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Juniper Networks

856 reviews

A very typical large tech company from late 90s. Always changing.

Pros - Good benefits; Experienced colleagues to learn from; Always changing, a lot work to do.

Business Operations Analyst — reviewed 4 days ago


5,000 reviews

Great firm, but some changes on the horizon are terrible

Pros - There is a lot about the firm that is great. It is a great culture that values collaboration (below the partner…

Advisory Director — reviewed 6 days ago

Goldman Sachs

1,708 reviews

Lots of smart people, diversity is a huge problem

Pros - You get to work with a lot of hard working and smart people

Vice President - Technology — reviewed 1 day ago

Interviewing at Fidelity Investments

I applied through and got a call Veritude stating that they hiring people… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014 in Covington, KY

Interview Question:
I choked up on "what are your weaknesses"

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Interviewing at Northwestern Mutual

Spoke with a recruiter, who cut the preliminary interview short after they found out… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2014

Interview Question:
Do I have any personal or professional…

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Interviewing at AMD

1) 5 Rounds of interview covering software, verification, logic design, Computer… Read Interview

Interview Question:
1) Verilog coding Design question

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Spotlight Company

We <3 ... creating mobile sites and apps for the world's largest brands ... watching our projects go live and get used by millions of people ... having work friends who are also real friends ... free beer ... Pretty Fridays…

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