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Thoughts after 10 years....

Pros - 1. If you love tech, this is a great place. No doubt you'll talk tech (mostly the MSFT stack) from enterprise to…

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Pros - Cool technology and a great group of guys if right leadership

Employee — reviewed 6 days ago

Great company if you can stomach the size

Pros - GE offers entry level training programs in a variety of fields that provide you with an unparalleled early-career…

Commercial Finance Analyst — reviewed 15 days ago

Interviewing at McKinsey & Company

Brought in through APD recruitment program. First round was a problem-solving test… Read Interview

Interview Question:
None--they are very straightforward about the…

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Interviewing at AMD

1) 5 Rounds of interview covering software, verification, logic design, Computer… Read Interview

Interview Question:
1) Verilog coding Design question

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Interviewing at Oracle

I got an email from an on-campus recruiter to schedule a phone interview which… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How do you deal with rejection?

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Kodak: Imaging Innovation for Business Kodak has transformed itself into a technology company focused on imaging for business. Today's Kodak provides: • Disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions in the fast-growing…

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