. They said they were having a Christmas party but the employees would have to pay for it. I actually thought it was a joke until I saw the sign up sheet. They expect you to drive like it's a perfect world btw you're being videotaped by the company when you drive so every little thing you do gets sent to management so they can write you up for every little thing. For an example I avoided a vehicle that pulled out to far try to turn. I simply decreased my speed and honked my horn. After I came back from a 12 hour shift I was chewed out for honking my horn overall completely ignoring the fact that I didn't hit the other car. I felt that there was racial tension inside management like they had to have an egotistical complex when I was around since I wasn't Hispanic. From what I saw the only way you get promoted is if you start ratting people out to management for stupid simplistic things. While the snitches do the same or even worse. For an example one of the shift leads has had 3 wrecks and caused them. Nothing happens. But if someone calls in sick they assume that person doesn't want to work and suspends you. As far as safety goes, the company can give a rats butt,all they care about is making a profit. They got rid of 3 man crews and it's only a driver and a hopper. If you want a bullet proof vest you're only able to choose their crappy vests that cost $400+ and only stop .45 cal. Yup that doesn't make me feel safe either. The company decided to crony out and they found a loophole where they don't have to pay there employees who do all the grunt work for overtime unless it's over 60hrs. It had something to do with the weight of the vehicle but we're not truck drivers. We get out of the dang vehicle to pick up for customers and all that jazz. As far as the trucks you drive they're straight up death traps. Air conditioner doesn't work in the summer and the heater doesn't work in the winter. The summer time will be tough for drivers since they don't have tinted windows and you basically fry in the front cab. Sweating your butt off for 12 hrs, zero breeze, and being stuck in a confined space was pretty extreme. Management and upper management doesn't care they work in their air conditioned offices and they want their profit. If you stick it out and try to get promoted you'll be surprised once again because they will only promote those rats who kiss butt. As far as pay goes it doesn't matter how much experience you have they will only give you $11.10/hr no overtime unless it's over 60hrs. They will also threaten to take your profit sharing away because you can't drive super perfect going back to the driver spy cameras that were mentioned earlier. If they even give profit sharing out. It's crazy how they can pick and choose just so they can get a bigger cut. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Even though the economy is crap I will not succumb to being a wage slave.”
“Get to carry a gun, people think your job is like in the movies. Enjoyable if wages were better and management were more professional.” –
63 Reviews

Overall Company Rating

1.6 Employees are “Dissatisfied”

Overall CEO Rating

Loomis Fargo & Co. Managing Director Lars Blecko

Lars Blecko
4% Approve