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It's Challenging but in a Good Way

Pros - I'm very happy working at AMD, yes it has had some ups and downs but that is everywhere and at AMD always provides…

Employee — reviewed 8 days ago


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Excellent company with plenty of room for continued growth & success

Pros - Very dynamic company with distributed, shared leadership. Lots of opportunities for learning & growth. High value…

Employee — reviewed 15 days ago

Great in its prime

Pros - Great leadership and investment in the people.

Project Management Principal Leader — reviewed 9 days ago

Interviewing at Qualcomm

I went to the career fair offered at my school and dropped off my resume at… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Questions related to concepts in C and embedded…

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Interviewing at AT&T

phone interview, in person interview, 3 weeks training may put you up in a hotel… Read Interview

Interview Question:
when was a time you were faced with a challenge…

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Interviewing at Boston Consulting Group

You must must must practice case studies with a partner, it's not really enough to… Read Interview

Spotlight Company

​​​​​​Did you know P&G products serve nearly five billion people around the world, making us perhaps the two most successful letters on the planet?​​​​​​ The Company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality…

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