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left after 20 years

Pros - training program outstanding employees worked on customer based IT solutions pay and benefits

Software Engineer — reviewed 30+ days ago


8,179 reviews

Wonderful working with Microsoft

Pros - Best place to work, excellent work environment. Just like college campus. Lot of fun along with work. Just go for it…

Test Lead — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,559 reviews

Lots of benefits

Pros - great place to work to learn new skills and be rewarded for performance. Not only is the health insurance good but…

Employee — reviewed 14 days ago

Interviewing at Old Navy

I applied to multiple locations via the store's website and received a phone call… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The only question that was asked was "Why do you…

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Interviewing at The Gap

Regular retail questions. You apply online and they will call you. It is easy. Just… Read Interview

Flatbush, NY

Interview Question:
Tell me what can you bring to the company

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Interviewing at Stryker

The hiring and interview process is long, but now I've learned that Stryker just… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The Gallup is probably considered the toughest…

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AOL consumers were shopping, chatting, getting news and information and playing multi-user games online at the dawn of the internet. We were the cornerstone of social media long before anyone knew what a social network was – or…

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