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8,289 reviews

So far, so good...

Pros - Store is more pleasant to shop and work at. People are generally friendly and willing/ready to help out. Employee…

Team Member — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,368 reviews

Equity Research Intern

Pros - Good hardworking people. Lots to learn from them. Lots of experience among them, and they make good teams. Management…

Equity Research Intern — reviewed 12 days ago

Sun Microsystems

1,021 reviews

Great company to work with.

Pros - Contracted with Sun for half a year and enjoyed the team spirit, professionalism, and the ease they provided while…

Graphic Illustrator for Gov Proposals — reviewed 12 days ago

Interviewing at The Gap

Gap conducted on the spot interviews at a job fair. It was surprising. They asked… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2012 in Texas City, TX

Interview Question:
How do you feel about fashion?

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Interviewing at Fidelity Investments

I applied through and got a call Veritude stating that they hiring people… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Covington, KY

Interview Question:
I choked up on "what are your weaknesses"

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Interviewing at Bain & Company

Was contacted by senior manager from an European office, encouraging me to apply… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2010 in Chicago, IL

Interview Question:
Typical case interviews... I messed up an…

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Spotlight Company

APT’s products employ patented algorithms and workflow to design and interpret business experiments that evaluate, target, and refine proposed business programs. Many of the world's largest and most successful organizations…

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