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Glassdoor Breaks 100K and Keeps Getting Better

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a product update (we’ve been caught up blogging about some of the economic news), but this week we pushed out a few product updates and I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone the latest from the team. About a week ago we achieved a...

John Donahoe / CEO of eBay

eBay Layoffs – Will Donahoe Be Next?

So the economy is tanking and there’s no shortage of bad news out there, but for today we thought we’d take a break from talking about financial services to talk about a local high-tech favorite – eBay.  Yesterday, John Donahoe, the new CEO of eBay, announced he would be “strea...


Apple, a Fortress of Secrecy?

[caption id="attachment_285" align="alignleft" width="257" caption="Apple Headquarters"][/caption] Apple recently took a bruising in the blogosphere over its policy of requiring all iPhone developers to agree to a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement).  Developers were forbidden from t...