How To Get A Job

How To Get A Job

Last night, I took a plane to San Francisco from Boston. It was a last minute thing and I was running behind.

The woman behind the ticket counter said, “Relax. The plane has been delayed a half an hour. You’ve got some time”

She was all smiles. She asked if I was going home and helped me get a package into the luggage system. I asked her if I had time to get dinner and if there was a decent restaurant. She said yes to both and recommended Legal Seafood (my favorite Boston Chain).

She cracked a couple of jokes and I went happily down the hall 250 yards to the restaurant. I’ve been flying for 35 years and can’t remember a happier encounter at the checkout counter.

I ordered dinner. Just as my meal hit the table, she pulled up a chair and began to make a little small talk about San Francisco. After a couple of minutes, she said that the delay was lifted and that boarding would begin in 10 minutes.

“Enjoy your meal,” she said. “Just get your check and come on down.” I thought that was an amazing addition to the experience and started to get this amazingly warm feeling.

Dinner was great. Just as I was signing the check, she reappeared and pulled up a chair again. A little more small talk and then “Boarding is almost done.”

I felt special, happy and relaxed. She never hurried me and was never anything but a wonderful conversationalist. When she got up from the table, she mentioned that she was herding about a half dozen travelers through the restaurant and onto the plane.

I never, ever would have guessed that. She was able to slow down and be perfectly present in each and every interaction. It was the most amazing check-in line experience I’ve ever heard of.

I walked past the check in counter on my way to the gate. She waved and smiled.

So how does my airport tale relate to getting a job?

If you really, really want a new job, the answer usually starts with being really, really excellent in the one that you currently have. Delight your customers. Do the unthinkable. Go a thousand yards beyond the goal line. Make the people you interact with smile.

The weird truth is that if you can’t figure out how to be happy in your current job, you’ll have the same trouble in the next one.

And, if you want to hire her, I’ll help you get in touch with her.

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