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Sun Microsystems

1,023 reviews

Best work environment I've ever experienced!

Pros - Open culture, fresh and passionate

Technical Marketing Manager — reviewed 13 days ago

Merrill Lynch

1,190 reviews

Business Analyst

Pros - You learn a lot from all the business partners you work with.

Business Analyst — reviewed 8 hours ago


2,590 reviews

Great Unionized Company

Pros - Starting pay is $10 an hour, I've only worked for this company 14 months and I already make $12.50. Hours are perfect…

UPS Part Time Package Handler — reviewed 26 days ago

Interviewing at J.P. Morgan

applied through school recruiting site, received interview invitation couple days… Read Interview

Interview Question:
interviewer asked me something very technical in…

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Interviewing at Raytheon

I applied online through my university. I got a call from someone to confirm that I… Read Interview

San Diego, CA

Interview Question:
what do you think the average day of a software…

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Interviewing at Epic Systems Corporation

There are total 3 steps: 1. Apply online 2. Phone Interview - Before going to… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Confirming your GPA and Resume information

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Spotlight Company

Samsung Mobile America was established by Samsung Electronics Corporation in 1992. From its Dallas, Texas headquarters, Samsung researches, develops and markets a variety of personal and business communications products…

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