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Great culture. Move fast with excellence

Pros - Fast speed. Good review system. Excellent products

Research Scientist — reviewed 4 days ago

Procter & Gamble

2,058 reviews

Wonderful experience

Pros - It is a great company to work with. Very fair and transparent.

Anonymous — reviewed 4 days ago


4,293 reviews

Laid back atmosphere with a lot of learning opportunities

Pros - Very laid back atmosphere. You work independently, maybe with a "to-do" list written by your department manager. Those…

Head Cashier — reviewed 20 days ago

Interviewing at Hewlett-Packard

Two rounds of phone interview. The manager called me and asked a few basic… Read Interview

Fremont, CA

Interview Question:
Basic questions, what's your research project…

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Interviewing at Accenture

The interview process described in this post is for individuals applying to… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in Washington, DC

Interview Question:
Tell me about yourself?, Reason for wanting to…

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Interviewing at Intuit

I was asked to an on-campus interview during a university job fair. It was a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The questions seemed standard but it seemed like…

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