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Sales Consultant

Pros - Most companies offer a 401(k) option, Intuit matches dollar for dollar at or above 6% contribution. Stocks are…

Sales Consultant — reviewed 12 days ago

Great place to work

Pros - management, strong leadership, development, company vallues

Employee — reviewed 14 days ago


432 reviews

A great place to work for.

Pros - One of the best consulting firms in the world.

Business Analyst — reviewed 26 days ago

Interviewing at Fidelity Investments

I applied through and got a call Veritude stating that they hiring people… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Covington, KY

Interview Question:
I choked up on "what are your weaknesses"

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Interviewing at Abercrombie & Fitch

They stressed diversity and communication ability. You should be able to… Read Interview

Minneapolis, MN

Interview Question:
Not unexpected but why is diversity important?

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Interviewing at Netflix

Was contacted by recruiter and after a couple of initial conversations had a couple… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Nothing very difficult. Basic java, algorithms…

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Spotlight Company

MILES OF EXPERTISE ACROSS EVERY SECTOR OF THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY. TranSystems brings to its clients an unusually wide reach and depth of resources in developing solutions for the world of transportation. We are focused on…

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