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5,175 reviews

Very tough

Pros - Good place to learn the business life

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago


2,694 reviews

Great place to start your career and maybe even finish it

Pros - Great place to learn about global banking and finance when you are starting your career. The training and development…

Assistant Vice President — reviewed 22 hours ago


2,602 reviews

Great Unionized Company

Pros - Starting pay is $10 an hour, I've only worked for this company 14 months and I already make $12.50. Hours are perfect…

UPS Part Time Package Handler — reviewed 28 days ago

Interviewing at The Gap

I was called about a month later after applying online for the job. It was a group… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When was the last time we took feedback from…

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Interviewing at Citi

Almost all fit questions. Asked about my past experiences. Why Citi? Why risk? Why… Read Interview

Interview Question:
All basic fit questions.

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Interviewing at Procter & Gamble

Applied online through college career services and through Procter and Gamble's… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Tell me about a time when you didn't have all the…

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Spotlight Company

Calvin Klein is one of the best known designer names in the world, offering a modern design aesthetic. The Calvin Klein brands — Calvin Klein Collection,Calvin Klein platinum label, Calvin Klein white label, Calvin Klein Jeans…

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