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Great Job, Great Managers, Great Pay, Horrible Hours

Pros - The managers are really helpful, you have plenty of training to do your job, and the pay is excellent.

Retail Sales Consultant — reviewed 29 days ago

An Entire Career in one place

Pros - If you like to challenge yourself working on fascinating problems that matter, this is the place for you. GE is loaded…

Engineering Manager — reviewed 22 days ago


1,368 reviews

Equity Research Intern

Pros - Good hardworking people. Lots to learn from them. Lots of experience among them, and they make good teams. Management…

Equity Research Intern — reviewed 11 days ago

Interviewing at American Eagle Outfitters

Filled out job application, then did a quick phone interview which set up a 1 on… Read Interview

May 1, 2013

Interview Question:
No real difficult or unexpected questions were…

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Interviewing at Wells Fargo

Applied for position online, completed screening online, got interview that week… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2014

Interview Question:
Why do you want to be a teller, name a time you…

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Interviewing at Goldman Sachs

I was sent Immediately to "super day".... through networking. 5 interviews in… Read Interview

Interview Question:
"Why do you want to work at a company where you…

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Main Street Hub is the voice for more local businesses than any other company, helping create thriving local economies. As Inc. Magazine's 73rd Fastest Growing Company in 2014, we help local businesses grow their reputation and…

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