What does a Legal Analyst/Team Lead do?

Legal analysts are legal specialists who support individual lawyers and legal teams. They are responsible for conducting research, assembling legal documents and evidence, and maintaining databases and tracking systems. They are skilled at conducting legal research, and they organize, assess, and file necessary documents and research and gather related legal information. They decipher laws, rulings, and regulations in legal papers and assemble, proof, and amend drafts including contracts or leases. Legal analysts monitor, study, and develop written summaries of legislation which could be anticipated or indoors.

Legal analysts perform similar tasks for regulations, court decisions, industry standards, trade journals, and other relevant publications. They are responsible for the maintenance and update of database and tracking systems and serve as the point person for internal business teams looking for legal or regulatory support. They're also responsible for daily record keeping and for filing documents both physically and electronically. They sometimes conduct all-purpose administrative duties including correspondence or answering telephones and need a minimum bachelor's degree in law and two years of experience as a legal analyst or a similar position.

What responsibilities are common for Legal Analyst/Team Lead jobs?
  • Case review for legal issues.
  • Provide support to the legal team on a variety of routine and complex legal matters.
  • Update case summaries, track important court dates and deadlines, process referrals, and communicate with clients.
  • Shadow lead attorney(s) on contract negotiation calls and meetings.
  • Support the continuous improvement of standard form agreements and legal processes.
  • Conduct legal research, writing, and oral argument.
  • Conduct thorough legal and factual research on topics assigned by staff attorneys.
  • Maintain records and contributes to program reports in compliance with any applicable grants or other agreements.
  • Attend internal client meetings on proposed company sponsorships/partnerships, marketing directives, programming acquisitions, and production projects that will require legal support.
  • Under the supervision of experienced attorneys, interns learn to review files, meet with clients, and appear in court.
  • Manage and maintain a database of lawyer work product, contract templates, delegations of authority, and corporate officers.
  • Coordinate the acquisition of information to complete certifications and representations.
What are the typical qualifications for Legal Analyst/Team Lead jobs?
  • Bachelor's Degree in business, engineering or information security, or equivalent experience.
  • Comfortable with strategic thinking exercises.
  • Fluent in legal documents such as citations and dockets.
  • An excellent leader and problem solver.
  • Demonstrated experience with business process analysis and data manipulation.
  • Comfortable working with operating systems, liaising, and scripting.
  • An excellent time manager with strict attention to details.
Work/Life Balance
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How much does a Legal Assistant make near United States?

$89,776 /yr
Total Pay

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 / yr
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Legal Analyst/Team Lead Career Path

Learn how to become a Legal Analyst/Team Lead, what skills and education you need to succeed, and what level of pay to expect at each step on your career path.

Team Lead Legal Analyst
Director of Legal

Legal Analyst/Team Lead Insights

Read what Legal Analyst/Team Lead professionals have to say about their job experiences and view top companies for this career.
Subaru of America, Inc.Subaru of America, Inc.
Legal Intern
Oct 6, 2023

“I enjoyed my time working for Subaru and all the people are very nice and helpful.”

The Gibson FirmThe Gibson Firm
Legal Analyst
Sep 1, 2021

“Therefore bonuses are not great and may only be $200 a month or nothing.”

The Halks FirmThe Halks Firm
Legal Intern
Jul 27, 2021

“Attorney Nicholas Halks was a great boss who took the time to teach and provide feed back.”

Legal Intern
Apr 12, 2022

“It would be great if this internship had been an assessment internship that could lead to a PPO.”

Balogun Harold
Legal Analyst
Feb 11, 2022

“Amazing opportunities to abound to work with some of the top Tech Firms in Nigeria.”

Ardent Privacy
Legal Analyst
Nov 3, 2021

“Being able to work with experts in data privacy and Ardent's leadership was a great experience in starting my data privacy career.”

State Appellate Defender OfficeState Appellate Defender Office
Legal Intern
Aug 29, 2022

“Was given the best opportunities to actually work on cases and learn from some of the best attorneys I have met.”

Fareez Shah & PartnersFareez Shah & Partners
Legal Intern
Jul 5, 2021

“My internship journey was a memorable one and I am honoured and thankful that i chose Fareez Shah & Partners.”

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Frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of legal analysts

The typical workday of a legal analyst involves helping lawyers with researching and preparing legal documents. It's also important for them to maintain a database of legal documents and laws so that it's always up to date for any future cases.

Yes, legal analytics is a good career. Working as a legal analyst can teach people invaluable skills in understanding and preparing legal documents that can help them transition to advanced positions and careers. Some legal analysts might pursue advanced education and become legal attorneys or law clerks for judges.

The average salary for legal analysts is $89,776 per year. However, this depends on where they work and their level of experience. Legal analysts who develop key skills in analyzing and preparing legal documents can pursue advanced positions in the same field. This can help increase their salary up to $111,773 per year.

One of the biggest challenges of working as a legal analyst is the workload. Some analysts might need to perform a lot of work in a single workday. Tasks may require them to work late or overtime to ensure they meet deadlines and deliver the necessary legal documents on time.

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