Vice President Joe Biden Touts Glassdoor at National Governors Association

Vice President Joe Biden Touts Glassdoor at National Governors Association

Vice President Joe Biden spread the word about Glassdoor at the National Governors Association summer meeting, discussing how technology can bridge the gap to help Americans find the right jobs and get back to work. Biden explained how job seekers can easily use Glassdoor for job listingscompany ratings and reviewssalary reports, and interview reviews.

Biden also mentioned that Glassdoor currently partners with more than 1,000 colleges and universities as part of our College Partnership Program, giving students free and easy access to all job listings and employee-generated content on Glassdoor.

As you may have seen on our blog last week, members of Glassdoor's executive and data teams recently met with Vice President Joe Biden to demo a new interactive job search tool to help Americans everywhere discover where job openings are located in their particular field.

The Glassdoor team left the nation’s capital with some great feedback and is hard at work refining this tool.

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