January’s Review of the Month

January’s Review of the Month

2009-02-18 14:02:56

What? We’re more than halfway through February?!? Well, we may be a little late posting the January Review of the Month but we don’t really know anyone who wouldn’t accept $500 for having written a well-rounded company review

January’s Review of the Month goes to a Caterpillar employee in Peoria, IL who has one of the greatest sounding job titles to date – ‘Six Sigma Black Belt’. But don’t be alarmed this is not the reason this employee’s review was selected. This month’s winner was selected for its quality peek inside Caterpillar which offers readers valued insights as to what the company does well and where the company falls short. (Note: Caterpillar was recently selected as a Glassdoor Best Place to Work, an employee’s choice award.) 

For example, the employee rolls out a clear list of advantages to working at Caterpillar which addresses a number of important workplace factors such as salary, work/life balance and career opportunities:

“It is fulfilling to be part of a “team” that commands its market, exports globally from a US-centered manufacturing base (how many companies can still say that?), and embraces good corporate citizenship. There are excellent opportunities for overseas assignments and travel, a wide range of competencies, a relaxed atmosphere (not true at all locations, of course), and reasonably generous overall compensation (including a performance-based lump sum annual bonus that increases as a % of your salary as you progress up the career ladder). From my experience, it is also family friendly. Managers are allowed to work from home if need be (sick child), though off-site work isn’t common, and there are subsidized family activities.”

In addition, the writer of the winning Glassdoor review hones in on benefits specific to the employees within Caterpillar’s headquarter in Peoria, IL: 

“Peoria is a very cost-effective place to raise a family, and Caterpillar’s salary and benefit package are easily the most generous in the metropolitan area (and go quite far).”

But with the good comes the bad…

The Caterpillar employee notes that this 80-year old company can be “very bureaucratic. Similarly, it is hard to institute change with many people having a vested interest in the status quo, and simply hoping to ride out their careers to retirement with no shocks.” 

And again from a location-specific perspective, the employee points out “Peoria and some other Caterpillar locations may not be attractive to young, unmarried, more “cosmopolitan” workers, but hey, it’s a heavy equipment manufacturer, not a software development firm.” 

In the close of the review in which Glassdoor asks what advice an employee would give to senior management, the Caterpillar employee had an interesting perspective which encouraged further international growth while working to maintain the quality the Cat brand has come to represent in the construction, mining and heavy equipment manufacturing industry

“Expand even more in India and Africa. Expand benefits to Domestic Partners. Focus on quality and market share over dividends.”

Want to be the winner of February’s Review of the Month? Tell us about your job.

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