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Good compensation and excellent benefits

Pros - Good people. Work anywhere is the philosophy. Go into office for meetings only.

National Account Manager — reviewed 8 days ago

General Motors

945 reviews

summer intern

Pros - Working in GM, you can get a lot of support. If you want to make something out, you can live very well. If you want…

Summer Intern — reviewed 15 days ago


864 reviews

Love It

Pros - I've been here for many years. The people are awesome. Management and org changes often, but the people are always…

Senior Project Manager — reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at The Gap

I was called about a month later after applying online for the job. It was a group… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When was the last time we took feedback from…

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Interviewing at Booz Allen Hamilton

Contacted by recruiter for a preliminary phone interview with basic HR questions… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What does it take to be a great consultant?

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Interviewing at Raytheon

I applied online through my university. I got a call from someone to confirm that I… Read Interview

San Diego, CA

Interview Question:
what do you think the average day of a software…

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Spotlight Company

Scope From an original focus on the oil industry, we now cover agriculture, biofuels, coal, electric power, LNG, metals, natural gas, nuclear power, petrochemicals, renewables and shipping. Today, Platts is widely recognized as…

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