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Motorola Mobility

1,512 reviews

Good company

Pros - They have really Friendly coworkers

Anonymous — reviewed 5 days ago


4,650 reviews

Overall positive experience in Advisory Services (Consulting)

Pros - -Good expense policy (appropriate allowances for breakfast/dinner and you can keep all rewards points for airfare…

Manager - Advisory Services — reviewed 9 days ago

Citrix Systems

792 reviews

Once Great!

Pros - Citrix was a great company on the road to a billion. Great products, happy customers, good lifestyle in Florida...

Vice President — reviewed 29 days ago

Interviewing at Verizon Wireless

I applied for VZW on June 1or 2 2014 online, I got an email on June 24th thanking me… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2014 in Charlotte, NC

Interview Question:
Tell me about a time when someone you've worked…

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Interviewing at Intel Corporation

Had initial phone interview in which they asked puzzles followed by Day long… Read Interview

Interview Question:
What would you do if your teammate is not doing…

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Interviewing at University of Phoenix

you apply online..then take assessment they send will be scheduled for a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Tell me a time when you went above and beyond to…

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Spotlight Company

SumTotal is dedicated to partnering with our customers to create great places to work. We break down barriers. We reject complexity and embrace simplicity. We believe that people want to give their best and be great at their…

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