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Solid Employer

Pros - Great work/life balance. Good pay. Overall good culture.

Employee — reviewed 14 days ago


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Overall positive experience in Advisory Services (Consulting)

Pros - -Good expense policy (appropriate allowances for breakfast/dinner and you can keep all rewards points for airfare…

Manager - Advisory Services — reviewed 8 days ago

Fidelity Investments is a great place to grow a career.

Pros - Fidelity Investments is the ideal place to begin a career. The top-down leadership approach creates a culture of trust…

Workplace Planning and Guidance — reviewed 10 days ago

Interviewing at J.P. Morgan

applied through school recruiting site, received interview invitation couple days… Read Interview

Interview Question:
interviewer asked me something very technical in…

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Interviewing at State Street

Started with a phone interview with HR. Very basic questions - what is a mutual… Read Interview

Interview Question:
All questions were pretty standard - nothing off…

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Interviewing at Starbucks

Applied in person and was called back for an interview a couple of days later. The… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What is your biggest weakness?

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Spotlight Company

There's No Company Like Blue Coat Blue Coat is a fast-paced, dynamic environment comprised of smart people who push boundaries every day to develop powerful technology. (Did you know we have 200+ patents and patents pending…

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