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2,286 reviews

Overall a really good company to work for

Pros - Competitive pay, really good benefits, tuition reimbursement is excellent. They have also been really flexible with my…

Employee — reviewed 10 days ago

U.S. Bank

1,511 reviews

Low pay

Pros - 2 weeks paid vacation and casual dress code

Mortgage Coordinator — reviewed 15 days ago

Lockheed Martin

2,421 reviews

Stable and solid place to work at, but a bit boring.

Pros - -Like-minded employees who are easy to get along with. -Good benefits such as getting educational degrees paid by the…

Software Engineer — reviewed 12 days ago

Interviewing at Schlumberger

The 1st interview at my university's career fair was standard and did not get very… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Collaborating with the other interviewees to come…

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Interviewing at Microsoft

I initially had a on campus interview at my university. It was short 30 minute… Read Interview

Redmond, WA

Interview Question:
implement strtok

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Interviewing at VMware

Had a telephonic interview. Mostly asked about my resume and my knowledge of Android… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Asked about how to open sockets and the steps in…

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What Makes CubeSmart Stand Out? Our goal is to deliver the best experience in the industry. We call it a WOW! experience. We’re so dedicated to delivering WOW! experiences, we even have an entire department dedicated to…

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