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Sun Microsystems

1,023 reviews

Best work environment I've ever experienced!

Pros - Open culture, fresh and passionate

Technical Marketing Manager — reviewed 13 days ago


692 reviews

Positive, learned a lot, met technical people

Pros - nice people to work with, had weekly or bi-weekly talk by technical guys who give us general info about the current…

Intern — reviewed 6 days ago

Best Buy

5,961 reviews

Best buy review

Pros - Great knowledge of technology and great discount. Management can vary but have always have had a pleasant experience…

Sales Associate — reviewed 22 days ago

Interviewing at Boston Consulting Group

I went to all the campus events and the people were extremely nice. Once I had been… Read Interview

Interview Question:
case on 1 company buys another and wants to know…

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Interviewing at Morgan Stanley

The interview was really clean. They allowed you time to answer the questions and… Read Interview

Interview Question:
The most difficult question was they wanted me to…

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Interviewing at EMC

Whole process from Original HR recruiter contacting me to offer took approximately… Read Interview

Spotlight Company

About Us What We Do Maxymiser empowers brands to transform every digital interaction into seamless, relevant and engaging customer experiences with its cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization…

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