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Motorola Mobility

1,507 reviews

Great people, great brand

Pros - Strong customer relationships and high expectations from them. Customers are always willing to hear from you.

Marketing Manager — reviewed 7 days ago


853 reviews

Love this company, dislike my group

Pros - Great people to interact with both professionally and outside of work. Decent pay. Great benefits. Awesome community…

Employee — reviewed 22 days ago

Bank of America

6,593 reviews

Great Company, Tons of Opportunity.

Pros - Lots of opportunity to grow, Promoted within first year. Pay is Competitive. Hours are Great. What you put in is what…

Personal Banker — reviewed 19 days ago

Interviewing at Johnson & Johnson

I was contacted by the Director. I was brought in for a day of interviewing with the… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How do you expect your background to be applied…

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Interviewing at New York Life

They had my resume on file from the previous year and emailed me to schedule a phone… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Tell me about your excel skills.

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Interviewing at Sears

Phone interview and one live interview with manager. Both interviews were a breeze… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Interview was a breeze

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Alliance is one of the largest private U.S. multifamily companies with offices throughout the West, Southwest, South-Central, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. We have invested in more than $3 billion of real estate and…

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