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American Express

1,878 reviews

Full of opportunity...if you want it

Pros - Culture, work/life balance, vacation, flexible schedule. Superstars can rise to the top quickly.

Senior Manager — reviewed 28 days ago


8,307 reviews

A very good experience, actually like coming to work

Pros - It is a very team-oriented work environment. Great managers and team members. I actually look forward to coming in to…

Sale Floor - Hardlines — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,142 reviews


Pros - Good hourly pay for college students

Dockworker — reviewed 12 days ago

Interviewing at PwC

Sent resume and received an email request to schedule a phone interview the… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Name a time when you experienced co-workers being…

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Interviewing at Staples

I applied online. After a few days I got a call back asking to come in for an… Read Interview

Interview Question:
There were almost no questions for me. It was…

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Interviewing at McDonald's

The only way to apply at the location I worked at was through an online application… Read Interview

Jun 1, 2013 in Centerville, OH

Spotlight Company

Zillow is a home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners, home buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, mortgage professionals, landlords and property managers find and share vital information about…

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