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HR Manager

Pros - Rewarding, decent benefits, decent pay, employee discount

Human Resources Manager — reviewed 7 days ago


6,748 reviews
Great Company to work for if you are single and have no other responsibilities.

Pros - Amazing co-workers and management seems to really care about its employees. The company its really flexible when it…

Employee — reviewed 21 days ago


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Great Co.

Pros - one of the great company to work for

Employee — reviewed 7 days ago

Interviewing at Goldman Sachs

There was one telephonic which i got through and was called on a face to face… Read Interview

Interview Question:
No difficult question faced in the interview

Interviewing at Facebook

Quick hiring process - first interview is all technical. It will be all on… Read Interview

Feb 1, 2013

Interview Question:
I don't recall, was a while ago.

Interviewing at Qualcomm

Had a phone interview with three team members. Mostly about your background, recent… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Have you ever feel not enough work to do in your…

Spotlight Company

Introduction In today’s global business environment, staying competitive means moving fast and being flexible. Being able to quickly bring on new acquisitions, or easily integrate with other enterprise applications. Companies…

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