Is a good place for Mom’s to work a good place for all?

Is a good place for Mom’s to work a good place for all?

2009-05-11 08:30:05

For most of you, yesterday was spent appreciating your mother, or the mother of your children, in at least some way– brunch, flowers or a phone call.  But what perhaps goes further than celebrating mothers on this day alone, is being appreciated in some other ways, every day, and not just by your children.  In honor of Mother’s Day, we set out to look for those companies who do that little something extra to make mom’s life easier and see if a company that is good for mom is good for all. compiled a list of the 100 best companies for working mothers – the survey they use to compile the list evaluates seven unique areas, including:  workforce profile, compensation, child care, flexibility, time off and leaves, family-friendly programs and company culture. What we found when looking at the top companies Working Mother pulled out of the list of 100 (with 20 or more reviews on is that a happy mom at work may not always mean a satisfied employee when it comes to the workplace factors that Glassdoor measures: career opportunities, communication, compensation & benefits, employee morale, recognition & feedback, senior leadership, work/life balance and fairness & respect.

As you can see in the table below, there is a big range in both company and CEO rating between these companies. Among the companies identified by Working Mother, Ernst & Young receives one of the highest set of ratings according to all employees – the company garners a satisfied company rating of 3.6 and a CEO approval rating of 75%.  McGraw-Hill and Bristol-Myers Squibb, on the other hand, are the lowest rated of the companies listed.

Glassdoor Report: Best companies for working moms


Company Rating

CEO Rating

Abbott Labs



Bristol-Myers Squibb



Ernst & Young















Although there is a bit of a spread in the ratings when it comes to workplace satisfaction, it’s important to note the effort and action these companies are making as it relates to working parents.  For example, Abbot Labs has built a state-of-the-art day-care center at their headquarters, and many of these companies offer very flexible schedules.

Here is what some of the employees of these companies have to say in their reviews on

This is a company that clearly understands work/life balance at all levels within the organization.- Project Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Over the past ten years, the firm has made great strides in creating more flexibility in the workplace and supporting work/life balance. Working remotely is a possibility for many and the firm provides excellent technology support to support this.- Human Resources Consultant, Ernst & Young

IBM provides flexibilities such as telecommuting, flexible hours, as well as a casual working environment. Employees have unlimited sick days up to a year.- Staff Software Engineer, IBM

What workplace factors stand out at your company?  Is there a day care in-house? Are you reimbursed daily commuting expenses? What’s important to you at work and why?

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