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It's Challenging but in a Good Way

Pros - I'm very happy working at AMD, yes it has had some ups and downs but that is everywhere and at AMD always provides…

Employee — reviewed 8 days ago


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KPMG Intern

Pros - Great pay for an intern.

Employee — reviewed 8 days ago


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Life at Verizon

Pros - Excellent benefits and pay, great people, great work environment

Employee — reviewed 8 days ago

Interviewing at Microsoft

I initially had a on campus interview at my university. It was short 30 minute… Read Interview

Redmond, WA

Interview Question:
implement strtok

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Interviewing at PNC Financial Services Group

Nearly all behavioral questions. I had a first round that was purely to check to see… Read Interview

Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

First interviewed on campus, then interviewed later on site. The entire process… Read Interview

Interview Question:
case was challenging

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Spotlight Company

Overview Value Pawn & Jewelry is a market leader in the specialty consumer finance industry, dedicated to satisfying the short-term cash needs of consumers who find themselves cash and credit constrained. We offer pawn loans…

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