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White House Touts Glassdoor Job Explorer in New Jobs Report

Vice President Joe Biden today issued a new report called Ready to Work: Job Driven Training and American Opportunity, designed to help Americans get hired and improve the skills they need to help their careers. The report recognizes Glassdoor and its new interactive job search mapping tool, Job Explorer. This new tool helps job seekers understand what jobs their careers can progress into as well as see where in the U.S. there are the most job opportunities specifically for them.

Biden called upon Glassdoor and other innovative companies to help mobilize today's workforce and get Americans back to work. Glassdoor Job Explorer was developed as part of a hackathon in which Glassdoor data science and engineering teams were tasked with finding new ways to help today's job seekers identify where the open jobs are, and respond to the White House's call to action to help get Americans back to work. Last month at the White House Data Jam event, Glassdoor Job Explorer was previewed to the Vice President and other elected officials.

Following the Data Jam, Biden attended the National Governors Association summer meeting and went on to tout Glassdoor as “an entrepreneurial company that has expanded on the traditional model of job posting websites.”

Learn more about Glassdoor Job Explorer.

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