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Juniper Networks

858 reviews

A very typical large tech company from late 90s. Always changing.

Pros - Good benefits; Experienced colleagues to learn from; Always changing, a lot work to do.

Business Operations Analyst — reviewed 7 days ago

American Express

1,877 reviews

Full of opportunity...if you want it

Pros - Culture, work/life balance, vacation, flexible schedule. Superstars can rise to the top quickly.

Senior Manager — reviewed 28 days ago


1,922 reviews

Truly understands work/life balance.

Pros - Very open environment, opportunities for learning and advancement and the corporation does give you all of the tools…

Employee — reviewed 13 days ago

Interviewing at NVIDIA

Initial communication through email, and then had couple rounds of interview and… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Explain Wi-Fi roaming and Block Ack setup…

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Interviewing at Merrill Lynch

After 1 day I received a call back from a recruiter, had 2 phone interviews, several… Read Interview

Mar 1, 2012 in Milwaukee, WI

Interview Question:
Regional director simply said "you have…

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Interviewing at Wachovia

After applying, process could take upto a month to hear back. Interview format was… Read Interview

Jul 1, 2010 in Charlotte, NC

Interview Question:
Basic questions, nothing hard. Have some STAR…

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