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784 reviews

Great people with plenty of room for creativity and innovation

Pros - Depending on your manager and department, the company has a great work/home balance. I've been fortunate to have…

Employee — reviewed 2 days ago


1,775 reviews

Good culture, bad middle management

Pros - The pay is really good, the culture is fun and creative, great vacation days, lots of perks beyond the norm.

Employee — reviewed 22 days ago

CGI Group

1,340 reviews

Great team and great support despite working independently.

Pros - Great support network; offers plenty of opportunity for personal growth and training, solid benefits.

Employee — reviewed 6 days ago

Interviewing at McKinsey & Company

First round interview is made up of a personal experience section (Tell me about a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Case was average difficulty

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Interviewing at PwC

Sent resume and received an email request to schedule a phone interview the… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Name a time when you experienced co-workers being…

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Interviewing at Boston Consulting Group

Interviewed on university campus for first round interview. Interviewed by… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Tell me about a time when it was difficult to be…

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Spotlight Company

Paycom was founded in Oklahoma City in 1998 as the first online payroll company capable of serving mid-size businesses. Paycom’s CEO spent years in the payroll industry and knew there had to be a better way to service customers…

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