Radio Station WATB 1420AM & Young Urban Lifestyles Marketing Internship

WATB 1420AM - The Young Urban Lifestyles Radio Show United States
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Job Description

Young Urban Lifestyles Radio Show
Marketing Specialist

WATB 1420AM and the Young Urban Lifestyles radio show are looking for a Marketing Intern. The intern will work on the promotions of social networking site profiles including company blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Instagram, etc.

About Y.U.L. Radio
The Young Urban Lifestyles Radio Show is a weekly radio show with today's woman in mind. Our demographic is usually the young future millionaire who owns her own business or working class that handles their life at a highly successful level. YUL radio is the voice of the real young woman today and our goal is highlight the areas of life they enjoy.

YUL Radio is a woman's movement but that doesn't mean we only work with women! Our movement focuses on whatever it is that today's young woman wants. So, here you will find us touching on areas like pop culture, politics, celebrity news, money & finance, sports, etc., like any other contemporary radio program. Today, we are more diverse in our personalities as ever with the use of broadcast media and the internet. Our listeners are up to par on a range of topics; you can hear that reflection with each and every show.

Listen to us ANYTIME by using the free Tunein app on your smartphone. After download, just search for 'yulradio' to find our station.

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