What does a Chef do?

Pastry chefs are responsible for the creation, decoration, and presentation of desserts such as cakes, pastries and pies. General duties include ordering ingredients and supplies for the restaurant to hiring employees to assist in the production of pastry goods and other aspects of the business. The highest career progression for a pastry chef is in an executive position whereby the responsibility for the entire kitchen staff and functionality is taken on.

Most companies accept pastry chefs who have undergone certificate programs in pastry arts, however, there is a general preference to those who obtained an associate's degree focusing on the business and technical aspects of the job. Candidates who perform well in this position are passionate in pastry arts with a proven ability to follow recipes and instructions accurately. Organizational and time management skills are also valuable assets to the job. Due to being confined in the kitchen for most of the job, pastry chefs often work long hours on their feet so must be physically able to do so.

  • Create and prepare all pastry items as required by the business
  • Prepare, clean and organize ingredients for use in the kitchen
  • Come up with recipe ideas from scratch
  • Plan the menu of desserts and pastry to complement savory items
  • Ensure the kitchen is clean and sanitized at all times
  • Oversee a team of junior pastry cooks and other staff members as necessary
  • Maintain up to date knowledge about pastry arts and ingredients
  • Carry out administrative duties to maintain an efficient workspace
  • Proven experience working as a pastry chef in a fast-paced kitchen environment
  • Able to follow recipes and instructions accurately
  • Good knowledge of pastry arts and ingredients
  • Confident culinary techniques and skills
  • Good sense of planning and preparation for the day ahead
  • Diligent and meticulous in making and receiving orders
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Punctual and discipline to ensure optimal work performance
  • Physically able to stand for long hours every day in a hot kitchen

Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Common Skill Sets

Effective Communication
Excellent Communication
Ability to Multitask
Time Management
Team Leadership
English Language

Chef Seniority Levels

Lead Chef
Head Chef
Line Cook
34% made the transition
General Manager
29% made the transition
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