What does a Research Specialist do?

Research specialists have advanced expertise in planning, conducting, and analyzing research. They work in a range of fields, but are commonly employed in scientific, manufacturing, healthcare, and academic settings. Their research may involve the use of testing, experiments, modeling, studies, focus groups, interviews, or other information gathering techniques. They compile information, identify and analyze important discoveries, and produce reports detailing their outcomes and findings. They also establish research guidelines and protocol, and design and implement electronic systems for managing important data. They may also train and supervise others in employing research tactics and strategies.

Research specialists typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in their field of expertise, although some roles may require an advanced degree. They must have superior research and investigate skills and be highly organized.

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Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Common Skill Sets

Microsoft Office Suite
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication
Operating Systems
Attention To Detail
Creative Problem Solving
Excellent Communication

Research Specialist Seniority Levels

Research Technician
10% made the transition
5% made the transition
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