CEO All-Stars; How Fortune's Picks Stand with Employees

CEO All-Stars; How Fortune’s Picks Stand with Employees

2009-02-11 13:47:46

Fortune Magazine recently listed five notable business leaders to watch in the coming year. While the business world may think these individuals are at the of their game, what do their employees have to say?  Would they be sad to see them go?  Let’s take a look at the three that currently hold CEO positions and what their employees have to say:

Robert Lane, Deere and Co.- CEO Approval Rating: 71%

One Deere and Co. employee writes in: “Senior Management is pushing the company in the right direction and they continue to remain strong in a troubled economy.”

Another Deere employee says “Leadership seems to have solid long-term planning. It also seems very conservative in planning for dealing with the economic realities that everyone else is just now starting to come to grips with.”

John Finnigan, Chubb, Corp– CEO Approval Rating: 60%

A Chubb employee comments, “Chubb is a very stabile boring company. With the economy the way it is now that is really something that makes you feel good about the place.”

Whereas a Claims Supervisor at Chubb Corp states “Senior Management/Home Office needs to do a much better job at communicating in general and at communicating a vision for the company.”

Anne Mulcahy, Xerox– CEO Approval Rating: 48%

A Sales Executive notes that “You may see others get preferential treatment. Management styles vary from micromanager to so lax there’s no support.”

A very recent employee comments “You are always worried you will be the next to be layed off since layoffs occur an average of once per year.”

What’s interesting to note with this snapshot is that the higher the CEO rating the more complimentary the comments are toward senior management.  We’ll be sure to keep an eye on any major CEO shifts and how they impact company reviews and ratings. Based on Fortune’s list, will the CEOs with lower ratings be the first to jump ship for ‘greener’ pastures? Or will those CEOs with high approval ratings and a decent list of accomplishments be looking for their next challenge?

As always, let us know what you have to say about your CEO and company.

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