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Crew Member

Pros - Great exposure to promotion, and company values to their consumers

Road Crew Member — reviewed 2 days ago

Great Job, Great Managers, Great Pay, Horrible Hours

Pros - The managers are really helpful, you have plenty of training to do your job, and the pay is excellent.

Retail Sales Consultant — reviewed 30 days ago

A big challenge with a commensurate payoff in knowledge and capabilities

Pros - Exposure to some of the most intelligent people in the world along with a culture that is dependent on your success and…

Associate — reviewed 10 days ago

Interviewing at Walgreens

Submit an application online via Walgreens' website and locate your store by zip… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2012

Interview Question:
How would you rate the effectiveness of your…

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Interviewing at KPMG US

On campus interview and then interview in the office. They were very friendly and… Read Interview

Nov 1, 2013

Interview Question:
Give elasticity of demand formula

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Interviewing at AMD

1) 5 Rounds of interview covering software, verification, logic design, Computer… Read Interview

Interview Question:
1) Verilog coding Design question

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Spotlight Company

As a contact center, our focus is providing customer service experiences that go beyond normal expectations. We answer toll-free numbers and assist online customers with things like billing questions, product comparisons…

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