Retraining: Reevaluate Your Skill Set with Areas of Opportunity

Retraining: Reevaluate Your Skill Set with Areas of Opportunity

2009-05-07 07:26:14

Retraining.  It is soon to be the buzzword of this time.  We have to face it that some of the jobs that have been cut are not coming back.  During this downturn, many companies are having to figure out how to work differently and in turn may not go back to using as many resources as they once did.  As such, there will be a lot of people who will have to be retrained to find employment whether they are blue collar or white collar workers.  Take the time to reevaluate your strengths and determine what new skill or trade will expand your knowledge base so that  you can get ahead and remain attractive to employers.

Based on the industries of opportunity noted by the Bureau of Labor, let’s take for example healthcare. By some estimates, there are more than 700,000 open health care jobs in America.  These are not all nurses and doctors.  These are also technicians, administrators, and support staff.  So let’s say you were a software programmer for a consumer electronic hardware company, you could end up transferring your skills to become a programmer for high-tech medical equipment or to help change systems to bring in automated medical records.  Regardless, you will have to be retrained.

Now would be the time to begin thinking about the fields that you may want to pursue that you know you would need to bring yourself up to speed and learn new things to be competitive in that field.  Adult education and training schools are going to do great business and organizations like the online University of Phoenix may not be able to keep up with the demand. If that happens, you don’t want to be on a waiting list.  Start now and get in those classes and use this time to get the retraining you know you will need.

I also hope that the term ‘retraining’ takes on a different connotation.  Over time, the word has come to signify something negative.  Let’s turn over the coin and start saying that we are retraining ourselves for the future competitiveness of our country and the next workforce generation.  Those who make the time to learn and master e skills of tomorrow will be teachers before they are through with their careers.  We need to use this time to bring accolades and nobility back to learning, because that is what retraining really is, it is learning.

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