February’s Review of the Month

February’s Review of the Month

2009-03-20 08:54:11

Recently when we have selected the winning Glassdoor Job Review of the Month, we look for reviews that offer other employees a well-rounded perspective about the job and/or the company. But, February’s winner offers our readers and community members something slightly different. The winner of the February Review of the Month, a Yahoo! Engineering Manager in Sunnyvale, CA, gives feedback that is not only valuable to employees but equally useful to the employer. In the job and company review, you’ll find some insights on what could make Yahoo more satisfying to work at and perhaps a more successful Internet search and navigation services company. 

Given that Yahoo! has a new CEO at its helm, the tips that this one employee has to offer may come at an ideal time as the company is looking to reinvigorate its business. Carol Bartz, the CEO of Yahoo, receives a moderate 62% approval rating – this rating may improve if she takes some of the following employee feedback: 

In advice to senior management, this engineering manager suggests:

“Stop reorganizing. Start prioritizing. Stop doing so much, start doing something better. Focus people on high-priority projects, and spend the time to kill off low priority projects. Start explaining what the long-term company strategy is.”

Interestingly, approximately two weeks after this review was published on Glassdoor, Carol Bartz posted a message on the Yahoo corporate blog that in effect demonstrated her commitment to, as she coined it, having the brand kick ass again. Bartz commented, “I’m singularly focused on providing you with awesome products. Period.” 

However on the downside of this reviewer’s suggestions, Bartz also announced her reorganization plans. She reported that she would be “rolling out a new management structure that will make Yahoo! a lot faster on its feet.” 

The reviewer’s suggestions to management appear to stem from the downsides of working at the company:

“The culture has decayed over the last 5 years, as the old guard has gotten complacent, then retired. Yahoo never recovered from losing the search war to Google, and the company morale reflects it. Constant reorganizations and people shuffling mean that there’s really no career path. 

Although, Yahoo’s battles have been quite public over the past year this one employee shows that this doesn’t mean all is lost. On the positive side, the employee comments on the impressive talent pool that remains at Yahoo. In addition, the Glassdoor community member mentions that:

“There are still some pockets of creativity where interesting things are happening. The level of pride and company identification is very high: people take “wearing the purple” pretty seriously.” 

Thank you to this employee for their great feedback. If there are other fellow Yahoo Yodelers out there who haven’t submitted a review on Glassdoor, tell us what you think about your job and what suggestions you have for Bartz and upper management.

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