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An outstanding 17 year experience.

Pros - Ability to work in different areas. Like working for multiple companies without having to change companies.

Director Corp Center — reviewed 13 days ago


3,519 reviews

Many perks but very politically managed

Pros - Compensation was very good along with working side by side with some great folks

Sales Representative — reviewed 30+ days ago

Procter & Gamble

1,907 reviews

Great place to work: lots of freedom, lots of responsibility.

Pros - I am currently an intern here and the pay is really, really good (bi-weekly salary of $2,215). The best part of the…

Engineering Intern — reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at Schlumberger

Setting up the interview was straight forward, however I was left with the strong… Read Interview

Ridgefield, CT

Interview Question:
HR asked me about my family, was I married, did I…

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Interviewing at Facebook

I applied online through Facebook page, and they contacted me right immediately like… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in San Francisco, CA

Interview Question:
The most difficult or unexpected thing was that…

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Interviewing at The Gap

it was quick and concise... And, getting an interview pretty much guarantees hiring… Read Interview

Sep 1, 2010

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