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Best Job Experience Ever

Pros - Management, Once in a lifetime experience

Employee — reviewed 4 days ago

Juniper Networks

865 reviews

Great !

Pros - Very friendly and approachable colleagues.

Employee — reviewed 1 day ago


2,536 reviews

Good company, easy to get lost in a sea of fellow employees

Pros - I enjoyed UPS. The people are great, the pay is fair, and the benefits were good. Most managers really cared about…

Employee — reviewed 21 days ago

Interviewing at Qualcomm

Met with recruiter on campus. Invited to program at Qualcomm then did mock… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The coin question. Find the coin that has a…

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Interviewing at Goldman Sachs

I was sent Immediately to "super day".... through networking. 5 interviews in… Read Interview

Interview Question:
"Why do you want to work at a company where you…

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Interviewing at

Called out of the blue, asked if I'd be interested in interviewing. Still not… Read Interview

May 1, 2013 in Seattle, WA

Spotlight Company

Move forward with confidence. That’s stability. That’s Genesis HealthCare. Genesis HealthCare is one of the nation’s largest long-term care and rehabilitation therapy providers. In an industry that’s growing in historic leaps…

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