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CGI Group

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Good learning curve and flexible timings

Pros - Good learning curve and flexible timings

Senior Software Developer — reviewed 5 days ago


1,183 reviews

AM Package Handler

Pros - Good work out. Good hours. Good management. I personally enjoyed the hours, but the time frame they were in left a bit…

Package Handler Part-time — reviewed 3 days ago

Great company if you can stomach the size

Pros - GE offers entry level training programs in a variety of fields that provide you with an unparalleled early-career…

Commercial Finance Analyst — reviewed 15 days ago

Interviewing at Digitas

Interview process took a few weeks, but overall I was very impressed by the HR staff… Read Interview

Boston, MA

Interviewing at

Hiring process is very defined with one round of phone interview, almost all day… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Didn't realize if there was any difficult…

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Interviewing at Qualcomm

I went to the career fair offered at my school and dropped off my resume at… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Questions related to concepts in C and embedded…

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Spotlight Company

What Sets Us Apart… Benefits Weidner offers outstanding benefits to our associates including, Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and a 401k plan in which we offer a 100% matching contribution up to 4% of your annual…

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