Circuit City

Life within Circuit City is Full of Surprises, just not the good kind…

2009-01-21 09:43:11

CNET reporter Brooke Crothers wrote an interesting article this past Saturday about the changes within Circuit City not only felt by the consumer. Sure consumers may benefit from the drastic price reductions in the stores, but what is it like for the employees when a company is going through a massive liquidation and layoffs?

In a brief interview the CNET reporter had with a store manager, the employee had this to say “as of Saturday, her new immediate boss was the person from the liquidation company. That person, in effect, was now running the show.” Based on the reporter’s own experience, combined with additional comments from employees, there was a sense of ‘sheer pandemonium’ within the store in Southern California.

Apparently, many employees were taken by surprise because they felt their store would somehow make it through what management coined as ‘reorganization’.  In addition, a female employee at the Circuit City was interviewed regarding the liquidation and was quoted saying, “no one knew it would happen–until it happened.”

It appears that the unexpected events are something that may have been carried down from the higher echelons of the company. This past week a Circuit City Senior Manager in Richmond, VA commented in a Glassdoor review “Circuit city: Down, but not out,” giving a debatable yet optimistic outlook of the company’s future.

What’s also worth noting is that Circuit City had been trying to coordinate the sale of the company with two potential buyers. However, the two buyers were unable to raise funding and the offer was taken off the table late last week. It has to make you wonder that if Circuit City’s situation hadn’t been compounded by an unstable economy, what the short- and long-term outlook for both the employees and the company could have been.

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