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Great place to learn and grow professionally

Pros - Target is excellent at providing career development opportunities no matter what your level in the company. The…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Bank of America

6,593 reviews

Good company

Pros - As one of the biggest banks in US, it is a good place to learn and experience

Vice President — reviewed 30+ days ago


2,231 reviews

the experience at T-Mobile was great. the company truly invests in the success of their employees though training.

Pros - the pto is great, there is a tuition reimbursement and there is a great career development program

Retail Store Manager — reviewed 29 days ago

Interviewing at Wachovia

Applied online. Received a phone call a week later. The recruiter conducted an easy… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult…

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Interviewing at Deloitte

I applied online (I currently work in this field for a competitor) for a consultant… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014

Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

On campus interview - 3 people; 1 - technical questions, 2 people - behavior… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Technical Questions were really hard for me. I…

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Spotlight Company

At tekzenit, we are building, creating, shaping, and innovating the IT industry. It goes beyond wireframes, designs, code, and hardware. With operations in the United States, Portugal, and India, tek team members have an…

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