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Grad Internship review

Pros - Excellent opportunity to learn about the health care industry. The people are all very busy and hardworking but also…

Graduate Intern — reviewed 8 days ago

Great in its prime

Pros - Great leadership and investment in the people.

Project Management Principal Leader — reviewed 10 days ago


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Pros - SAIC recognizes talent and promotes from within. They value diversity and see the bigger picture.

Project Manager — reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at Schlumberger

The 1st interview at my university's career fair was standard and did not get very… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Collaborating with the other interviewees to come…

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Interviewing at T-Mobile

i applied online, got a phone call a few days later for a on-the-spot phone… Read Interview

New York, NY

Interview Question:
tell me about a time where you had to to make a…

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Interviewing at Walgreens

they ask behavioral questions. i believe they asked 5 questions focusing on team… Read Interview

Spotlight Company

When John Fairfield Dryden founded Prudential in 1875, he did so with a clear purpose: making life insurance affordable for working class families. It’s an ideal that has run through every phase of our company’s history. Since…

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