VIDEO: How To Uncover ‘Inside Connections’ At A Company

VIDEO: How To Uncover ‘Inside Connections’ At A Company

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a friend on the inside at the company where your “dream job” is listed?

Check out this brief video on how to use Glassdoor’s Inside Connections,™ a new tool for job seekers that leverages your Facebook network so you can uncover which friends (and friends of friends) work or have recently worked at more than 150,000 companies all over the world.

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Glassdoor is the only online resource that goes beyond professional networking to help you find the jobs you’re interested in from among more than 6 million job listings on the site, and gives you access to millions of company ratings and reviews, salary reports and interview questions and reviews – all shared anonymously by current and former employees, as well as recent job candidates.

Want to learn more about Glassdoor’s Inside Connections? Read more.

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