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U.S. Bank

1,440 reviews

Good Company

Pros - Upward potential, national positions. Great Culture

Sales Manager — reviewed 1 day ago

Citrix Systems

758 reviews

Great Company, Great People

Pros - The People and the product were great at Citrix. Mark Templeton's vision is alive and well within Citrix, and it should…

Employee — reviewed 13 days ago

Sun Microsystems

1,020 reviews

Great company to work with.

Pros - Contracted with Sun for half a year and enjoyed the team spirit, professionalism, and the ease they provided while…

Graphic Illustrator for Gov Proposals — reviewed 8 days ago

Interviewing at PwC

Sent resume and received an email request to schedule a phone interview the… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Name a time when you experienced co-workers being…

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Interviewing at NVIDIA

Submit the application online and wait. It may be several weeks before you hear… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA

Interview Question:
How do you keep hardware registers from being…

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Interviewing at Symantec

Recruiters asked to provide timelines for in-house interview and was not replying… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2014 in Mountain View, CA

Interview Question:
None unexpected. I asked question what do they…

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Spotlight Company

Every day, our people work towards a common goal of providing affordable, sustainable energy to the communities and countries in which we operate. Our company is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and…

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