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Able to advance

Pros - I started with the company as a PT cashier and have been able to work all the way up to an ASM. I've had a strong…

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AML Analyst

Pros - Great place to work, some of the team leads are amazing

AML Analyst — reviewed 21 days ago


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Truly understands work/life balance.

Pros - Very open environment, opportunities for learning and advancement and the corporation does give you all of the tools…

Employee — reviewed 21 days ago

Interviewing at The Gap

Regular retail questions. You apply online and they will call you. It is easy. Just… Read Interview

Flatbush, NY

Interview Question:
Tell me what can you bring to the company

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Interviewing at Goldman Sachs

I was sent Immediately to "super day".... through networking. 5 interviews in… Read Interview

Interview Question:
"Why do you want to work at a company where you…

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Interviewing at Schlumberger

Initial contact seemed to go smooth from an info session I attended at an on-campus… Read Interview

Interview Question:
There are two cylinders of different lengths with…

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Spotlight Company

Founded in April of 2000, 120VC and all of its products have been built on a foundation of successfully managed Business, Technology and Facilities Portfolios, Programs and Projects for our Fortune 500 clients. Our perfection is…

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