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Lots of benefits

Pros - great place to work to learn new skills and be rewarded for performance. Not only is the health insurance good but…

Employee — reviewed 4 days ago


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Equity Research Intern

Pros - Good hardworking people. Lots to learn from them. Lots of experience among them, and they make good teams. Management…

Equity Research Intern — reviewed 13 days ago


630 reviews

Not your grandma's AOL

Pros - Managers are invested in employee success; healthcare benefits are excellent. The company rewards good performance…

Senior Manager — reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at EMC

Interviewed with hiring manager and 3 other individuals. Have worked there in the… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014

Interview Question:
How was your experience with x department working…

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Interviewing at Facebook

I applied online through Facebook page, and they contacted me right immediately like… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in San Francisco, CA

Interview Question:
The most difficult or unexpected thing was that…

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Interviewing at The Gap

Phone interview, In-Person Interview including at home project and on site project… Read Interview

Interview Question:
My opinion about hard full forms?

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Spotlight Company

ONYX’s team members are at the heart and soul of our company. We fulfill our vision each day with enthusiasm and optimism, learning from our ongoing opportunities and successes. We view challenge as an opportunity to succeed, and…

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