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Good company to work for locally

Pros - Market standards Salary. not too good, not too bad. Good opportunities within the company and you can easily transfer…

Manager — reviewed 9 days ago


8,478 reviews

great perks and benefits but not good for freshers

Pros - good perks, nice pantry filled with stuffs, good work life balance, friendly work environment, chances of going outside…

Software Engineer III — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,596 reviews

Great place to work

Pros - Intuit's operating values, diverse culture, fabulous people, and challenging workload make this a great place to work…

Senior Customer Service Representative — reviewed 18 days ago

Interviewing at New York Life

The recruiters are very friendly and will seem genuinely interested in hiring you… Read Interview

Interview Question:
None, most of them are sales related but they are…

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Interviewing at UBS

Got in touch with a few people working at firm, lucky to have my resume passed up to… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Most difficult decision that I ever made

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Interviewing at Edward Jones

I did the Financial Advisor Internship this past summer. During which, I completed… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Tell about a time when you were part of a team…

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At Walmart eCommerce, we are not just building products—we are building the next generation Walmart. Our business and engineering teams collaborate to drive technology that’s creating billions of better customer experiences for…

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