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Charles Schwab

875 reviews

Solid company with a great future

Pros - For someone starting off in the financial sector (especially as a new career - my last career was in theatre), this is…

Registered Representative — reviewed 12 days ago

Best Buy

6,002 reviews

Good place to work

Pros - Decent hours, even for part time. Management does a pretty good job of explaining what needs to be done, pay is better…

Sales Operator — reviewed 30+ days ago


8,458 reviews

It was a good job

Pros - good hours and great place to work

Walmart Supper Center — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at NVIDIA

I applied in January,2014. Got a call after 2 days. Initial interview was formal… Read Interview

Interview Question:
I stumbled upon shaders questions as I had not…

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Interviewing at BlackBerry

Initial communications began at the university careers fair, followed up with a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Immediately write code with a sharpie without any…

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Interviewing at Citi

Almost all fit questions. Asked about my past experiences. Why Citi? Why risk? Why… Read Interview

Interview Question:
All basic fit questions.

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According to the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET), a child drops out of high school every nine seconds. Ombudsman’s alternative education and dropout recovery programs help communities combat the…

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