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Motorola Mobility

1,515 reviews

Top Notch Company

Pros - Above average pay, great benefit package, professional atmosphere and co-workers

Human Resources — reviewed 9 hours ago


1,139 reviews


Pros - SAIC recognizes talent and promotes from within. They value diversity and see the bigger picture.

Project Manager — reviewed 2 days ago

Booz Allen Hamilton

2,185 reviews

Working for Booz PRE-Carlyle Buy-Out

Pros - You felt like you were one of the elite; working for one of the best companies in the market, a company that was very…

Senior Associate — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Teach for America

Teach for America recruiters are extremely invested. I ended up not pursuing further… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Being creative and providing a sincere interest…

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Interviewing at Barclays Capital

Phone interview. It was easy, relaxing. Not too tough. I was asked to walk them… Read Interview

New York, NY

Interview Question:
Nothing. All personal.

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Interviewing at EY

Campus Recruiting- EY came to campus and held interviews. Next step will be on site… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Typical Questions- Why EY? Strengths and…

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Spotlight Company

A customer driven company A company committed to its employees As an industry leader, we consider our employees the cornerstone of our business and recognize that they are the key to our continued success. Our goal is to foster…

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