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Employee Ratings

Overall Rating
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CEO Approval
Bass Pro Shops Ceo Michael P. McDermott
40%Michael P. McDermott
Fanatics Ceo Doug Mack
86%Doug Mack
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Positive Business Outlook


Salaries for similar jobs
Team Lead37 Salaries
Event Planner23 Salaries
Inventory Specialist8 Salaries
Buyer11 Salaries
Marketing Specialist8 Salaries
Operations Manager6 Salaries

What Employees Say

"Employee discount"(in 73 reviews)
"Great discount"(in 57 reviews)
"Dress code"(in 30 reviews)
"Work environment"(in 26 reviews)
"Low pay"(in 46 reviews)
"Upper management"(in 42 reviews)
"Upper management"(in 21 reviews)
"Work life balance"(in 19 reviews)
Featured Review

Former Employee - Cashier

I worked at Bass Pro Shops full-time for less than a year


Management was fair and helpful. They bring in food for the employees often and reward employees for their hard work.


They are strict on the hours you work.

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer

I have been working at Fanatics full-time for more than a year


Company growing. Bigly. Great compensation, some of the best in Jacksonville, FL - and other locations I have been told. Feels like a functioning meritocracy which is super rare. Notice I say... functioning and not "claimed" because I have seen it in action directly and in-directly. Good individualized feedback from your direct supervisor. Lot's of 1-on-1s to get in complaints and to receive them as well. You are given the opportunity to change when there is a problem, grow when its necessary, or just be told you are crushing it. The work is usually fun, exciting, and often times, cutting edge. You feel like you make a difference, whatever its is you are working on. Lot's of good modern benefits, DTO being the best. Real and usable DTO. Options to work remote are always available but you are encouraged to work in office for collaborative reasons. Everything seems to be at the discretion of your manager though, so some managers don't have any issue with remote work but the position itself will rarely be considered full-time remote.


We have potential for an annual purge every year... whether this is good or bad... it affects a company's reputation and makes local hiring more difficult. A potential hire will always think twice... knowing that they could be laid off in a year. Those familiar with cutting edge tech, know that it can be a pain in the butt to utilize. Company needs more tech cohesion and less tribal knowledge - this unfortunately means that West Coast Fanatics will need to relinquish a little tech direction control, i.e. let other facets take charge of some frameworks/things or co-develop. That advice, I feel sounds solid, but there in lies the problem. There is a disparity in treatment between West Coast and Other / East Coast. Make no mistake, the high tech praise spotlight is spent 68% (or whatever % it is) of the time on San Mateo. Simple to say, it is just not equal to it's shine on the other branches, however, it really isn't the end of the world. There are incredibly capable people on the West Coast, it just feels sometimes that they forget the East Coast is just as capable. In a sense, you feel like the B-Team to their A-Team. All that being said, the company's motto right now is "One Fanatics" so they are responding to feedback and criticisms internally - which in itself, feels good. Most companies probably would not care, right?

Advice to Management

It's hard to give advice, the company is being really well managed from my corner cubicle. Everything is looking positive - even my current cons are trending upwards. I think maybe we are too... cutting edge at times, especially with fancy cloud operations. The most important thing for a tool, is that tool is working solidly - we (at times) have it backwards where we add every feature under the sun - and it works some of the time. No one wants to really say it aloud, but this is what fail fast + adjust gives you. This is a feature of that system. Tons of features that work for 80% of the intended users. What nobody admits to their boss or which ever tech director, is that the remaining 20% requires a brand new service, brand new system, or a total rewrite. In my opinion, that defeats the whole purpose of it. Taking a little more time and polishing up designs and implementations upfront saves time in the long run. But that's just my humble opinion...

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