What does a Financial Aid Advisor do?

Financial aid advisors help college and graduate students to fund and pay for their education. They meet with students and their parents or guardians to assess their financial situation by performing different analysis types. They evaluate a student's financial needs through documentation and personal interviews and award financial aid packages while providing counsel and advice to students about their eligibility, application procedures, aid programs, and other information. They develop aid packages that help students pay for school using certified federal aid packages and student loans.

Financial aid advisors evaluate unusual or extenuating circumstances and exercise judgment by making adjustments or revisions to cost, contribution, need, or dependency status as exceptions to protocol. They answer questions, inquiries, and requests about programs and eligibility from students, parents, or guardians in person or writing. They assist with other financial aid activities including outreach, reporting, and monitoring. Financial aid advisors need a bachelor's degree in public administration, business, humanities, or other related fields and two years of financial aid or student counseling experience.

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Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Common Skill Sets

Budget Preparation
Excellent Customer Service
Problem Solving
Written Communication
Interpersonal and Communication

Financial Aid Advisor Seniority Levels

Enrollment Advisor
25% made the transition
Admissions Counselor
21% made the transition
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Financial Aid Advisor Salaries

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