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It wasn't too first.

Pros - Experience Certain coworkers "Employee discount" Nothing else Nothing else

Customer Service Associate — reviewed 28 days ago


1,973 reviews

Excellent company with plenty of room for continued growth & success

Pros - Very dynamic company with distributed, shared leadership. Lots of opportunities for learning & growth. High value…

Employee — reviewed 13 days ago


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Great place to work

Pros - Intuit's operating values, diverse culture, fabulous people, and challenging workload make this a great place to work…

Senior Customer Service Representative — reviewed 14 days ago

Interviewing at Hewlett-Packard

Two rounds of phone interview. The manager called me and asked a few basic… Read Interview

Fremont, CA

Interview Question:
Basic questions, what's your research project…

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Interviewing at Bloomberg L.P.

If you apply through an on campus recruiter, you will first go through an on campus… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Given two arrays of sorted integers, how would…

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Interviewing at Teach for America

Online application, followed by phone interview, interview activity, and another… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What is your organizational style?

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Spotlight Company

Create a Lasting Difference at Hologic Guided by our ethos, The Science of Sure, we are a diverse team working together to develop products and technologies that minimize doubt and maximize confidence. Early detection. Improved…

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