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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Find a Job You Love – Student Edition

2014-06-02 07:00:40

The end of the school year is here and many students and recent graduates are looking for the perfect summer internships or to land their first, entry-level positions. With a recovering economy and many companies focusing recruiting dollars on hiring recent graduates, young professionals are in a great position to find a job for the summer or after graduation. But, finding a job that you’ll love can be tough.

To help, Glassdoor partners with thousands of universities and colleges worldwide to give students free access to Glassdoor’s millions of job listings, company reviews and ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, and more. By using these tools and leveraging campus career resources and centers, students and new grads are able to make more informed career decisions and ultimately find a job they love.How to Find a Job You Love Student

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