Five Ways Enterprise Rent-A-Car Uses Social for Employer Branding


Enterprise Rent-A-Car made 846 hires using Glassdoor, was recently voted favorite car rental agency by Canadian TripAdvisor travelers, and has its own Instagram account, just for employees to share with one another. The company is no stranger to transparency, a key element of any branding and engagement strategy. At the helm of these efforts, sits Carolyn Eiseman, director of employment brand at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Eiseman was recently named a Glassdoor Talent Warrior, because of her remarkable approach to social recruiting and branding efforts. What follows are five key examples of how Eiseman is using social media to elevate Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s employment brand and drive social recruiting efforts.

1.       Tailor Your Brand Message To Both Platform and Audience

Enterprise uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Glassdoor in the company’s branding and social recruiting efforts. On each site, Eiseman makes sure the posting and content strategy is specific to that platform and speaks to the audience there.

2.       Use Themes To Communicate Your Brand

At Enterprise, communication is tailored for individual platforms, but the branding messages echo the same sentiment because they are guided by five main themes: Engage, Amuse, Inspire, Reward, and Educate. By focusing on these key pillars, Enterprise is able to share a message with multiple audiences in a way that is relevant to all.

3.       Share Employee Contributions

By trying to post as much content submitted by employees as possible, Enterprise is sending two very important messages: it cares about its employees, and is not afraid of what they have to say. Employee-generated content such as photos on Instagram, ReTweets, and company reviews are easy to find through the Enterprise-run social channels which shows major support of employees and their honest contributions.

4.       Educate to Avoid Attrition

As part of Enterprise’s education efforts, the company uses social media as an outlet to post not only about the job search process and interview tips, but also tidbits about the industry potential candidates will be working in. The company’s social channels also host information about what the employees are like so that candidates can picture themselves as part of the team. These efforts towards transparency give candidates who may not be a fit enough information to self-select out of the hiring process thus saving thousands in attrition costs. Meanwhile candidates who are a great fit are even more attracted to the brand.

5.       Become a Company of Recruiters Through Referrals

Eiseman believes in teaching employees to assist in the overall recruitment social media efforts. For example, she recommends in new hire orientation that new employees update their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to include Enterprise Rent-A-Car as their new employer, to help their friends and connections learn about their new position and find out if a friend or connection is looking for employment. This type of notification can help them learn that Enterprise is hiring, and generates referrals.

Carolyn.Eiseman_1“We regularly look at our social presence and content to insure that our social presence is a complement to our careers site and that we are providing relevant information to the candidate in any place they may look for us.” Carolyn Eiseman, director of employer brand, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.



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