How to Become a C# ASP .NET Developer?

Are you thinking of becoming a C# ASP .NET Developer or already started your career and planning the next step? Learn how to become a C# ASP .NET Developer, what skills you need to succeed, how to advance your career and get promoted, and what levels of pay to expect at each step on your career path. Explore new C# ASP .NET Developer job openings and options for career transitions into related roles.
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Steps to Become a Web Developer

A web developer helps businesses and individuals make sure their websites work well. They create the programming code needed to transform a web design into a functioning website. To become a web developer, take these steps:

Participate in boot camps or get a degree in web development.

To get a web developer job, many people get an associate's or a bachelor's degree in computer science. People with high school degrees can also become web developers by learning programming languages on their own or through specialized courses. People often call these programs boot camps because of their intense pace, and you should take as many classes as possible. Knowing more programming languages can make you more appealing to employers, and many community colleges offer certification classes in web development languages, along with virtual courses and internationally recognized programs.

Some of the country's top boot camps include the Flatiron School out of New York, Full Stack Academy and Hack Reactor. There are many offerings that suit a variety of learning styles, lifestyle requirements and budgets. Programmers can find specific programs online that support their professional development goals. Some employers even offer help covering program fees and accommodating time requirements. You can also take a management course or get some leadership experience to qualify for web development team leader or project manager jobs.

What type of degree should you pursue to become a Web Developer?

89% of people working as a Web Developer earned a Bachelor's Degree

What skills do you need to be a Web Developer?

  • .NET Framework
  • javascript/jquery
  • SQL Server
  • MVC
  • WebAPI
  • Frameworks
  • ASP Net
Based on resume data from Glassdoor users who reported working as a Web Developer in the United States.

Specialize as a Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack Developer.

Most positions related to web development belong to one of three categories: Front-End Development, Back-End Development, and Full-Stack Development. Front-end developers refine the user interactions with websites. They create buttons, visual effects, site art, styling, linking, and everything else that users see and interact with. Back-end developers run and improve things on the server end of the system. They work with hosted networks, databases, servers, and applications. Full-stack developers can complete both tasks.


Improve your skills by developing your own sites.

The best way to get into web development once you've mastered the languages is by diving in and experimenting. Use your coding knowledge to build sites you're interested in developing. Tools like the jQuery Library of Functions will make your programming more efficient and less time-consuming.

You can use a code version control system like Git or GitHub to collaborate with more experienced developers and refine your skills by interacting with them. Git and GitHub coding can branch from user to user to create a master version through collaboration, so you'll be able to work and learn in tandem with other developers. The tools available through these version control systems are constantly evolving, so using them is also a great way to keep up to date on remarkable web development advancements.


Build a portfolio.

The more you refine and practice your skills, the more material you'll have to show off to prospective employers. In the world of web development, especially on the front end, the contents of portfolios can make or break careers. If possible, customize your portfolio for each job opportunity.

The right examples of your previous work can help convince employers that you have the knowledge needed for the position, even if you don't have a full degree. Your online portfolio should include links to finished sites that you created. You can also provide an offline portfolio with copies of the coding used to create those sites.

C# ASP .NET Developer Career Path

Web Developer

2 - 4Years of Experience
$70K - $115K /yrMost Likely Range
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Senior Web Developer

2 - 4Years of Experience
$124K - $196K /yrMost Likely Range
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Web Developer IV

5 - 7Years of Experience
$95K - $140K /yrMost Likely Range
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Total Pay Trajectory

C# ASP .NET Developer Career Path

Web Developer I
Web Developer
Junior Manager of Web Development
Senior Web Developer
Web Developer Manager
Web Developer IV
Senior Manager of Web Development
Principal Web Developer
Assistant Director of Web Development
Director of Web Development
Senior Director of Web Development
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