October’s Review of the Month

October’s Review of the Month

2008-11-11 10:36:20

It’s been tough to report good news in the financial services industry recently, but today a former employee from Bank of America, one of the world’s largest banking institutions, received some good news – $500 worth of good news to be precise. This former Bank of America Credit Analyst has been selected as the winner of the Glassdoor’s October “Review of the Month”. This review came to our attention because it was voted by several Glassdoor members as ‘helpful’. So without further ado – here are some of the specifics that make this review a worthwhile read (especially for those in the financial services industry).

This Credit Analyst’s review stresses the impact that location, management and banking division have on the shape of one’s career experience at Bank of America, so be sure to research those areas before joining the bank (read the full review here):

I can’t stress how much your experience at the bank will be VERY dependent on what city you live in, what division you work in, and who your manager is. Some managers are highly incompetent, and poor motivators, others are great motivators, great leaders, and inspire you to work hard. So when you interview, assess your manager very well.

And if you are debating a career in the financial industry now and are worried about job security, the reviewer suggests you might consider a safer industry and would also be wise to negotiate for your severance package up front if you can (not always the most planned or expected form of compensation).

In this environment, banking jobs are hard to come by, and there is a lot of stress and worry about being downsized, so a safer industry may be more appealing right now. If you go, try to negotiate severance up front.

Lastly, the reviewer points out to management that they need to do a little more to keep the best people from leaving.

Take a hard look at what you offer displaced employees…In my time at the bank, I’ve seen a lot of talented people leave for negligible amounts of money. The bank would be a better place if they were able to keep some of these people.

Thanks for the good review – we hope that other Glassdoor community members continue to benefit from this insight.

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