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Maersk Line Ceo Søren Skou
79%Søren Skou
Maersk Tankers Ceo Søren Skou
89%Søren Skou
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Former Employee - Second Officer

I worked at Maersk Line full-time


Great Place to work at


Long Hours away from home

Current Contractor - Third Engineer

I have been working at Maersk Tankers for more than 10 years


1.Salary, Earnings & Money It offers a decent package right after you get out of college, which increases even further once you gain some experience and clear some competency exams. If you are... doing good then you can be way ahead in your earnings in 5-6 years as compared to your fellow mates. 2.Financial Planning Almost every seafarer earns a NRI tag because of his job in international waters and earning in foreign currency (USD) which exempts them from income taxes. (Philippines policy). So, you can get your entire salary in your hand and plan your finances well. 3. Job Security Marine Engineering, requiring a specific training accommodates only the guys who have taken this course and prohibits competition form candidates of other streams.. This, less competition- More security. 4. Job Options & opportunities A well qualified and experienced Marine Engineer can switch his career on seas to other sites as well as he tends to possess a variation in his experiences. He can easily switch to management side of that company itself he was working for, earlier. 5. Varsatility in knowledge A Mar. Engg is expert in almost every thing which we come across in our daily lives. Form A.C. to pumps, from Refrigerator to fans. Everything. So, he can easily deal with household issues. In fact, it is also said that "A Marine Engg is Jack of all traits but maybe master of few (or none)." ‌ 6. Family time Yes, it's a bitter truth that a Mar. Engg. has to stay for longer durations when he is on job, but once he is back from sea, he can be all to his family. 24*7. Family time, tours, vacation. Everything can be planned without any problem. 7. Adventure. A Seaman gets to see the different parts of the world (ports very often). He leads a tough and challenging life onboard, which can only be experienced when you go on sea yourself. 8. Punctuality & Discipline. Job at sea requires uttermost level of discipline, patience and discipline which can easily be noticed in a Mariner.


1. Tough and Challenging Job profile Working on a ship and especially in its Engine room (as a Marine Engineer is a challenge in itself. The environment down there is not very pleasant and at times..., it can burn the last calory of your body. Continuous and long work hours added with sleep deprivation is not a big issue if you suffer a major breakdown in Engine onboard. 2. Seasickness, Homesickness & Social Insecurity These are very common issues which arises when a fresher goes to sea for the very first time. Not adapting to the environment there, missing home and socially isolated (although there is internet nowadays on most oofthe ships) but still, seeing the the same 15-20 faces daily can ruin your Social life very well. 3. Away from family. A Mar. Engineer can't be with his family all the times. He needs or go away for his job and during this time, if he or his family needs each other, it turns out to be a real challenge to get together. Not always possible. 4. Continuous and regular study In order to do his job well, he needs to keep studying regularly and make himself aware of the development and modification in thier work areas. Additionally, it requires you to clear some promotional exams in order to get a pay-raise. 5. Health Issues Some people claim that, working on a certain type of ship (oil/chemical carriers) can lead to some heath issues later. I hope, it gives you a fair idea of how is life of a Marine Engineer. Despite all it's challenges, it's an interesting field, No doubt.

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