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Nortel Networks

441 reviews

Best company I ever worked for

Pros - Terrific products, good collaborative culture, innovative teams, and an exciting marketplace

Employee — reviewed 11 days ago


2,694 reviews

Great place to start your career and maybe even finish it

Pros - Great place to learn about global banking and finance when you are starting your career. The training and development…

Assistant Vice President — reviewed 17 hours ago

Wells Fargo

6,715 reviews


Pros - severance package... not interested in survey

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Deloitte

I applied online (I currently work in this field for a competitor) for a consultant… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014

Interviewing at McKinsey & Company

Brought in through APD recruitment program. First round was a problem-solving test… Read Interview

Interview Question:
None--they are very straightforward about the…

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Interviewing at Netflix

Initial communication with the recruiter. Second phone interview with the manager… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When asked how to manage requests, prioritization…

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Spotlight Company

With 30 senior housing communities in three states, it is our great privilege to share in the lives of our residents, and we’re honored to learn the wisdom each person has developed over a lifetime. As a leader in assisted living…

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