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Abtran Ceo Michael Fitzgerald
48%Michael Fitzgerald
DefinedLogic Ceo William Meyers
100%William Meyers
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Former Employee - Customer Support

I worked at Abtran full-time


I started as my area of work is not in demand and I believe it is important to work. Therefore the benefit was employment in itself. Learnt about the area I was working in with insider knowledge... now which is helpful I am Degree educated and previously worked in professional jobs On a positive note - i was going for an other job and they noted I had lasted more than 2 years in Abtran during the recession. They stated it showed determination of character and a great work ethic. The issue with Abtran is that if you stay longer than a year - its hard to get a reference as your old company will be no longer valid and Abtran give standard reference stating only the time you worked there. Is it better than the dole? its a tricky one - while working allows your stamps to be paid and sometimes there are courses at Abtran - the issue is the bullying will damage your self esteem and you are less likely to be able to get a new job. Parking is good Canteen: Available - food not great. Have to pay for tea/coffee Toilets: Reasonably clean Pros: Its actually really hard to be fired and they normally take any one who applies for a job.


Pay - minimum. About 19, 000 Any time I worked overtime for time and half there was always an issue with the pay. Always a debate stating no we never agreed time and a half. Schedule: No... flexibility - requested half a day off to collect my mum from hospital as she was having a body part removed. I was refused. Never had called in sick, very professional at all time. Behaviour - very poor from other staff and management. Bullying is the default setting with this company - the way they deal with staff is called command and control. They aim to control you - demean and put you down. I found this extremely difficult as previously having worked as a professional in a professional environment I was unused to this. Also I was unused to this in my personal life as well. A lot of people who work here did not go to college, or a non technical course. If you are polite and well educated this really is not the company for you . - it will damage you. It is no disrespect to the people who work there - but if you are degree educated you will not have much in common. It is a starter job with a very young work force. People do not know who to include people in teams, make people fee welcome. The management often are quite young and unprofessional. This is their first time dealing with people and all the mistakes are being made. Couple this with very high targets and for the most part a demotivated work force leads to an massively toxic environment. If this is your first job you may think this is the way people behave at work. You may think you need to cc to a number of people - any error and highlight and blame . This is the case for Abran but in most other companies this behaviour is terrible and not appropriate. Pension: No Benefits: No Holidays: huge issue, very difficult to get holiday. You will miss weddings and if you think just because its a family wedding! you will be sadly mistaken. However is a manager likes a member of staff they will be given holidays. The worst is if you have a seriously ill family member - there will be no flexibility

Advice to Management

There is none as they would not listen. It is not known as Scabtran without reason. Any thing you read on the internet and believe that couldnt be true - it is. They will accuse you of anything... and if you are not a mouthy person it can be quite damaging. And Yes - you are monitored for toilet breaks- they will bring you into a room and ask you why you pee so much! And then provide help in peeing less.....aka dont drink so much water etc.

Former Employee - Software Developer

I worked at DefinedLogic full-time for more than 3 years


Really great community, great food, overall great environment


Kinda slow development , not very quick iteratively

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