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Auctane LLC is a team of shipping and software experts with a passion for helping merchants fulfill their most audacious dreams. Our software solves ecommerce problems so our customers can scale their business on demand. We believe every merchant, regardless of size or location, should have the ability to self-determine — to write their own story, free from constraint. We’re devoted to merchants, and their dreams. Yet the many, complex challenges of global shipping and logistics too often bring growing pains that fast-growing online brands struggle to negotiate. Getting products into the hands of customers who want them at scale is what keeps merchants up at night. Merchants should be able to grow at whatever pace the market allows, confident in their ability to deliver. Merchants should be free to focus on creating new products and connecting with customers all over the world. But that’s only possible if merchants can start operating at the speed and scale of global business in next to no time. At Auctane, we serve and champion merchants every day. We’re obsessed with solving the shipping and logistics problems that arise as merchants scale, so they can focus their time, energy, and resources on what matters most.


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