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Ford Motor

844 reviews


Pros - I've gained valuable skills that will follow me for the rest of my life. Learning how to deal with a variety of…

Sales — reviewed 6 days ago


4,102 reviews

Clam and laid back.

Pros - I had to take this on as a second job to help pay my bills. Even though Lowe's originally told me open ability is…

Part Time Cashier — reviewed 14 days ago


1,325 reviews

Partner Sales

Pros - Great product. Great COO (Eschenbach). Great culture, moves fast.

Partner Sales — reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at Bank of America

I had a long experience so I hope this helps someone! I was originally contacted… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2014

Interview Question:
Tell me about yourself.

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Interviewing at Deloitte

I applied online (I currently work in this field for a competitor) for a consultant… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014

Interviewing at Hewlett-Packard

Very easy interview and very shallow questions. Interviewer could have been a little… Read Interview

Jun 1, 2014

Interview Question:
all the questions were too easy and cliches

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Spotlight Company

​​​ About iCIMS: We're excited that you're interested in learning more about iCIMS. After all, we're pretty interesting. So really…what is iCIMS? We Are Organic and Growing Incorporated in 2000, iCIMS has been around for over…

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