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Moving…Start-Up Style

2008-08-18 13:07:54

I don’t think anyone likes to move.  Packing, unpacking, getting everything set-up just right – it takes forever, and it can be back-breaking work.  But when an office upstairs opened up, I didn’t take much to sell us that it was going to be worth the move.  We were in a relatively small, dark office space with no kitchen (that’s right – we had a bucket instead) – and this new space not only has a kitchen, it is a wide open space with a wall of windows, views of Mt. Tamalpais, and most importantly a deck (with two sliding “glassdoors”).  So as much as I hate moving, I was ready!

What I should say is that I was ready to be in a new office – I’m not sure I was ready for the moving part.  I think Yahoo! might have spoiled me a bit – when I worked there an office move meant throwing your stuff into a few boxes, labeling some equipment, and getting out of the way.  But when you’re at a scrappy start-up you don’t have Office Movers on speed dial.  So we did it ourselves, as a team – and even though it was hard work, it was still easier than any of us expected.  We started with the equipment on Friday night, then continued Saturday for the better part of 8 hours moving furniture, running cables, and putting together a few more desks for our newest team members (note – when I joined it was considered a “right of passage” to put your desk together yourself – but we were feeling generous).

I’m sure it’s going to take awhile before we get completely settled, but this office is already a BIG step up.  We’re now all in one room which will make it much easier to share ideas and have an open discussion, and with all this new space it will be no problem to welcome our newest team members (we’re adding 3 more this month). So if you’re in the neighborhood, come check out our new digs – we’re upstairs in Suite 211.

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