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Good Company

Pros - Great Culture and Team members

Employee — reviewed 3 days ago


1,971 reviews

Great internship experience!

Pros - Awesome look at the aerospace industry in a large corporation. Although in my position was not necessarily related to…

IT Project Management — reviewed 2 days ago


1,114 reviews

Excellent company, excellent employees, leading-edge projects for the best and the brightest

Pros - Good compensation, better than average benefits, historically long term job satisfaction and most people stay at least…

IT Manager — reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at Facebook

I applied online through Facebook page, and they contacted me right immediately like… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in San Francisco, CA

Interview Question:
The most difficult or unexpected thing was that…

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Interviewing at Starbucks

I submitted an application online. Received a call from a recruiter about a week… Read Interview

Mar 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Interview Question:
"Tell me about a time you didn't have all the…

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Interviewing at Intuit

Company recruiters plays a significant role in the hiring process. Make sure you… Read Interview

May 1, 2010 in Plano, TX

Interview Question:
Be ready to discuss your experience in driving…

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RGS Energy (formerly Real Goods Solar) offers clean power at a lower cost than traditional utilities. Using solar energy, we provide homeowners, businesses, schools, and governments a low, fixed rate on electricity that lowers…

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