Glassdoor Adds Facebook Tool; Helps Job Seekers Find Inside Connections™ At Companies

Glassdoor Adds Facebook Tool; Helps Job Seekers Find Inside Connections™ At Companies

2012-02-01 20:54:56

Looking for a job is a long and grueling process. When you’re in job search mode, you not only want to know who is hiring, but you’re also thinking about what the commute may be like, and how much the company does to ensure a good work-life balance for its employees.  And perhaps more importantly, you’re thinking about what the salary and compensation package is like for that job and how you can get your resume into the hands of the hiring manager.

Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, has just launched a new tool to help job seekers get the answers to all those questions and more. The new tool, Inside Connections™, leverages your Facebook network to help you find an ‘in’ at specific companies where you’d like to work. You may be surprised on who has that ‘in’ you’re looking for – it could be a friend you grew up with, a fraternity brother or sorority sister, a co-worker, someone from your basketball fantasy league or perhaps even your own mom.

Check out your Inside Connections: Sign In To Glassdoor via Facebook

For example, if you’re interested in marketing manager jobs in San Jose, CA, you can now discover who your inside connections on one site and in just one click. Simply enter ‘marketing manager’ and ‘San Jose, CA’ in the search bar and click on the “Connections” button that appears with the job listings on Glassdoor:

With Inside Connections, not only will you unlock where your friends work or recently worked, but when you invite your friends to sign in to Glassdoor via Facebook, you’ll also be able to see where their friends currently or recently worked as well – giving you even more inside connections than you thought you had.

Glassdoor is the only online resource that goes beyond professional networking to help you find not only the jobs you’re interested in from among more than 6 million job listings but also access to millions of company ratings and reviews, salary reports and interview questions and reviews – all shared anonymously by current and former employees, as well as recent job candidates.

Test out the new Inside Connections tool, and let us know what you think and any suggestions you have on what could make Glassdoor even better.

Want to learn more about Glassdoor’s Inside Connections? Watch our brief video.

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