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American Express

1,878 reviews

Solid if not spectacular

Pros - -Work/life balance (always out by 6pm, no wknd work) -Pay (for the hours) -People are friendly -Great lateral/upward…

Business Development — reviewed 24 days ago

Procter & Gamble

2,004 reviews

Very good company to start and grow

Pros - Everyone is willing to help bring you up and train you.

Employee — reviewed 1 day ago

Booz Allen Hamilton

2,137 reviews

Working for Booz PRE-Carlyle Buy-Out

Pros - You felt like you were one of the elite; working for one of the best companies in the market, a company that was very…

Senior Associate — reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at Credit Suisse

I was contacted by several contracting companies for the chance to interview at CS… Read Interview

Apr 1, 2010 in Morrisville, NC

Interview Question:
I did not face any tough questions during the…

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Interviewing at Starbucks

Received a call about a week or two after I first applied. Short phone interview… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Describe yourself in 3 words.

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Interviewing at Morgan Stanley

The interview process was 100% through my universities on-campus recruiting. The… Read Interview

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A note from CEO Ron Tucker I have grown up in the Baldor family after joining the company nearly 30 years ago. During that time many things have changed including our size, footprint and product mix. But one thing that hasn’t…

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