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If you're interested in a company that's forward thinking and has awesome opportunities for advancement....try Target

Pros - For salaried team members at the stores level - Great opportunities for advancement Positive work environment…

Executive Team Leader — reviewed 30+ days ago


4,763 reviews

Great company if you can handle it

Pros - The benefits are out of sight. I was offered Starbucks stock after my first year, as well as 401k through Fidelity, and…

Barista — reviewed 30+ days ago

Sun Microsystems

1,023 reviews

Best work environment I've ever experienced!

Pros - Open culture, fresh and passionate

Technical Marketing Manager — reviewed 12 days ago

Interviewing at Bloomberg L.P.

If you apply through an on campus recruiter, you will first go through an on campus… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Given two arrays of sorted integers, how would…

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Interviewing at The Home Depot

Very straight forward. I applied online and a few weeks later got a phone call. I… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How would you show excellent customer service?

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Interviewing at EY

Campus Recruiting- EY came to campus and held interviews. Next step will be on site… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Typical Questions- Why EY? Strengths and…

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