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Show Off Your Company’s Office Photos And Awards; Glassdoor Introduces More Self-Service Tools For Employers

2013-05-01 12:35:48

Want to take more control of your company’s profile? We are unrolling more tools today to make it easier for employers to highlight awards and photos so they can help show off some of their best characteristics.

Below are some ideas on the types of awards and office photos that can help your company attract top talent, and a brief guide on how you can add them to your company profile on Glassdoor.

Make the most of company & workplace awards

Don’t let your award trophies gather dust on a shelf. Now, when you win awards at your company, make sure you are sharing the news with job seekers who are researching your company on Glassdoor —  a photo of the trophy on your Glassdoor profile never hurt either!

  • Have you been highlighted as a great employer in your community?
  • Have you been recognized as one of Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Award Winners (a list of the 50 Best Places to Work)?
  • Have you won workplace diversity awards?
  • Has your CEO and/or company leaders been recognized for a job well done?
  • Has your company been honored as best in class in your industry?
  • Did your company win an award for an innovative product or great customer service?

When job seekers are researching what your company is all about, they want the complete picture so they feel like their next career move is a smart choice.

Add office photos that capture your company’s work environment and culture

While you may be very familiar with your workplace surroundings, think back to your first interview and first day on the job. What attributes of your company stood out?

  • Are employees highly collaborative? Upload a photo of common areas where employees like to gather for meetings.
  • Do you have a fun outdoor environment surrounding your office campus?
  • Do employees sits in cubes, offices or do you have an open floor plan?
  • Do you have a cafeteria or common eating area?
  • Do you have photos that help show company pride – think banners on your building or trophies from past wins?
  • Do employees get together for offsite events – anything from softball games to happy hours?
  • Ask employees if you can take a photo and upload it to Glassdoor to show the camaraderie between coworkers.

Show job seekers what your office is like from many angles so they get the complete picture of what it’s like to work with you!

Once you have your list of awards and office photos collected, here are a few easy steps on how you can build them into your company’s profile on Glassdoor.

How to update awards and photos on Glassdoor:

1. Visit your company’s profile and click on ‘Employer Center’ (note you must have a free employer account to be able to post awards and photos).

2. Once in the Employer Center, click ‘Company Profile’


3. Select the new ‘Media & Awards’ Tab



As an employer, on the photos tab, you can add your own photos, select which ones you would like to have featured on your company’s profile and delete any photos. Note you can also see photos of your company that have been provided by other Glassdoor community members, employers can choose to feature those photos on the company profile too, but can’t delete or edit community-provided photos.


And of course you can easily add in recent awards, select the year that you won the award and choose which awards should be prominently featured on your profile.


Learn more about the Glassdoor Employer Center and the benefits of a Free Employer Account.

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