The Best Advice for HR in 2013


This year, the Glassdoor Talent Solutions Blog kicked off, and since then, we’ve brought you employer branding, social recruiting, hiring and even firing advice. Now, we’ve gathered the top read posts to give you a snapshot of the most important things that happened on the Glassdoor Blog over the past year. Enjoy, and we wish you a successful 2014!

7 Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Top Talent

4 Tips Every HR Person Should Know

Top 10 Social Recruiters, Glassdoor Talent Warriors

Employers To Retain Half Of Their Employees Longer If Bosses Showed More Appreciation; Glassdoor Survey

Are LinkedIn’s Most inDemand Employers the Most Attractive to Work for?

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Lisa Holden
Author:  Lisa Holden

Glassdoor Employer Engagement Manager, Lisa Holden, has spent the better part of a decade helping companies manage their public brand and reputation, and has extensive experience working in the technology and employment industries.

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