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Glassdoor 2010 Employees' Choice Award Winners

Glassdoor Reveals Top 50 Best Places to Work, 2010: Southwest Airlines Ranked #1

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2nd annual Employees’ Choice Awards for Top 50 Best Places to Work.  The Glassdoor Best Places to Work list is based on the employee sentiment of their respective employers from throughout the past year¹.  With all the economic... Report: Lowest Rated Companies

Glassdoor Reveals Lowest Rated Companies; United Stays Grounded as Gibson Guitar Strikes A Cord With Employees

As 10% of the US population struggles to find work, employees are sounding off on providing real time ratings¹ and reviews of their employers and providing job seekers with helpful insight that include cautionary tales of companies to avoid. In concert with the release of...

Hiring Advice For Employers, Recruiters & Talent Search Firms To Help Reduce Unemployment Rate

Despite a recommendation from a United States Senator, and a recommendation from the head of one of the Commissions that requires Senate confirmation, and another recommendation from the #2 person within another agency (and who happens to be one of the largest contributors to President Oba...