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Northrop Grumman

1,755 reviews

Careful employer

Pros - Consistent backlog of billable engineering

Employee — reviewed 2 days ago


2,627 reviews

Big Company with typical complexity, but doing good things!

Pros - Good health benefits - Vision coverage always gets positive comments from the various optometrist I have used.

Senior Vice President — reviewed 20 days ago

Texas Instruments

1,157 reviews

Fantastic Compnay

Pros - Great company values, benefits, work-life balance. Good opportunities and available training. Excellent leadership…

Employee — reviewed 8 days ago

Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

On-campus interview with three interviewers (one on one). Everyone lasted for thirty… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What's the influence of the QE?

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Interviewing at University of Phoenix

I was recruited to fill a new role that wasn't officially in the system, so… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Being asked to create a PowerPoint presentation…

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Interviewing at Visa Inc.

Interview consisted of two initial phone screenings. One more technical than the… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Austin, TX

Interview Question:
What is smishing and vishing?

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Spotlight Company

​​A pioneer then, a leader now​​ When we founded Holiday Retirement in 1971, we set out to create an independent retirement lifestyle unlike anything seniors had ever experienced before -- cheerful communities filled with…

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