The Business Behind Your Health Care Plan:  An Insider’s Perspective

The Business Behind Your Health Care Plan: An Insider’s Perspective

2009-06-19 09:23:15

It’s been one interesting week for health care given Obama’s statements on health care reform. As Associated Press reported today, President Barack Obama seems to leave little room for doubt when he promises that his health care plan will let people keep the coverage they have. This is hopefully a good thing for the employees who work at the health care plan companies as they may be nervous that their jobs could be challenged due to Obama’s proposal for a national health care plan.

So what’s it like within the walls of a health care plan company in America today? We selected a UnitedHealth Group company review as the winner of the May review of the month to help give a better idea.  The review provides an overall look into what’s working at UnitedHealth Group and what needs improvement. As of today, UnitedHealth Group receives a 2.7 company rating (neutral) and CEO Steve Hemsley receives a low 20% approval rating and a 43% disapproval rating. This winning review from a Technical Support Analyst in Minneapolis, MN gives a pretty interesting snapshot into the private health care plan industry.

What’s Working:

  • Job Security

“We will always need healthcare and will only continue to need more of it as time goes on. With that, all these kinds of jobs are here to stay. The company seems to make money which is not a bad place to be in the current economy.”

“I am never worried about my job being outsourced somewhere else.”

  • Amount of Paid Time Off

“I get something like 23 days/yr of PTO (good for sick time or vacation) and I’ve rarely had problems getting days off when I need them”

What Can be Improved:

  • Creativity and Ingenuity

“My job is starting to feel really repetitive. There are many problems which get farmed out to workgroups and I don’t get to really fix anything.”

  • Work appreciation

“All the management cares about are metrics like call handle times. They don’t seem to care if we go above-and-beyond in quality, in trying to fix a chronic or recurring problem or if we try to diffuse some other problem that some other goofball caused.”

  • Language and cultural barriers

“I get calls from contractors overseas and they are often hard to work with due to language/cultural barriers, phone line quality, incongruities in how corporate stature is treated in other cultures and sometimes general arrogance.”

  • Company morale

“Someone else in another review summed it up – everyone here would rather work somewhere else…Here – people feel like a number.”

  • Benefits Package

“For being a health insurance company, they are really chintzy on their health benefits. Get rid of the consumer-driven plans, give me something real!”

Advice for Senior Management:

This company review offers some straightforward advice by simply stating: “Give me something to work for and I will work like a machine to earn it.”

To read more feedback from this employee, visit the entire company review here. Do you work in health care? Tell us what you think about Obama’s proposal and the impact it will have on your job.

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