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Finding an Even Better Job

With the hundreds and thousands of lay-offs over the past few months, there is no doubt that there are a lot of people looking for work right now. For some, they are looking to get any job they can to help pay the bills, but for others, perhaps this is an opportunity to take a step back f...


Obama Salary Caps and Transparency

As we've written about a few times on the blog, the first few weeks of Obama's presidency has included a number of interesting, job-related milestones.  The most recent of these is Obama's salary cap for those who received government bailout money.  The cap is set at $500,000, and af...

Lilly Ledbetter/Associated Press

Would More Salary Transparency Have Helped Lilly Ledbetter?

Last week, the first piece of legislation President Obama signed into law was the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Ms. Ledbetter had filed suit against Goodyear, alleging her Goodyear Salary was less than her male counterparts, many of whom she had trained during her nearly 20-year tenure and had...