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Pros - good benefits, good co-workers, they hire friendly people, great place for social people.

Employee — reviewed 27 days ago


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Evolving Organization, Confused Leadership (at all levels)

Pros - The work-life balance is pretty good, and something that still exists is the culture that makes this a great company…

Product Specialist — reviewed 2 days ago

Credit Suisse

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So far, it's been great

Pros - Good work culture. Good support from management. Good emplyoee benefits

Technical Analyst — reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at EY

Did not ask any technical or behavior question. Interviewer just went through my CV… Read Interview

New York, NY

Interview Question:
Anything you want to tell me beside those on your…

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Interviewing at EMC

Phone interview was promising but follow up was somewhat difficult. I got a call… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Describe a situation where a contributor was…

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Interviewing at Kohl's

For some reason, to save time I know, but doesn't work with their question/interview… Read Interview

Interview Question:
none - they are all cookie cutter

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Spotlight Company

Why AQR? AQR’s collegial culture fosters innovative ideas and perspectives. The people who thrive at AQR are unconventional thinkers fascinated by how markets work, and by the larger world around them. Through the power of…

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