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Mostly a great place to be

Pros - Management is supportive of staff. They encourage us to balance our personal lives and our work lives. They seem to…

Home Solutions Consultant — reviewed 30+ days ago

Great place to learn and grow!

Pros - I worked for the Disney company just under 13 years before I left. I started right out of HS and was able to grow as a…

Employee — reviewed 22 days ago


692 reviews

Positive, learned a lot, met technical people

Pros - nice people to work with, had weekly or bi-weekly talk by technical guys who give us general info about the current…

Intern — reviewed 8 days ago

Interviewing at Reynolds and Reynolds

After the application, I took a series of online assessments and was then contacted… Read Interview

Houston, TX

Interview Question:
All questions were easy and about my past…

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Interviewing at Morgan Stanley

Set up initially in conference room, brought through the building to 3 different… Read Interview

Interview Question:
I was asked about when I was put in an…

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Interviewing at TEKsystems

Really unprofessional. Contacted me a week after applying for a higher end job… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Just general small conversation that got the…

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THE MIND CANDY STORY Mind Candy’s vision is to create the greatest family entertainment company in the world for this new digital generation. Our flagship product is Moshi Monsters which has grown to over 80m registered users…

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