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Mobile Companies & CEOs: Are They All Talk?

2011-02-21 10:00:43

As consumers, we are constantly inundated by the latest mobile offering, whether it’s the Motorola Xoom or the rumored iPhone Nano. While a company may either boast the “largest and most reliable network” or a product that “changes everything,” we wondered whether their promotional excitement is backed by the support and satisfaction of its employees. We turn our attention to see how employees in the mobile industry who either make mobile products or sell mobile services rate their employers and CEOs.

In addition, Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest annual showcase, wrapped up last week and we evaluated how CEOs who spoke at this massive conference compare and how well their employees think they are leading the company.

Mobile Device Manufacturer Comparison

According to research firm Gartner, Nokia sold the highest number of mobile devices to end users in 2010. However, as Gartner reports, strong smart phone sales in the fourth quarter of 2010 pushed Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) up in their 2010 worldwide ranking of mobile device manufacturers therefore cutting into Nokia’s piece of the pie. But it’s not just revenue that keeps these two companies ahead – their companies are also highly respected by their employees.

On a 5-point scale, Apple receives a 3.8 (satisfied) company rating and RIM receives a 3.6 (satisfied) rating and Steve Jobs holds a 97% approval rating (3% disapproval). RIM’s co-CEOs don’t fare quite as well — Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis bring in a 78% approval rating (22% disapproval). While the year started off rough for Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop, employees have given him an87% approval rating, 13% disapproval.

Wireless Network Operators Comparison

Networks are typically lambasted by users, and they don’t seem to fare as well in the eyes of employees as well. In a comparison of 10 wireless network operators, just one receives a ‘satisfied’ rating– ALLTEL (3.9). Not one CEO in this comparison receives greater than an 80% approval rating. Three of the highest rated CEOs, with 20 ratings or more, in this category all receive approval ratings in the 70 percent range: ALLTEL’s Scott Ford (77% approval, 23% disapproval), Verizon Wireless’ Lowell McAdam (71% approval, 29% disapproval) and Sprint Nextel’s Dan Hesse (71% approval, 29% disapproval).

Mobile World Congress: Spotlighted Industry Speakers

Among the several industry leaders who spoke at this year’s Mobile World Congress, three CEOs have less than a 50% approval rating with employees including: AT&T’s Randall Stephenson (43% approval, 57% disapproval), Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (48% approval, 52% disapproval) and Yahoo’s Carol Bartz (49% approval, 51% disapproval).

Just one CEO receives above a 90% approval rating – Google’s Eric Schmidt — and he’ll be leaving his post in early April. (We wonder how Larry Page will do.) Four other CEOs speaking at this year’s Mobile World Congress also fare pretty well in the eyes of employees:  QUALCOMM’s Paul Jacobs (89% approval, 11% disapproval), Nokia’s Stephen Elop (87% approval, 13% disapproval), Cisco’s John Chambers (85% approval, 15% disapproval) and Intel’s Paul Otellini (84% approval, 16% disapproval).

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