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Credit One Bank Ceo Robert DeJong
63%Robert DeJong
H&H Enterprises Ceo Ed Hamilton
52%Ed Hamilton
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Business Systems Engineer8 Salaries
Assistant Vice President3 Salaries
Marketing Analyst3 Salaries
Trade Show Manager1 Salaries
Manager1 Salaries
Brand Manager1 Salaries

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"High turnover"(in 5 reviews)
Featured Review

Former Employee - ITS

I worked at Credit One Bank full-time for more than 3 years


-Free lunch once a week where the week number n Nmod4 is not equal to 0. -Free tickets to the Golden Knight's and Aviators. Possibly Raiders to when they move here.


-A ton of technical debt and there are no signs of reduction. Every project introduces more technical debt than IT can handle. Most managers and executives only care about quantity of work, not... quality of work. -Managers take a ton of risk throwing projects in, but very little risk to try to fix things. -Complacent and arrogant managers/executives. Their word rules everything thing around here. Don't bother try to improve things. -Salary is abysmal unless you got your job through Managers/Executives who already work here. -Tiring, unrewarding and exhaustive work due to the knowledge gap which is caused by high turnover. -Turnover is caused by terrible business decisions, short term thinking and shortcuts to resolve issues. -Managers are pretty much useless and just have meetings on how to outsource development to reduce liability of IT department. So when there is an issue, they can pass the blame onto some other entity. -So much redundant/meaningless work caused by the increasing technical debt. -All your knowledge you've gained from experience through your university and/or previous professional experience will diminish if you work here. Not a place where I would start a career. -No real leaders left here. -Too much bureaucracy and creates a very slow pace through development. The Waterfall procedures are b/s. True waterfall SDLC procedures are not practiced here. -Projects are not separated from routine maintenance windows, so rollback procedures are useless and must create temporary fixes that causes a ton of data integrity issues for low level IT/on call employees to fix. Believe me when I say there is a laundry list. Looking at the logs is 100 folds worse. -All night maintenance windows where I don't see this getting any better than it is due to modern technical deficiencies and current technical debt. -You will spend more time doing paperwork than actual development and research combined. -Internal apps have terrible UX, causing employees to make mistakes. Dev managers blame managerial training, but in reality, it's terrible app UX/UI which cause more work for the IT department. You can accidentally trigger something you aren't supposed to click on. This evolves into a work order for IT to fix. -No graceful shutdown of services during maintenance windows due to poorly designed infrastructure. -Managers initiate more useless paperwork without running through it themselves. In theory it should make things better, in reality, makes everything a lot worse. I wouldn't mind if it did what it's designed to do, but its usually signed without regard or proof. -Some really complacent developers who don't restore the dev environments after working in them. These developers are significantly paid higher and are more reckless with their work. They never properly test their own work and just blame that it is what it is here and they have to just push it through. Got their jobs through the heavy nepotism and influence. -Segregation within the IT department. -IT department is the source of all the problems here. -Few of the dev managers are rude and arrogant during interviews. I would ignore their arrogance, their intelligence is no better than yours. We are are all human. -Terrible work culture here. Poor financial IQ. They teach people how to spend and get into more debt. Not how use credit appropriately. THIS IS IN THE ORIENTATION. Question:You have unlimited credit line, what would you do with it? It's a loan w/ terrible interest rate. Responsibly use the card to your needs and budget not splurge on a shopping spree. And that's the basis of the company culture. All Hail Dave Ramsey. -Not a bank, its a low tier credit card company.

Advice to Management

Don't have any advice. This company's IT department irreparable. Every colleague outside of Credit One knows that Credit One's IT department is a joke. Instead of Crushing my job, crush your SENIOR... and C LEVEL Management.

"Work"Mar 11, 2019

Current Employee - Maintenance Mechanic

I have been working at H&H Enterprises full-time for more than a year


Good people and I like the job


I have no complaints if I did I’d leave

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