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Glassdoor is the fastest growing site and
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SITE TRAFFIC GROWTH 106% 69% 0% 6% 3%
JOB POSTING PRICE $99 - $249 $199 - $499 $419 $325 - $395 N/A
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Site traffic comes from comScore and represents YOY growth of US website traffic over a 6 month period from Jul '14 to Dec '14. Job Posting price is the full retail price for US job posts and is accurate as of Jan '15. Prices vary by location.

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Reviewing your applicants is as easy as going through your emails. This option is available for customers who select email apply.

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All companies can add a logo and important information like website, size of company, and industry to help job seekers learn about you.

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Why should I post a job on Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing websites to find a job and research companies. Every month, more and more people who are talented and educated fall in love with Glassdoor. Our job is to connect you to these people and ultimately help you make the right hire.

What do you mean by half the price?

Our job postings cost half as much as LinkedIn's, for the same type of audience. We think LinkedIn and traditional job boards charge too much and they've been doing this for years. We can deliver quality applicants at half the price.

How does this work?

Once you post your job, it goes live on the site in a few hours! We give your job special placements and push it out to all the job seekers we think are qualified. Should they apply, you'll receive applications directly in your inbox. It stays in circulation for 30 days.

Will it work for me?

Our goal is to deliver qualified applicants. In most cases, yes, our customers are happy. But there are cases where it doesn't always work out. That’s why we offer a full refund if for some reason your job gets no applicants.

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