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Truly enriching

Pros - Great work environment, very nice people, lot of opportunities fo rgrowth

Human Capital Tax Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

'Twas great

Pros - Totally loved working there. It was fantastic and a great first job out of college. Really don't have much negative to…

Business Analyst — reviewed 8 days ago


3,100 reviews

I like KPMG and is proud to be a part of it

Pros - Good work-life balance; nice client base

Employee — reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at BlackBerry

Initial communications began at the university careers fair, followed up with a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Immediately write code with a sharpie without any…

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Interviewing at Sprint

Make sure to list any possible sales experience that you have. Highlight customer… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How do you handle stressful work situations?

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Interviewing at Boston Consulting Group

You must must must practice case studies with a partner, it's not really enough to… Read Interview

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