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the experience at T-Mobile was great. the company truly invests in the success of their employees though training.

Pros - the pto is great, there is a tuition reimbursement and there is a great career development program

Retail Store Manager — reviewed 16 days ago


1,764 reviews

Great place - ruined by middle layer management (with heavy Bureaucracy)

Pros - - Decent salary - Great place - Great culture - Good talents - Top and leading industry tech stack - Cutting edge…

Senior Technical Yahoo (Principal Engineer) — reviewed 28 days ago

Sun Microsystems

1,020 reviews

Great company to work with.

Pros - Contracted with Sun for half a year and enjoyed the team spirit, professionalism, and the ease they provided while…

Graphic Illustrator for Gov Proposals — reviewed 10 days ago

Interviewing at Aflac

A representative of the company emailed me saying they had found my resume on… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Interviewing at Intel Corporation

Met a recruiter at a campus career fair. He asked broad questions like "why do you… Read Interview

Dec 1, 2013 in Chandler, AZ

Interview Question:
Given this circuit, how can you redesign it to…

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Interviewing at VMware

30 min phone screen and a 4.5 hour full loop interview; mostly technical coding… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2014

Interview Question:
Design a smart pointer class

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Pacific Office Automation started in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, selling copy machines. Thirty-eight years later, we are a recognized leader in office management solutions, offering state-of-the-art technology and award-winning…

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