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Capital Group Ceo Philip de Toledo
80%Philip de Toledo
Central Restaurant Products Ceo Keith Kidwell
100%Keith Kidwell
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Client Service Representative68 Salaries
Senior Shareholder Account Representative22 Salaries
IT Manager20 Salaries
Customer Service1 Salaries
Sales1 Salaries
Product Sales Specialist1 Salaries

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Current Employee - Anonymous

I have been working at Capital Group full-time for more than 10 years


Work/Life Balance: Capital Group is a DREAM employer for working parents. Depending on your business unit (starting this year), we have an option to work from home 2 days a week, flexible working... hours, early release summer Fridays, and potential to work part time, according to business needs. Obviously certain groups like the call center are exempt from most of this benefit due to the nature of their work and the security protocol that's associated. We've had "clock watchers" in the past, who fixated on associates arrival/exit times, and even gossiped about it...but now it's a moot point in many areas of the business because as professionals, we are treated as adults who can be trusted to get our work done. This is a beautiful thing!! With the exception of ONE Manager I had years ago (now retired-thank GOD), every leader I've ever worked with is exceptional, or strives to be, and cares about me as a human being. This is the type of company that cares about you inside and outside of work. My director knows my daughter's name and pops by my office to touch base periodically. My manager consistently demonstrates openness to creative, flexible, and cutting edge ideas. He always pushes his team to challenge the status quo. He always has my back, and I can say that without a doubt. Sure, there are bad seeds that I hear about here and there, but isn't that the case with literally every company on the planet? Investment in Diversity and Inclusion: D+I is part of daily conversations. Capital Group has made significant strides in fostering an environment where people are no longer afraid to be themselves. We can all have personalities...and SHOW THEM! This wasn't the case when I started. My feedback used to be that I needed to be "more composed," which felt like a way to "shush" my opinions. Not the case in 2019. Plenty of senior leaders are vocal allies for underrepresented populations. We are now able to use our own professional judgement in deciding what to wear to work (we no longer have a dress code!) - Yes, that's right, tattoos and piercings are exposed in all of their glory. We are leveraging our ERGs in every way we can to ensure diverse voices are heard. Our leaders want to continuously evolve and improve as an organization. Anyone at our company would agree that we aren't exactly where we want to be, but it genuinely feels like EVERYONE is committed to making changes. Benefits: Our retirement. Hands down. I've been with CG long enough that my retirement account is something to brag about. It's cool being with a company that basically forces you to save for your future, as a part of the comp package. Through my 20's when I was living paycheck to paycheck, I didn't have an extra dollar to save, and I didn't see the value in saving. I wanted a bigger BASE because that's all any of my friends ever talked about. Now that I'm a wife, mother, homeowner, etc. I look at my balance and I am floored. So incredibly grateful for that.


Glassdoor as a review site is a really negative place, so I don't want to completely fixate on areas of improvement for Capital Group, but want to call-out 3 cons. 1. We have a "perfectionist"... culture. Some of our leadership seems to be so focused on the noise of the "problems" we have, that they lose sight of ALL OF THE GOOD that is happening around them. I wish human nature was different, but recognizing the positive and not giving too much energy to the negative, is an art. I wish there was more focus and effort given to highlighting wins. Can we get better about managing bad behavior swiftly so it doesn't take away from the good work our associates are doing? 2. As someone who has been with Capital Group for over a decade, I have seen a lot of people come and go. One thing that remains the same is that our organization REALLY values new/fresh ideas, people, perspectives. This is great. Of course. BUT. From my perspective, some of our leaders demonstrate that they value the new shiny people from big name companies with fancy education credentials, over the steady, loyal associates who have stood the test of time. I think we need to get better about valuing high performing, long term associates...ESPECIALLY in 2019 where good employees can jump from company to company in a heartbeat. Let's genuinely value loyalty. Our more tenured associates who are high performers, should be getting paid the same, if not more, than the really exciting new hires. My belief, is this is not the case. I would love to see that change, or at least see that addressed. PS: From my perspective, there isn't a gender inequality when it comes to compensation. 3. My last con is one that is NOT unique to Capital Group, and it is something that is inevitable in any business. There are some really questionable promotions at times. There are people within our company who are "over exposed," meaning...they are recognized repeatedly and climb the ladder because they are super talented in managing UP and being visible. These are people who play the game really well. There probably isn't a solution for this, but I consistently find myself comparing my skill sets/performance/scope/accomplishments to my peers and to people in more senior positions, and can't quite make sense of why certain people hold certain titles and comp. Again, promotions can't be a consensus, and we can't collect 360 feedback from everyone, but this is the reality.

Advice to Management

Let's keep improving, as we always do!

Current Employee - Payroll and Benefits Manager

I have been working at Central Restaurant Products full-time for more than 8 years


Management takes employee feedback very seriously Culture Tree program


No place is perfect but it really is overall a great place to work

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