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Lockheed Martin

2,435 reviews

Stable and solid place to work at, but a bit boring.

Pros - -Like-minded employees who are easy to get along with. -Good benefits such as getting educational degrees paid by the…

Software Engineer — reviewed 14 days ago

Capital One

1,569 reviews

Excellent work environment, interesting people, many good challenges

Pros - Co-workers - all were professional and focused. I was given interested projects and the authority that I needed to get…

Programmer — reviewed 8 days ago


1,190 reviews

Operations Manager

Pros - FedEx Express is a very good company to work for. Enjoyed my fifteen years with the company.

Operations Manager — reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at Microsoft

I initially had a on campus interview at my university. It was short 30 minute… Read Interview

Redmond, WA

Interview Question:
implement strtok

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Interviewing at Staples

Applied through a website called "learn up" had 3 person interview, very standard… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When did you give excellent customer service

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Interviewing at TEKsystems

I had two phone interviews and one personal interview. It was very personality… Read Interview

Interview Question:
They will ask you to tell them something very…

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Spotlight Company

COMPANY PROFILE First rate salary, benefits, company culture and professional opportunities. We are growing rapidly as a result of our demonstrated performance and anticipate we will continue to expand our staff of technically…

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