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There is no other site like Glassdoor. The reviews and salaries are invaluable to anyone looking to accelerate their career. – Rich M.

Glassdoor has helped me negotiate my salary and make sure I'm getting paid fairly. – Bijal A.

Frequently asked questions

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is the world's largest career community where employees and job seekers come together not only to share inside connections, but also to share an inside look at their companies. This community has already shared millions of anonymous salaries and reviews across hundreds of thousands of companies.

How do I get lifetime access?

First off, it's completely free. All we ask is that you give back to the community by contributing an anonymous inside look of your own — whether it's a company review, salary or interview review. Remember, your contributions are anonymous.

What do you mean by anonymous?

Your contributions are anonymous to other users — meaning we will never display your email address, Facebook profile, or any personal information (optional info such as gender, age, etc.) with any of your contributions. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

You can even contribute if you work at a small company or you're the only person with your job title. Learn More about maintaining your anonymity.