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Goldman Sachs

1,765 reviews

Private Wealth Management Co-op

Pros - Choosing to work at Goldman Sachs for my six-month undergraduate co-op was perhaps the best opportunity of which I've…

Private Wealth Management Intern — reviewed 18 days ago


8,908 reviews

Its a great place to work, even if its not what you want to do forever (I can only speak to federal work)

Pros - -Good flexible work arrangements -Great starting salary and benefits -25 days vacation is pretty standard in…

Systems Integration Analyst — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,361 reviews


Pros - Cool technology and a great group of guys if right leadership

Employee — reviewed 9 days ago

Interviewing at Wells Fargo

Applied for position online, completed screening online, got interview that week… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2014

Interview Question:
Why do you want to be a teller, name a time you…

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Interviewing at New York Life

The recruiters are very friendly and will seem genuinely interested in hiring you… Read Interview

Interview Question:
None, most of them are sales related but they are…

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Interviewing at Deloitte

I applied online (I currently work in this field for a competitor) for a consultant… Read Interview

Aug 1, 2014

Spotlight Company

Robert Half is a leader in professional staffing services, and when you join our company, you'll be part of the best team in the business. What makes us different? For one thing, Robert Half is the most respected firm in our…

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