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Pros - I really enjoyed the people I met there and the great network that was brought with it. Location and management were…

Analyst — reviewed 12 days ago

Credit Suisse

1,272 reviews

Department is everything

Pros - Great benefits package, laid back work environment, lots of room for internal movement

Employee — reviewed 15 days ago

High Net Worth Representative I

Pros - Lots of options as far as career paths are concerned. Wonderful training program, so it is a great place to begin your…

High Net Worth Representative I — reviewed 21 days ago

Interviewing at Best Buy

I applied to Best Buy online and within two days later I received a phone call which… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Wesley Chapel, FL

Interview Question:
Unexpected question: 'Have you ever seen an…

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Interviewing at Wells Fargo

Their HR will send an email for you to finish. Those questions are easy. It is about… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2014 in El Monte, CA

Interview Question:
How do you upsell?

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Interviewing at Stryker

They pretty much only hire through referrals or recruiters, so don't both applying… Read Interview

Mar 1, 2011

Interview Question:
What are you most proud of?

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Spotlight Company

iParadigms was founded by graduate student researchers at UC Berkeley who created software to monitor the recycling of papers in their large, undergraduate classes. Encouraged by the interest from their peers, they assembled a…

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