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Booz Allen Hamilton

2,137 reviews

Working for Booz PRE-Carlyle Buy-Out

Pros - You felt like you were one of the elite; working for one of the best companies in the market, a company that was very…

Senior Associate — reviewed 5 days ago

A big challenge with a commensurate payoff in knowledge and capabilities

Pros - Exposure to some of the most intelligent people in the world along with a culture that is dependent on your success and…

Associate — reviewed 12 days ago

Why wouldnt you want to WORK here?

Pros - Working with a thinking moving company with a lot of room to grow. Pay and beenfits are very competitive for engineers…

Employee — reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at Yahoo

Submit my resume on a career fair. Got a technical phone interview after 2 months… Read Interview

Interviewing at Boston Consulting Group

Networking is key to get a interview slot. Very important to identify the office of… Read Interview

Boston, MA

Interview Question:
No bouncers, straight forward questions. The case…

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Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

On-campus interview with three interviewers (one on one). Everyone lasted for thirty… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What's the influence of the QE?

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Spotlight Company

Triage is one of the nation’s leading hospital revenue review consultancies, with offices in San Francisco and Atlanta. We are a dedicated and energetic team of over 400 talented and highly-educated professionals who work with…

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