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10 Tips For Writing Job Descriptions That Work


Every month, as many as 338 Million job seekers look to a search engine like Google to search for jobs online[1]. Recruiting products like JobAds from Glassdoor can help match your open positions with ideal fit candidates, but there’s still a lot you can do as an employer to ensure job seekers find your jobs postings online. It’s no longer about writing a compelling job description to lure the ideal fit candidate to view and apply for your job. Now it’s about SEO or, search engine optimization, to make sure your job postings shows up in online search results.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Online Job Postings

Online job postings whether on your company careers page or on an online job board are an effective way to reach active job seekers while also providing insights into job specifics as well as your company’s culture and employment brand. These job announcements can serve as third function as they build links and drive very targeted and qualified job seeker traffic to your job openings online.  Called SEO, or search engine optimization, recruiters can use what are considered online marketing tactics to extend the life of a traditional online job posting, help increase your company’s search engine page ranking, and reach a very specific audience of job seekers all online.