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Charles Schwab

872 reviews

Solid company with a great future

Pros - For someone starting off in the financial sector (especially as a new career - my last career was in theatre), this is…

Registered Representative — reviewed 8 days ago

U.S. Bank

1,504 reviews

Low pay

Pros - 2 weeks paid vacation and casual dress code

Mortgage Coordinator — reviewed 12 days ago

Cisco Systems

5,103 reviews

Decent, challenging, high pressure, job insecurity, tight deadlines

Pros - Challenging work atmosphere, brand name, facilities such as gym, health care, 401k, work from home, flexible

Hardware Engineer — reviewed 21 days ago

Interviewing at PNC Financial Services Group

Filled online application, had a call for phone interview followed by group… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Your knowledge about banking , what have you done…

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Interviewing at J.P. Morgan

applied through school recruiting site, received interview invitation couple days… Read Interview

Interview Question:
interviewer asked me something very technical in…

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Interviewing at Boeing

Submitted my resume online and got a call from the hiring manager himself a couple… Read Interview

Seattle, WA

Spotlight Company

Scope From an original focus on the oil industry, we now cover agriculture, biofuels, coal, electric power, LNG, metals, natural gas, nuclear power, petrochemicals, renewables and shipping. Today, Platts is widely recognized as…

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