sneak-peeks update includes new filtering, sorting tools

2008-07-30 10:27:52

Ever wondered which Deloitte office is the best to work for?  Or which Google location is happiest?  Last night we updated with new features that make it easier to sort and sift through the more than 48,000 reviews on over 11,000 employers on our site.

For those of you that have been coming back to see the latest reviews for your company, you’re probably well aware of how hard that can be, so we’ve added the ability to sort reviews by date, overall rating, and date + helpful.  That last sort allows you to see the most recent reviews that have been flagged as helpful by other users, another feature many of you were requesting.  But we didn’t stop there – we also allow you to filter reviews by keyword, overall rating, location, and job title.  Want to know how many Microsoft employees in Redmond mention “bureaucracy”?  Now it is simple and easy. (and the answer is – about 10% !)

Here are some interesting charts I’ve put together this morning as I stroll through the data:

  • Deloitters in San Jose are the happiest, with an overall approval rating of 4.38.  The lowest?  New York City, with an overall rating of 3.41.  Perhaps it is because New York also has one of the lowest work/life balance ratings at 3.39 (compared to 3.78 in Atlanta – I’ve always felt that Southerners know how to enjoy life).

Deloitte Ratings by Location
  • On the other hand, if you are thinking of working at Accenture, headquarters in New York is the place to be – it ranked highest for overall rating (at 4.08), compared to Tokyo bringing up the rear at a measly overall rating of 3.00.  Oh, and work/life balance – forget it if you live in Tokyo…
Accenture Ratings by Location
Accenture Ratings by Location
  • And then there’s Google – you would assume with all the toys in the Googleplex that Mountain View would rule the day – but low and behold, it’s actually the people in Seattle/Kirkland that are happiest!
Google Ratings by Location
Google Ratings by Location

Also in this release of, we focused on adding more regions and industries. When we launched our Beta we focused on San Francisco Bay Area technology companies because we figured if we could do our own region and industry well, we could always expand later. We obviously didn’t expect a worldwide response, but within days we realized it was time to expand to more regions and more industries. With our most recent changes, all of our international users will no longer see “invalid” locations when trying to post a review or salary, and we have continued to expand and target industries such as legal, health care, and universities. If you still haven’t seen your industry, I can promise you that we’re working on it. And for our international users, there are even more features in the works to give you what you need.

I’ll close with one last analysis of the best cities to work if you care about Work/Life balance:

Cities with best Work/Life balance
Cities with best Work/Life balance

The Virginia/DC area seems to dominate this list… hmmm… happy government workers? Deeper analysis for another day…

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