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Lockheed Martin

2,431 reviews

Stable and solid place to work at, but a bit boring.

Pros - -Like-minded employees who are easy to get along with. -Good benefits such as getting educational degrees paid by the…

Software Engineer — reviewed 13 days ago

Juniper Networks

885 reviews

Work experience

Pros - Great place to work, Lots of experienced people to work with, good projects and very solid software infrastructure to…

Senior Staff Software Engineer — reviewed 2 days ago

left after 20 years

Pros - training program outstanding employees worked on customer based IT solutions pay and benefits

Software Engineer — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Raytheon

I applied online through my university. I got a call from someone to confirm that I… Read Interview

San Diego, CA

Interview Question:
what do you think the average day of a software…

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Interviewing at Epic Systems Corporation

Delivered resume in a career fair. Asked background questions through resume. Asked… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Asked recent project

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Interviewing at Staples

Applied through a website called "learn up" had 3 person interview, very standard… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When did you give excellent customer service

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Spotlight Company

SunCulture Solar offers a different type of sustainable energy experience as it relates to solar energy products. There have been many areas in Solar that have been ripe for innovation. SunCulture Solar is the first and only…

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