3 Ways To Help Companies Hire Smarter Sooner; Hint – Go Public

3 Ways To Help Companies Hire Smarter Sooner; Hint – Go Public

2010-02-22 15:29:12

Quick: Name one product that you have purchased because you heard their recruiting practices were simply awesome? How about a stock that you invested in because a company recruiting department rocked? Ever recommended a stock because you liked how a recruiter treated you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions then you are a rare person indeed. You hear stories all the time about people who don’t buy a product or service because of how they were treated. But buying or investing because you are treated well? Not so much.

Here is the harsh reality of the present recruiting landscape:

  • Jobseekers know it’s broken. Badly. Liz Ryan has done a pretty good job of making this clear, and I agree with most of what she says.
  • Recruiters and recruiting management often know it’s broken. I speak at a lot of conferences that are filled or overflowing with recruiting executives desperately looking for a new innovation that can help them make a bad situation better.
  • The recruiting process isn’t likely to get better any time soon. Even with billions of dollars invested in new technologies, processes, recruiters, sourcers and every other solution under the sun.

There isn’t a premium on the stocks of companies that treat their talent or prospective talent well. I have read the studies that attempt to disprove this fact, but they are almost universally proving something called “negative correlation” (i.e. companies that have bad employment practices have lower stock prices, but you can’t prove one causes the other). What is needed is proof of “positive causation” (i.e. companies with good hiring practices have higher stock prices because of those practices).

Without proof of the positive relationship between how a company treats their prospective talent recruiting ends up being treated like administrative overhead.  But you, the job seeker, employee or consumer, have the power to help change that. Here is how you can help make recruiting better and smarter:

Take To The Sites – Use Glassdoor.com to share information. If there aren’t enough positive motivators for change (i.e. increased stock price) then fear of being called out publicly for bad behavior will have to do.

Give Direct Feedback – If you believe a company is treating you like crap then let them know it. Most companies would really prefer to know about a problem and get a chance to fix it rather than lose a customer or damage their brand (notice I said “most companies.”) As Liz points out, if you are professional in how you deliver the feedback it can often been seen as a sign that you are a problem solver. And be open to the feedback in return. After all, it sometimes takes two to tango.

Tell Your Friends – If you have a great recruiting experience then buy that company’s product or service, or invest in their stock. Even if you can’t afford that approach (perhaps you have a great recruiting experience with a Ferrari dealer) then at least go public with your love. Tell people that you would (or did) buy or invest in a company that treats people with courtesy and respect.

If you do these things you will give recruiting departments the ammo they need to fight this battle. It won’t always work, but I’ll bet you that it will make things better.

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