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According to a Glassdoor survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive, 6 in 10 (61%) employees say they’ve found aspects of a new job different than expectations set during the interview process. They simply had an inaccurate picture of the role or company before accepting the offer. For most companies, hiring dissatisfied employees can be quite damaging. Results can range from poor quality of work to high turnover. The associated costs of recruiting, onboarding and training short-lasting employees are thus wasted. And the affect this can have on a company’s employer brand can damage its ability to recruit higher quality employees in the future.

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However, sites like Glassdoor are helping candidates make more informed decisions about their next job. This ability to access data and read firsthand accounts of the employee experience helps ensure that candidates know what they’re going into in advance.  And when companies hire more cognizant candidates, they can generally count on having a happier staff, higher employee retention and a stronger employer brand.

As an employer, you can facilitate the candidate learning process.  Chances are your company has an Employer Profile on Glassdoor. Placing a link from your company’s careers site to your company’s Glassdoor profile gives candidates a quick path to learn more. It also says to candidates that your company…

  • values feedback from its employees.­­­
  • believes in workplace transparency and sound career decision-making.
  • wants candidates to have the most information possible.

If this lines up with your company’s recruitment efforts, you can take quick, immediate action today. To begin:

  • Visit the Glassdoor Press Center and download a Glassdoor logo to add to your site.
  • Place it next to other social icons you might already have for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Hyperlink the image directly to your Employer Profile.
  • Sign up for a Free Employer Account to monitor your Employer Profile traffic and company-specific analytics.
  • Lastly, contact Glassdoor if you have any questions or would like further advice.
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Author:  Dave Brown

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