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General Motors

865 reviews

Production assembly

Pros - Good team atmosphere, typically the supervisors work well with the employees. reasonably good benefits. Tuition…

Employee — reviewed 4 days ago


1,312 reviews

Good opportunity to rotate through jobs every few years

Pros - The firm has really good benefits, now that they moved to Windows 7 - it is really easy to get the software to make…

Associate Director Project Manager — reviewed 6 days ago

Wells Fargo

6,058 reviews

Working at Wells Fargo was a great experience.

Pros - I enjoyed the diversity, the different business, such as healthcare, personal care ,food court. Every thing you need…

Loan Processor — reviewed 6 days ago

Interviewing at Aflac

A recruiter will contact you. You will then interview with a group at a Regional's… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2011 in Dallas, TX

Interview Question:
There isn't one

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Interviewing at University of Phoenix

You will get a call unexpectedly, if you answer be prepared to start the interview… Read Interview

Jun 1, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ

Interview Question:
How would you handle a student who wanted to quit…

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Interviewing at BlackBerry

For interns you submit a resume, transcript online. If you are selected then… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2010

Interview Question:
What is does the keyword volatile mean?

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Spotlight Company

The World's Foremost Experts in Reservoir Management QRI is a value-creation agency for the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry. The value created is in the form of higher hydrocarbon recoveries, greater production…

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