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*Routine is Retail, Retail Is Life, but be sure not to forget to stay Fast, Fun, and Friendly.

Pros - Work Experience, and Promotion possibilities.

Sales Floor Team Leader — reviewed 30+ days ago


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Big Company with typical complexity, but doing good things!

Pros - Good health benefits - Vision coverage always gets positive comments from the various optometrist I have used.

Senior Vice President — reviewed 20 days ago


1,640 reviews

Awesome company

Pros - Get to explore a lot of things. Best health insurance. Lot of intangible perks and benefits. Working as a HW…

Hardware Applications Engineer — reviewed 3 days ago

Interviewing at Prudential

Prudential put me through an in person series of interviews. The HR recruiter told… Read Interview

Hartford, CT

Interview Question:
Don't recall any difficult questions just the…

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Interviewing at EY

Did not ask any technical or behavior question. Interviewer just went through my CV… Read Interview

New York, NY

Interview Question:
Anything you want to tell me beside those on your…

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Interviewing at Accenture

The interview process described in this post is for individuals applying to… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in Washington, DC

Interview Question:
Tell me about yourself?, Reason for wanting to…

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Spotlight Company

About Us We believe that a career is about more than just working, providing deliverables, and being compensated for your efforts. The Protiviti Career is about opportunities to lead, learn, grow, and make a difference. Through…

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