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Sun Microsystems

1,022 reviews

Great place to work! Remember - We are the dot in dot com?

Pros - Cool technology, beautiful campus & perks, Flexible work hours, telecommute, drop in offices around the Bay Area, meet…

Employee — reviewed 3 days ago

CVS Health

3,089 reviews

Rewarding career

Pros - I enjoyed working with the patients. Friendly atmosphere.

Employee — reviewed 1 day ago

Electronic Arts

796 reviews

Fast paced and technologically current!

Pros - This organization and industry is extremely fun to work for! Fast paced evolution of systems and processes is a…

Business Analyst — reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at Citi

I applied for this particular position on the CITI career website using a referral… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The questions where basically about my skills and…

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Interviewing at Credit Suisse

good systematic process. Met few middle to peer level managers, discussed areas of… Read Interview

Interviewing at LexisNexis Legal & Professional

The interview process is extremely lengthy. There were a total of 5 interviews… Read Interview

Interview Question:
None of the questions were difficult; they were…

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Recall whiteboard | Linkedin | Glassdoor from MapleLoft on Vimeo. Recall is a global leader in information management, helping thousands of customers securely manage information throughout its life-cycle. The company has more…

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