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4,678 reviews

The best place to work at

Pros - EY without a doubt is one of the best places to work at. The organization offers its employees to work in a…

Industrial Trainee - Brand, Marketing & Communication — reviewed 30+ days ago


2,699 reviews

Great place to start your career and maybe even finish it

Pros - Great place to learn about global banking and finance when you are starting your career. The training and development…

Assistant Vice President — reviewed 2 days ago

Capital One

1,567 reviews

Excellent work environment, interesting people, many good challenges

Pros - Co-workers - all were professional and focused. I was given interested projects and the authority that I needed to get…

Programmer — reviewed 7 days ago

Interviewing at Cisco Systems

Early feedback was very positive almost to the point of an offer. Then dead… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What would your existing manager say if I hired…

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Interviewing at Bank of America

Pretty standard interview, I did a phone interview, in-person with my boss, then… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What was the most difficult customer interaction…

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Interviewing at Goldman Sachs

I applied online and was contacted a few days later. They flew me out to Salt Lake… Read Interview

Salt Lake City, UT

Interview Question:
Rank the following in order from most to least…

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