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Working at Lowe's

Pros - Lowe's is a stable retail company to work for. They offer promotional opportunities for sales oriented, hard working…

Various — reviewed 20 days ago


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Good company

Pros - Good pay, exciting work. learned a lot on the job while there, good exit opportunities with other companies after a…

Employee — reviewed 26 days ago


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Great Internship Program

Pros - Volunteer opportunities, great cafeterias, and wonderful employees. The internship program offers many opportunities…

QA En — reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at J.P. Morgan

The hiring was an easy process. They have you finger printed, and reimburse you the… Read Interview

Jun 1, 2013

Interview Question:
What are your goals for a career at chase or for…

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Interviewing at Macy's

It was simple. Read Interview

Aug 1, 2011

Interviewing at Oracle

Just had one HR round. The guy called me 20 minutes late. We start conversing and it… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Need your w2 information. In an HR interview…

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Spotlight Company

iParadigms was founded by graduate student researchers at UC Berkeley who created software to monitor the recycling of papers in their large, undergraduate classes. Encouraged by the interest from their peers, they assembled a…

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